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Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign

email_marketing_campaign-300x249As a worldwide population we all have our differences as well as those things that bind us together whether we live in Asia or on the beaches in countries such as Brazil.  One of the ties that bind us is the fact that we are all consumers in one form another; whether we are enjoying a meal at our favorite restaurant or purchasing the seeds to plant our garden at home. As consumers we are constantly exposed to a variety of marketing campaigns that can help us make decisions on products.  Creating a successful marketing campaign is a crucial component in ensuring that potential consumers become customers for your businesses.

Organization is Critical

All members of the business community known that organization is critical in order to reach all goals set before them. The ability to prioritize and organize is especially critical when planning your marketing campaign.  Make sure that all members of your marketing team are kept up to speed throughout the entire process. You can either plan daily or monthly team meetings. Technology can also be an ally here because you can use email or other electronic communications to keep each other up to date.

Decide on the purpose of your Campaign

One of the first steps in creating any type of campaign is deciding on its purpose. Marketing can be useful in many different respects. If you are a smaller business, marketing is the critical avenue for you to introduce yourself to your community.

You may also choose to focus on a new product or line of products that may replace or improve on existing items.

Focus on Your Audience

Not all products are meant to be used by consumers of all ages. Be sure to focus on the specific demographic(s) that you wish to reach with your campaign.  As it comes together it may be a wise choice to test it out on your demographics.

Choose a Color Scheme

The right color can make all the difference in your campaign. If your company is known for a specific color scheme this aspect of your campaign is already taken care of. However, you can also choose the scheme based on specific needs.

When choosing the color keep in mind that contrast is important as it will make your message stand out. Be sure to tie the color into the emotion you are trying to elicit with your product or service.  For example, red and orange generally elicit strong feelings and excitement. On the other hand, white connotes purity or safety.

Decide on Your Message

Your color scheme is only a part of your overall campaign. You also need to decide on a message that will not only appeal to people, but also resonate with them.


Your choice of marketing mediums is also important. There are traditional formats like television or radio. The new avenue of social marketing is also an important exploration tool. Physical items such as ink pens and pins can also help spread your message. If potential customers have the opportunity to take an item home it may further cement your name into their brain.

Creating a successful marketing campaign will take a lot of work. Keep all decisions fluid until the last moment to allow for any last minute changes.

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Chloe, a marketing manager, gives insight on how to create a successful marketing plan for your business.



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How To Find A Reliable Air Freight Company?

images (3)If you are exporting freight from the UK to it may be necessary to employ an air freight company to move your goods. You will want to choose an air freight company that handle all aspects of the export process and will ensure that the goods get to their destination, quickly, safely and securely.

Search Air Freight Companies

Finding a good air freight company is not a straight forward process. It would be worth considering several different companies and perhaps taking a look at their websites as a first step. Look for companies that have a depth of experience and that really understand international markets.

A follow up phone call or email will allow you to get a feel for how responsive the company is and whether you feel you could work with them. The air freight business is a people business, and you will need to understand whether the person you are speaking with will be directly responsible for handling your shipments, or is just another sales person.


Prior to preparing your goods for export you should contact your air freight company to understand any size or weight restrictions that may apply for the destination you are shipping to. There is little point packing your goods and then finding out they are too big for security measures or too big or heavy for the available aircraft size.

It is essential that you package your goods properly for air export. If you don’t you may find that your cargo may not fly or may arrive damaged. Also bear in mind that insufficient or incorrect packaging can invalidate the insurance that you purchase for your goods to have the right to travel.

If you are unsure how to package your products then your freight company should be able to guide you or suggest a suitable export packing company. The packing company will design the packaging to ensure a safe transit and make sure that packing standards such as ISPM15 are complied with.

Air Freight Options

A good global freight company will be able to offer both economy and express services and will also offer a courier option for smaller shipments. It is also important that your freight company can offer freight insurance (if needed) and a full documentation service. It is essential your goods have the correct documents to travel with or could find that you can have a considerable loss to your company.

James works on behalf of Allenco, The Freight People who are a global freight company. They specialise in a variety of different export services, you can find a list of services at



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Exciting Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The global demand for welding equipment is huge. A recent estimate, from ESAB, put revenues for cutting and welding supplies and equipment at $15.5 billion per year. Approximately half of that demand comes from North America and Europe, but the rest is from emerging markets such as China and Asia.  Western demand is plateauing, as the need for infrastructure investment is less pressing, and the troubled economy means that many companies are downscaling their operations.

