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T-Mobile’s new plan to entice customers: free 4G LTE for tablets

T-Mobile US Inc., the fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier, will begin offering Apple's new iPads as well as other tablets with free 4G LTE wireless in November.

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T-Mobile held a press conference on Twitter with streaming audio from its website Wednesday to announce the company will offer customers 200 MB of free data if they purchase a tablet through T-Mobile.

Beginning Nov. 1, T-Mobile US will sell thenewly announced Apple iPad Air (16 GB) for no down payment and $26.25 per month for 24 months, and the iPad mini for $17.91 per month for 24 months. The Retina screen version of the iPad mini will be available in November and will cost $22.08 per month for 24 months.

After the devices are paid off, the free 200 MB per month of 4G LTE data continues for the life of the tablet. T-Mobile will also have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the Google Nexus 7 available through the program.

“This is where the world is going,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere during the audio part of the press conference. “The growth here (in tablets) is huge and we want it to be affordable for everyone.”

The free 200mb will be applied automatically to existing T-Mobile customers’ accounts if they have tablets registered with the company. New customers can sign up for a $20-per-month Mobile Internet account, and then be eligible for the deal, Legere said.

Legere said that if a customer runs out of free data, T-Mobile won’t slow down the connection (called throttling) or charge overage fees. Instead, a screen will pop up prompting the customer to either buy a $5 unlimited day pass or sign up for a monthly 500 MB plan for $10 per month.

Wall Street appears to be less than impressed by the announcement, though. T-Mobile’s stock price dropped slightly as the press conference began, from $27.47 to $27.12. Overall, however, the company’s share price is up since it began its “Un-carrier” campaign.

The free wireless tablet service is a clever new tactic to try to draw more customers to T-Mobile’s network, something T-Mobile has been focusing on as part of the new “Un-carrier” strategy. The company now offers free international calls and cheap roaming plans for international travelers as well.

The program appears to be paying off: T-Mobile added 1.1 million customers last quarter, the most growth its seen in four years.

The Bellevue-based carrier is the fourth largest mobile network in the country after Verizon,AT&T and Sprint, and has not been a big carrier for tablets.

This announcement was clearly aimed at changing that.

“We’ll prove we have the lowest cost of ownership for tablets,” Legere said.

He said T-Mobile’s future announcements will be driven by consumer demands.

“You keep telling us exactly what to do to be successful and we’ll keep doing it,” he said.



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Mobile Excellence Awards Announces 2013 Finalists

logo_new_date2Acclaimed awards show in its sixth year reveals finalists for 2013

Los Angeles, CA August 27, 2013- The Mobile Excellence Awards ( produced by Little Monster Media and Axis Entertainment is proud to announce the 2013 finalists for its 6th annual awards season. The Mobile Excellence Awards is the only industry award which honors the best in mobile technology and entertainment.
The coveted awards gala will be announced and celebrated at the Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey, CA at Digital Hollywood on October 23, 2013 by industry luminaries and leaders from around the world who gather once a year at this prestigious event.
This is the award shows biggest year yet with industry breaking submission records coming from several different countries. The awards show is sponsored in part by ooVoo, Airpush, AEG Live, YouTube, Axis Entertainment, Digital Media Wire, Siemer & Associates, VentureBeat, Interactive Television Alliance, Mobile Monday Los Angeles, Wireless Industry Partnership, and Devious Media amongst others.

“The MEA organization is proud to recognize such a caliber of companies who made it to the finalists this year. We are happy that the MEA efforts and initiatives have finally reached global corners of the world and broken over-all submission records this year.” said Sarah Miller, Founder of the Mobile Excellence Awards and CEO of the Axis PR & Entertainment. “ As we celebrate the finalists and winners in October, we are looking forward to expanding onto live platforms next year to drive greater attention to the mobile industry.”
Finalists were scored upon strategic initiatives and objectives, impact of technology used, creativity, ease of use and reach, and execution and proven market success. The following 2013 Mobile Excellence Awards finalists are:

Premier Awards:
Humanitarian Award
TURKCELL, Communication for Syrian Refugees
TURKCELL North Cyprus, Life Without Barriers
Mobile Social Awareness Award
Deloitte Digital o.b.o. Kaiser Permanente
TURKCELL for Women Empowerment In Economy Project
Hipcricket for Text to donate
Industry Star
AT&T Inc. for AT&T Small Cells
Samsung Telecommunications America
Qualcomm Incorporated
Fiksu, Inc. Mobile App Marketing Platform
Mobile Ambassador
To Be Announced the evening of MEA Awards Program

Mobile Business:
Best Mobile Payment
Vodafone Turkey’s ‘Mobile Wallet’
MACH for Direct Operator Billing Solution
Fiserv, Inc. for Popmoney ®
DenizBank for fastPay m-wallet

Best Mobile Innovator
GQ Live! for print-to-mobile app
Samsung Telecommunications America

Best International
Qualcomm Life for 2net™ Platform & Hub
PostFinance for Top up iTunes credit in the PostFinance app
July Systems for July MX ESPN Goals
Melon Mobile for GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone

