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5 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Policy

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Businesses have a hard time staying away from social media because of all of the potential benefits that come with it. A lot of us don’t realize that social media can act as a double edged sword and bring our businesses down if not handled correctly. Whether you have employees handling social media accounts to just help your customers or you are launching a full blow social media campaign, it is important that your company has a social media policy that is properly enforced.

Bad Impressions

Having a policy will ensure that no one will end up sending the wrong message to your audiences. If someone is having a bad day due to a co-worker, you don’t want them to go on your social media accounts and start posting their situation for everyone to see. This might seem like a farfetched idea, but the truth is, it happens more often than it should. Keep your social media accounts maintained and do not allow your employees to give anyone a bad impression of your company.

Unwanted Situations

Bad social media practices can lead to unwanted situations where you might have to take action against someone. Using the previous example again, you have an employee who ranted about his bad day due to a co-worker. He then start an entire conversion regarding the issue and puts the company in a really bad situation. You might end up needing to take action against that employee for failing to properly handle the social media account. This whole situation could have been avoided if you had just had a policy in place for your employees to abide by. Now your ex-employee is jobless, you have to hire someone new, and your business is still in a bad situation getting bad impressions off of your profile.

More Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns can be large and confusing, but having a step by step policy and what is supposed to be done will make it much easier for your employees to keep on track. There are so many different types of social media marketing strategies, so it is important that your social media team understands exactly what it is they are supposed to be doing and what they are not.

Businesses that hire social media teams without giving them many guidelines usually see a wide variety of different strategies being used, but none of them going anywhere. If the team focuses on a particular strategy, it will go much further than just doing a few things here and there.

Productivity Issues

Ever had someone that is running your social media accounts fail to get all of their work done because they keep getting sidetracked by all of the distractions that can be found on those sites? Well, this happens all of the time. By placing the right policies, you can ensure that they will no longer waste your company’s valuable time because they keep visiting profiles and websites that are completely irrelevant to their work. Making them aware of what they are allowed to do and what they should be staying away from, will give them a guideline on how they can spend their time.

Helps Promote Your Brand

Social media and branding go hand in hand. Again, using the previous example. One employee posting the wrong things put your company’s brand at risk. If that post continues to get more and more views, your public image will change and can hurt traffic, sales, and overall growth. It is important to have a policy in place that only allows you brand to grow in the right direction. Risking your brand can ultimately bring down your whole business, so don’t underestimate how important it is.

There are many more different benefits that will come with setting up a proper social media policy, but these 5 examples should get you thinking of creating one as soon as possible. If you want more examples of businesses getting hurt by social media situation, look it up, you will find as many as you can read. Although having a policy won’t create a fool proof way to control your social media presence, it sure does help a lot.


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This is a guest post by Ness. She works as a writer at  – a site dedicated to help webmasters and website owners choose the best host for their domain. Check out their website for more web hosting reviews.



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Design An Office To Reflect Your Business

kimball-18So, you’ve set up your business and managed to bag your first bit of commercial space – it is a very exciting time! However, now you face the melodrama of having to decide how to decorate your office.

Do you go traditional? Do you go minimalist? Do you go quirky? Firstly, it is essential that your office reflects your business’ interests and values, in order to create a professional and exciting place to be.

Your working environment must be comfortable, but also set the tone for your brand and your work ethic – it should reflect your brand and its identity and values.

Even if you’re in a rented place, there are things that you can change or play around with to give it that personal touch, without having to change anything permanent. Especially if your budget is particularly low, you could work with the smaller accessories such as lamps and cushions to create a co-ordinated look.

Colour scheme is extremely important when it comes to reflecting your brand throughout the design of your office. The colour scheme of your office should follow the same guidelines as the colour scheme of your brand – one key colour and one accent colour.

If you have not yet developed your branding greatly, then perhaps select neutral colours that will work with any colours. If you are an edgy agency, perhaps opt for a colour that is in complete contrast to your main branding colour – this shows that you are not scared of being different, creative and quirky.

Usually pre-installed carpets and furnishings will be quite a neutral colour, as will computer hardware. Try to match all exterior and interior signs to maintain a constant sense of styling.

This constant sense of styling should match the outlook of your business:

If you want your company to feel traditional and friendly, steer clear of minimalist, clinical styles and go for warm colours and neutral furniture that’s easy on the eye.

If your business is quirky and modern, then opt for eye-catching furnishings and odd colours – push the boundaries!

Ensuring that your office reflects your business will allow staff to feel as though they are really part of an exciting, well-put-together brand when they come into work. This will then boost their morale and approach to work, which increase productivity!