In contrast, China and Asia’s construction markets are booming, and there are some good opportunities for enterprising businesses to capitalize on the increased demand in these emerging markets.

The increase in demand comes as countries in Asia and other parts of the world look to improve their infrastructure and upgrade their oil, gas, and energy facilities. Metal consumption in Asia (and in particular China) accounts for approximately 70 percent of the weld metal consumed each year, and the Asian construction industry is growing rapidly. These new companies need welding equipment – not just tig and mig welders, but welding positioners, plasma cutters, and consumables too.

Many of the existing companies in the Asian market are working with very basic equipment, and are finding that they need more sophisticated and powerful gear. To them, plasma cutters, welding positioners, cored wires, and submerged arc welding fluxes are the pinnacle of welding technology, and such equipment is in high demand.

Exporting Second Hand Equipment

Few companies have the financial resources or the space to keep old equipment sitting around doing nothing. Today, companies in Europe and America see old equipment as an asset waiting to be liquidated. It should be easy to find plasma cutters for sale, and even “obsolete” welding consumables being sold off in bulk. A few of these old pieces of welding equipment may be bought up by smaller local shops, but in general it’s hard for companies to get rid of equipment because all the other companies in the region are doing the same thing.

This old equipment, assuming it is serviceable, is exactly what emerging Asian markets need. To them, it’s affordable, reliable, and functional.

If exporting equipment is something that interests you, then you’ll need to plan carefully. The equipment itself, even second hand, can be expensive, and it will need carefully inspected before resale. You’ll also need to take into account shipping prices – which can be hefty for bulky and heavy equipment. That’s not to say that there’s no opportunity for profit, just that each purchase will need to be carefully considered.

In the early days, if you don’t have buyers lined up, selling consumables may be a good way to get started. Consumables are, by their very nature, always in demand, and they tend to be easier to handle, although margins may be lower. It’s up to you to use your knowledge of the industry to select the products that will sell best in developing markets, and carve out your own profitable niche in each country.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Westermans; suppliers of Welding Equipment. Having completed a business studies A level in school and then nearly choosing to complete a degree in the subject, business and industry have always interested Amy.


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After Recession: Having your Own Business

So it’s clear that our beloved country, the United States, isn’t the old sweet haven we know when it comes to job security. It’s saddening because several years ago, I only see labor woes and dilemmas on TV, on international news that show how bad economies are in far away countries like the third-world countries in Asia, newly formed countries from the old USSR, and those located in the southern part of Africa.

After the recession, we all felt how disastrous our economy was. Although that was almost two years ago, our economy is still terribly shaky as employment rate becomes terrible and miserable. Fresh graduates find it hard to get employed right after finishing their hard-earned degrees. They are forced to grab some low-paying labor and blue-collar jobs that aren’t suited to them, jobs that have nothing to do with their degree and skill.

As years pass by, being employed becomes tougher and harder. Companies are still recovering from the quandary the recession has brought. After the slight economic downfall, it is recognizable how companies have changed their ways of employing people. They slowly go back to the old days of hiring process that is stricter and degree-oriented; it’s now hard to make it in a decent company without an impressive university record, industry experience, or worse, career achievement.

On entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship. Everyone thinks of it as the only answer to the effect of the recession. Since getting employment from financially swelling firms become stricter, a lot of people resort to starting up their business. But not all could afford this, because not everyone has the capital to start one, and not everyone has the skill and knowledge to at least conduct a proper feasibility for it.
Thanks to the Internet, because this virtual place gives hope to a lot of daunted fresh graduates and jobless business people.

Businesses that needs no costly capital

Today, it’s not that hard to own a business. Starting a business blog is undeniably easier and less daunting than selling yourself in front of an unknown employer. Writing what you really feel on the Web is more rewarding than being subservient to professionals that will soon pay you fixed amount of dime once a month. The best thing about business blogging is you operate all by yourself; you work without the supervision of an obsessive –compulsive superior and overly punctual schedule and timetable.

On the other hand, if you have accounts in social media and networking sites, you can copy those online business owners who operate solely in these websites. All they do is post their product on these sites and interact with the customers.

Lastly, if you are not into staying in front of the computer for long hours, you can try <a href=””>SEO Reselling</a>. It lets you become a traveler wherein you will visit towns and localities, spend hours talking with local business and shop owners, and rummage through the town walking and driving without thinking of a required fixed break schedule and emergency business summons.

Your author Warner is an avid writer and is interested in Resell SEO and Private Label SEO.


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