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Start Your Email Marketing Campaign Now

Dentists are not internet marketing specialists. For this reason, when a dentist encounters the term email marketing, it’s only normal for him or her to ask what that is all about. Basically, email marketing is the same with sending direct mail only that you make use of the internet. Dentists are familiar with that need to interact with patients and to be constantly in touch with them. But costs of direct mail have become prohibitive and impractical. On the other hand, email marketing will allow dentists to send out promotional materials, newsletters and holiday cards in just a matter of minutes without having to spend anything on postage or printing.

“But my practice is not yet ready.”

This is one of the more familiar reasons that dentists use to put off launching their own email marketing campaign. But email marketing is so simple that you do not have to make that many preparations to have everything in full swing. And you do not have to put in too much of your time to get your e-newsletters ready. You can devote maybe ten minutes a week to come up with fresh content for your bi-monthly or monthly e-newsletter.

Also, you’ll need to come up with a list of patients’ email addresses. You do not even have to bother yourself with this. You can ask your front desk worker to collect email addresses from cooperative patients. Make sure to send them a “thank you” email soon after.

You can start out small but expect your list to grow in months’ time. As your list expands, you get to share your expert opinion to more people and you’ll boost your practice’s exposure.

“It takes a very long time to see results”.

This might be a legitimate excuse but still not a good one. Email marketing is different from those one-time marketing campaigns because it is constantly ongoing. This is basically because you are not really just marketing your practice to your patients and prospects; you are also building long-term relationships with them. Unlike other marketing campaigns wherein it seems like you’re persistently talking to a blank wall, email marketing allows you to genuinely connect with those who are interested to avail of your services. Because if they were never interested to begin with, then they should not have opted in, or they should have opted out by now.

Elliot Pearson, your author, writes on technology and SEO and wites for Dentist Identity who supplies Dental Office Marketing and Dental SEO services to top dentists worldwide.


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