Metre Squared Interiors is an office fit out company in London with a team of professionals dedicated to making whatever you require happen.


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Strategies For Customer Retention

article_photoWithout customers any business no matter how smart or inventive will simply curl up and die, in this hyper modern market with quick changing frequencies it’s imperative you manage to get your customers to stick to you like glue. Enticing them in is just the beginning of the journey, once they’re through the door, it’s not enough to just leave them standing there admiring the wallpaper. Unless you apply some notable retention strategies, you’ll soon find them running for the nearest fire exit as your business slowly withers into extinction. Here are some great tactics that will ensure your customers stay right where they should be; with you.

Start as you mean to go on

Form the very first nibble of interest you should be finding ways to keep your customers coming back for more. Customer loyalty is a highly sort after prospect, and it’s not just given away like yesterdays newspapers. Your customers want to know you care about them and not just about notching up another sale. Getting to know and understand your customer is like entering into a lifetime relationship that will flourish over many years, and benefit both parties. You get your repeat business, and the customer feels valued and part of a brand. As human beings it’s a natural occurrence to want to belong to something, be it a family, a sports club or a brand. Sharing values with your customers is a sure to way to make them feel welcomed, and part of the community that you offer rather than just a statistic on a flow diagram or a thin slice in your latest pie chart.

Engage your customers in every way

Engaging with your customers through various media will give them insights into your business and spur on reciprocated insights for you to use in return. Keep your content informative and relevant, and listen carefully to the feedback that you get. This can be one of the best places to get advice for innovations as they come straight from your own customers who know your business without bias. Using blogs and social media channels are great ways to connect with various customers and engage through different ways, monthly or weekly emails can be good reminders to customers to show you are constantly thinking of them and they’re not swept to one side once they’ve crossed your palm with gold.

Always go further

Going above and beyond the call of duty is probably the best way to enhance customer loyalty. If a customer feels they can confide in your brand and get trusted advice then they will consider you a trusted relation that they can come to time and time again, this is a certain way to create unbreakable bonds. Online contact retailer Nextdaylenses, has gone beyond simply allowing customers to visit the NextdayLenses website. They also offer e-mail and Skype Optical advice which gives their customers a more personal chance to directly connect with staff and the brand.

No sooner have you found your customers than you begin to lose them again unless you’re prepared to fight for them. Many businesses today will see as many as 80% of their customers drift in to the ether, just make sure your business doesn’t follow the trend.

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Kevin McNulty is a budding entrepreneur and author. When he’s not working on his own projects he loves blogging and cycling.



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How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Empty business card with diary and penNetworking remains one of the best ways to get your name out into the professional world. Even with social media, personal contact and meetups with new consumers, clients, or business partners is essential. Having a business card in hand can provide these potential contacts with all your personal information. However, for each contact you make, the ore your name is competing with other potential customers or clients. Here are tips to make your business cards stand out from others.

Visual Stimulation
A simple business card with your name and contacts does not stipulate people enough to remember you in a large stack of business cards. Try to add style to your card with graphics, a picture of yourself, or a picture that can start a conversation. In addition, the business card could show examples of your brand, the goods you sell, or the services you provide so a contact can associate you and your card with your specific niche. Using bold colors and having a good finish and feel to the material of the card will also help.

List all Pertinent Contacts
Do not bombard the contact with a business card that has dozens of ways to contact you. Do not list your cell phone, several e-mail addresses, your website, your social media accounts, your blog and your fax number. Instead, only list all the platforms you use the most for communications. Also, try to list contacts that might get potential clients or consumers interested in your brand. Your blog or video channel might be more interesting to put on the card since these websites can help the client see what your brand or business is all about.

Social Media Connections
A good business card should list the pertinent social media accounts you are on. Since social media is becoming a prominent vehicle for business, showing any contact that you have a social media presence shows that you are maintaining unique business communications with consumers. Examples may include a Facebook page address for your brand or business, a Twitter account for your tweets, a YouTube channel for your videos, a Pinterest board for all your media, etc. Try not to list too many social media connections on the card since there is not enough space. In addition, only list business social media accounts, especially if you want to keep your personal profiles private.

Craft Cards for Events
Instead of having a pile of business cards to provide at any encounter, you should have a set of cards you provide for specific events. More casual, networking events can include more relaxed cards that are graphics rich. More professional events may require cards with staple attributes, like a business logo, professional fonts, and strong logos.

Create Unique Cards
Sometimes a plain old business card does not cut it. To really stand out from others, many professionals craft unique packages with contact information. You can create little brochures or tiny notebooks that explain yourself and your brand. In addition, you can provide clients office goods that have your brand and contact on them, like a notepad or post-it-notes with your brand name and contact information.

