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Advice for Producing Corporate Videos

The moment you have decided to create your video and selected a reliable company to work with, there are a number of factors that you need to consider when your video is being produced. You need to be aware of these tips on the small details during the production of your corporate videos together with the company that you have chosen.

Keep it simple and avoid distracting the audience

If you are watching good quality corporate videos, you will see confident individuals explaining all the information in a clear and interesting manner. Once there is a vibrant colored background, it only distracts the viewers. It is best to utilize the neutral colors on the corporate videos so that the focus of the viewers will be on the person speaking. You have to make sure that the focus is only on the person presenting the important details.

Beginning, middle and end

When creating corporate videos, it is also important to give importance to the overall style.  You need to consider the opening as well as the closing. Take note of the logos that will be used as well as keeping the film consistent to your brand. You have to make sure that all your corporate videos are identifiable and should also stand out from the competition. By sporting a creative and unique look, it can greatly help in creating a mark as well as attracting the viewers in an effective manner.

Make sure you have the right cast and presenters

Since corporate videos require a cast for the presentation, it is important to have experienced and skilled cast members as well as making sure everything works in a smooth manner. The majority of video production companies have a wide range of presenters and voice over artists on hand. It is recommended to listen to all the options before choosing one that will fit your brand. You should continue using the same presenters for future corporate videos. In doing so, it can provide all your corporate videos with a distinctive look and can be easily recognized by the viewers.

Find your winning forumula!

Your corporate videos must have the potential to be unique and easily identifiable. The moment you take these important factors into consideration, you will have a successful and effective corporate video that has all the elements that you need. Once you have created a successful corporate video, all you have to do is to utilize the same elements for future corporate videos. Simply add a new twist in order to make it unique and stand out from the rest.

This Guest Post has been written on behalf of Dragonfly Productions a leading corporate video production company in London.



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Video Promotion Isn’t Just for the Fortune 500

A few years ago, promotional videos were reserved for huge companies. If you weren’t planning on running a TV ad campaign, or including videos in promotional packs Disneyland style, then there was no reason to go to the considerable expense of producing a video. Today, that’s all changed. Videos are cheaper to make, easier to distribute, and much more likely to be viewed by a large audience.

There are a lot of companies in the UK that specialise in video production. Nottingham, Newcastle or London; wherever you are you will find studios that can help you with actors, sets, and high quality recording. If you find the right promotional video production company, they may also be able to help with distribution too.

Promotional videos, if they are well made, can do a lot for even small, lesser known brands. If you are a local business, and you want to target customers from your area, then hiring a company that does video production in Nottingham is a better idea than hiring a promotional video production company from a different part of the country. The world may be getting smaller, but there are still regional differences that can come across in videos.

The exact tone of your video will depend on what you’re advertising, and the demographics you are trying to reach. Viral videos are becoming increasingly popular with all age groups, however. Teens and young adults like edgy, and slightly “cheeky” videos, while business people prefer more sophisticated humour, and the videos that get forwarded by retirees tend to lean towards the “cute, harmless fun” category. Of course, these are rather broad generalisations, and they’re no substitute for real market research, but they are a good starting point.

If you want to produce a video that is informative rather than just simply a viral with your branding, then make sure that there’s still a hook to draw viewers in. Nobody likes to be preached to in their spare time, so try pose a question, or offer a solution to a common problem rather than just tell your viewers that they need your product.

A well produced marketing video, used as part of an online ad campaign, can put your brand name in front of a huge audience. Posters, banner advertisements and fliers are looked at once and then forgotten about, but videos engage the viewer for the duration of the viewing, and may be re-watched or shared if they are interesting, informative, or funny. It’s this second viewing which is so useful, as it makes your brand memorable.

When you’re looking for a promotional video production company, try to find one that specialises in the kind of videos that you are going to use. There’s no point hiring a company that makes artistic videos if you want something that looks more like a TV ad, for example. Also, look through the list of actors that they have available. If you’re not planning on enlisting your staff to appear in the video, then you’ll want to have some actors that your clients will relate to.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Black Hawk Productions. Amy works in marketing and is always on the look out for new and innovative ways to market her clients.


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