Social Media

  • Optimize your profiles to get you found by prospects.  LinkedIn is quickly becoming the major search engine for professional services:  YOU MIGHT NOT BE PAGE ONE ON GOOGLE,  BUT I CAN GET YOU THERE ON LINKEDIN!
  • Claim your spot as a thought leader in your field and have people flock to you for advice
  • Establish a social network and fan pages  to sell for you and get your prospects involved
  • Start networking groups that attract prospects all day and
  • Claim your “place” in local business directories and social media sites
  • Offer your customers “deals” through mobile social media as they “check-in” to your location

We explain the options and tactics available to you for generating a following and having them sell for you.  Word of mouth advertising has been replaced with clicks and “likes” but the principle is still the same:

Establish optimized professional profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook.

Whichever directions you choose, the first step is always to establish the key words with which you can successfully compete.  Those are the words we will employ in all your campaigns, down to the titles we use for your social media profiles, or the titles of your YouTube movies.  I will then build those profiles, again using the key words that people search when they are looking for your specific services.

Utilizing your optimized copy, headers, and tags we enhance your web presence and brand by tailoring your profiles not only to be attractive to search engine spiders, but to your prospects as well.

We leverage your contacts and create social campaigns

to make those contacts work for you to generate leads.  We send timely invitations and information that get your followers involved in selling your business.

Timely updates and activities are critical to keeping you in front of your following, and top of mind.  Linking your various social media platforms allows you to automatically publish your updates simultaneously on several platforms.


One response to “Social Media

  1. grayem

    March 8, 2012 at 2:04 am

    great stuff


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