Best Retail/Commerce Solution for Mobile
PostFinance for Top up iTunes credit in the PostFinance app
FIS Mobile Wallet
Catalog Spree
Tmob Mobile Technology for GittiGidiyor Mobile Apps

Best Mobile Product
Samsung Telecommunications America for Galaxy S 4
OtterBox Armor Series
Samsung Telecommunications America for Galaxy Note 8.0
Kidz Gear KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America Inc. for smart drive 2.0 app
Jabra Revo Wireless
Best Mobile Ad Network
Mobile Theory
Mojiva Inc. for Mojiva Tab
LeadBolt for Mobile Ad Network

Mobile Entertainment:
Best Entertainment Integration for Mobile
Showtime Networks
SapientNitro for ESPN X Games

Best Mobile Games
EA for All Play for Real Racing 3
Doubledown Casino
Fox Digital Entertainment for AVP: Evolution
Audax Health for Realm Blazer
Aperto Group / Aperto Move GmbH: Volkswagen Rally The World. The Game.
Best Mobile Music
Sony Music Entertainment for Pinball Rocks HD

Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign
Aperto Group / Aperto Move GmbH for Volkswagen Rally The World. The Game.
Dreamworks Animation SKG for Turbo Racing League Mobile App
Chucky E. Cheese’s “Chuck E.’s Say Cheese!” Augmented Reality App

Best Original Content for Mobile
HP Antonomy for Aurasma
AT&T Mobility for @SummerBreak
NBC News Mobile
Best Content Extension Made for Mobile
SapientNitro for ESPN X Games
Bravo for Bravo’s Play Live Experience
E! Live From the Red Carpet
CBS Interactive

Best Mobile Application for Entertainment
TV Guide Mobile App for iOS
AHA by Harmon
E! Online

Best Mobile Entertainment for a Sports Category
TURKCELL for Smart Ticket,
Sporting Innovations for Sporting Club Uphoria ‘Playback’ feature powered by EVS C-Cast
CBS Interactive
SapientNitro for ESPN X Games

Mobile Technology:
Best User Experience for Mobile
Deloitte Digital o.b.o. Kaiser Permanente
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Orbitz and the Orbitz mobile app

Best Mobile Utility Application for on a Smartphone or Tablet
Hilldrup Moving & Storage for MovePro for iPhone and iPad
Qualcomm Snapdragon BatteryGuru
BQE Software for BillQuick Mobile
NQ Mobile for NQ Family Guardian
NQ Mobile for NQ Mobile Vault

Best Delivery Platform for Mobile
LocationSmart for Hybrid Location Platform and Geofencing Suite
Netbiscuits for Netbiscuits Cloud Platform
Prelude Systems, Inc., AnB for Enterprise Mobility

Best Technology Breakthrough
Celcite for COPS-SON
AT&T Inc. for Tower Outage and Network Analyzer
LiveU LU for Smart Mobile App
Broadcom for 4G LTE-Advanced modem – BCM21892
Best 2nd Screen Experience for TV on Mobile or Tablet
TiVo Mobile App
MHL Consortium
E! Live From the Red Carpet
MobiTV Converged Media Platform
Best Mobile Video

Magisto Video Editor & Maker
ooVoo for The Next Generation’s Social Video Chat App For Keeping FriendsTogether
AdColony for Xbox

Recognizing companies from start-ups to major studios, The MEAs is proud to reveal its sixth annual list of finalists. For more information on sponsorships or attending the 2013 Mobile Excellence Awards taking place on October 23rd, please go to

About Mobile Excellence Awards
The 2013 Mobile Excellence Awards profiles the latest in mobile entertainment, including media, marketing and technology. We award excellence in execution of corporate approach, consumer services, consumer experiences, content creation, and marketing devices or revenue generators for the mobile entertainment industry. For more information, please visit


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This is a most lovely grey day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, all of you! It is great to be alive!!!

When I woke up this morning my head was pounding. My mouth was dry and my lips cracked from breathing through my mouth all night. I opened the curtains and it is cold and raining outside, the kind of grey drizzle that does no good, just keeps the sun away. The lawn is littered with fallen debris. As the house is inspected it reveals dirty dishes in the sink, an unmade bed in the guest room, clothes spewed all over our bedroom where I have been living out of a suitcase for the weekend, books and papers scattered about the living room. There are used towels on the floor in my bathroom, and we are out of toilet paper.

I cannot remember a more beautiful morning in my life. The dishes, clothes, and towels are all over because we just had my wife’s father and my brother-in-law down from Portland for the weekend. One of the papers cluttering the living room was a beautiful Valentine card from my wife. We are lucky enough to have a lawn for debris to be scattered over, and this rain is the first we’ve had in over a week and it is mid February.

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. What makes this such a beautiful morning is that I have the wife, the lawn, good friends, a new family (after I was divorced I got to keep the old one, so now I have two) and more importantly my heart is beating regularly.

Yesterday was one of those “ah ha” moments, or wake-up calls. Atrial fibrillation is a condition of cardiac arrhythmia usually reserved (at least in middle-aged men) for those either on a drinking binge reminiscent of spring breakers in Cabo, those with heart conditions, or those extremely dehydrated or on stimulants like caffeine or cocaine. I had none of those conditions so it was a bit of a surprise when I awakened to find my heartbeat rapid and shallow and about as regular as a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer.

