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Perceived value

OK, the obvious doggy illusion is the first thing that comes to mind. I live in a neighborhood that is a social marketers dream. Most of the people across the street are retired and live in a “gated community.” It rocks for not having lots of different gardeners, lawn mowing, leaf blowing and general raking going on when I am working on my publications or re-designing websites. It is easier to work remotely without all the distractions.

The downside is that surrounded by all these townhomes, I have the only lawn in the middle of the block. It’s nice to have the only lawn, I get to enjoy it and not have to deal with everybody else’s lawn like activities, but it also leaves me vulnerable.

There are certain parallels in business. Once I find that one niche that I really enjoy and feel really good about, I don’t want to call attention to myself with exactly EVERYBODY! There is a certain amount of reservation that some might treat my market niche much like the neighbors’ dogs treat my lawn. “Oh, there’s a nice green patch we haven’t thought of – lets go do our business on it!”


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