This happened to me before, so I tend to downplay what does not seem immediately life threatening. The in-laws, wife, and I were scheduled to drive down to Pebble to join our wonderful sponsors at Hertz for a day of fun, food, and watching Bill Murray and Matt Cain. Oh, yes, and there was also golf being played. They having flown down from the great Pacific Northwest to attend the event, and my wife being the driver and also a great fan of the “amateur” celebrities it made no sense for them to miss the event to watch me lie in a hospital bed tied to all sorts of tubes, wires, and monitors. With a little reluctance they dropped me off at the ER at 8:00 in the morning, kissed goodbye, and all said they hoped to see me sometime again, in THIS lifetime.

The emergency room was jammed, but having a heart disorder no matter how trivial (guess there is no such thing as a trivial heart disorder in their minds) guarantees you a bed immediately. Having done this before I know was somewhat hoping to have the opportunity to spend an hour or two in triage watching the AT&T before being admitted. No such luck.

Having to suffer the indignity of immediately disrobing and being connected to an intravenous drip, an electroencephalogram (EEG), blood oxygen monitor, respiration monitor, linear accelerator, and wind tunnel, I was now prepared for my treatment. The first time this happened within 30 minutes they had me on blood thinner, my second drip bag of hydration, and 60mg of Soma to try and regulate my heartbeat which was vacillating between 100 and 300 beats per minute. My normal resting rate is 60.

This was not the case yesterday. The ER was jammed, so basically I got a bag of saline and was left alone – completely alone – for about three hours. There were some other brief encounters, but in general no progress, and no human contact for almost eight hours. There is no better format for meditation and introspection that comes to mind than sitting, watching your heartbeat racing in the “danger, warning will Robinson” zone on a monitor, trussed up like a thanksgiving Turkey, and just waiting. The occasional alarm would bring in a worried nurse/technician to look at the monitor, adjust the alarm threshold and DO NOTHING. I have no disrespect for Kaiser, but there are some horror stories that leave its reputation somewhat short of Johns Hopkins, so being left alone with my own mind it was quickly apparent that there was indeed the distinct possibility that there would be no future in my future.

With even this remote possibility, however self-created, comes certain clarity. I need to treat my loving wife, all of my friends, and family with more than mere respect, with palpable gratitude. That rainy blustery morning outside the bedroom window is one of the most beautiful things in creation. Every single person that can be helped by what we do as a marketing agency is precious. Every opportunity to turn someone’s business even more slightly towards the path to success is a unique gift from God to help. Random acts of kindness like sending $100 to help a friend I haven’t seen in ten years sponsor a short film even if it never amounts to a thing, every $10 check to the Southern Poverty Law Center, heck a $5 check to the Rush Limbaugh drug rehabilitation fund, anything anyone can do to help another is your great karmic responsibility.

Let’s all redouble our efforts to include what we share on the net. Is what is being written and broadcast truly intended to be helpful or is it self-serving? When we host an event is it truly crafted to educate our audience, or is it a veiled attempt to provide just enough information to “hook” them into being customers. Question the ethics, even the karma if you will, of what you are producing. The Buddhists call this “right livelihood.” It doesn’t take much explanation. When you speak at a convention or meeting, when you teach a class or sponsor a meet-up sincerely ask the question of your audience “are you being served?”

After eight hours of an extremely uncomfortable experience lying on a hospital bed, unable to turn, bleeding from the holes in my arms, and dying of hunger the doctor comes in and tells me “it’s not working.” This is sobering news as it means that they are going to have to stop my heart and start it again with electric shock. Although time is a factor, since my wife is in Monterrey with her family, they asked if “just in case” anything were to go wrong the procedure could be scheduled when she could be there with me. Short of asking if I wanted a priest, that was somewhat devastating news. We decide to postpone the procedure until the next day.

Since the sole reason for my fasting all day was in case I need what they call “cardio conversion” ( which is doc-speak for killing you and bringing you back to life) I was finally allowed a turkey sandwich (my now most favorite of all foods – ever). Figuring it to be symbolically my “last supper” I abandoned my diet and even had real mayonnaise on it.

Upon completion of said meal I took one last look at the little heart monitor which had been so disappointingly displaying rather random blips and squiggles for the last eight hours, and started crying. It revealed a sweet, absolutely regular, normal heartbeat.

A mandatory “safety” hour later I was released. I kissed the orderly (not sure he totally enjoyed that, but what the heck) promised to name my next pet after the doctor, and would have paid the bill with antique silver dollars had they asked.

Since my wife was still at the Pro-am and I didn’t want to bother any of my friends (whom I now adore one and all) it was decided to walk the two and one half miles home. What’s that line from “My Fair Lady?”

“I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before…”

The exhilaration and resolve for re-dedication to a more skillful position of loving-kindness towards all that is, can be fleeting after such an experience. My earnest prayers are that if only for a moment, it will be remembered and take priority over the usual knee jerk reaction to the next person that cuts me off in traffic.

Go hand a perfect stranger a flower today!


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