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John Lucas, is an aspiring business entrepreneur. For his social events, he relies on for affordable online printing service.



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Brand Marketing Through The Psychology Of Persuasion

images (2)Would you like to push your brand to the forefront of your market’s collective consciousness? Do you want your customers to be able to instantly recognize your business when they see your company logo? Do you wish that your audience could immediately recall your business’s slogan?

These goals define the core purpose of advertising your brand. Brand marketing is a way to separate your company from your competitors, much like a brand placed on cattle is used to distinguish one rancher’s animals from those owned by another. In many ways, your brand represents your business’s identity. It’s a component of your company’s story, a symbol that reminds your market about the experience of doing business with you. Pushing your brand to the front of your customer’s mind is a matter of increasing the number of times he or she is exposed to it.

Many years ago, a professor of psychology named Dr. Robert Cialdini authored a book titled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” He described several principles that explain why people behave the way they do. Dr. Cialdini’s book quickly became a hit among advertisers and brand marketers for its insights into the consumer’s mind. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the 6 principles outlined in his book.


Cialdini explained that the act of giving something to someone creates a feeling of obligation on the part of the recipient. With that in mind, consider promotional items, such as customized stickers and t-shirts with your company name and logo imprinted on them. Giving these items to your customers may be all that is required to spur their use. Before long, you might see your logo prominently displayed on laptops, skateboards, cars, and on the backs of your audience.

Commitment And Consistency

People tend to behave in ways that are consistent with the image they have displayed to others. For example, a woman who prides herself on punctuality might go to great lengths to avoid being late for meetings. Similarly, a man who wants his friends to consider him honest will refrain from lying or withholding pertinent information.

By building on past commitments, brand marketers can influence their audiences to make larger commitments. For instance, consider a customer who has your company’s car magnet stuck to the inside of his vehicle’s window. This individual is likely to be more receptive to wearing a custom t-shirt displaying the same information than a person who has not made a prior commitment. Doing so implies consistency.

Social Proof

A basic human trait is to look to others for direction regarding what is appropriate behavior. If an individual sees other people taking a particular action, he begins to feel as if he should do so, as well.

This aspect of psychology can be a powerful tool for improving brand awareness.

Let’s return to the example of giving promotional items to customers. The more people who place custom stickers on their belongings, the greater the likelihood their peers will do the same. The more customers who wear t-shirts emblazoned with your company’s logo, the more inclined those who come into contact with them will be to mirror the behavior.

This can significantly boost the momentum and success of your brand marketing campaign.


In his book, Cialdini explains that people are more likely to listen to someone, and follow his or her directions, if they perceive that individual to be an authority. Studies have shown this to be true when people encounter doctors, lawyers, politicians, and others who seem to be “in charge” of a given situation.

The marketing value of this psychological trait can be observed in companies’ use of celebrities to promote their products. Even though a particular celebrity may have little expertise with the product in question – for example, Jamie Lee Curtis promoting Honda vehicles – people are inclined to listen to them. This is the reason celebrities are aggressively pursued by companies to sign product endorsement deals.


People are more receptive to the influence of those they like. A long-time friend is more persuasive than a stranger. This is one of the underlying principles of most network marketing programs. Participants are encouraged to promote products to their friends and family members in order to leverage their existing relationships.

In the context of brand marketing, companies can focus their efforts on winning over influencers, and turning them into fans. Those influencers may then go on to promote the companies to their own networks. The influencers’ friends are more likely to be persuaded through such word-of-mouth advertising than a formal marketing campaign.


A perception of scarcity will oftentimes prompt people to take an action they might otherwise have delayed. The reason is due to a fear of missing out on a coveted item or deal. An example would be a department store sale. Items temporarily marked down in price tend to sell more quickly because customers fear losing the chance to take advantage of a bargain.

Companies often exploit this psychological trait to hasten sales or increase sales volume. For example, prices may be slashed dramatically for a short period of time. Limited inventories may be revealed to communicate scarce supplies.

Dr. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion offer enormous value for small businesses trying to build awareness around their brands. Savvy companies with limited budgets can leverage the six insights above using custom printed t-shirts, stickers, car magnets, and other low-cost promotional items.

The author has spent the last 15 years working as a marketing and branding expert for major fortune 1000 companies. Currently he is working with in a cross promotional venture for promoting promotional products and accessories



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Advantages Of Visual Content Marketing

content-curation-306x230Visual content marketing is the form of marketing that involves creating and sharing visual images and videos with internet users in order to attract them to your business. While the content usually stops short of being a direct advertisement, it is meant to provide valuable information that will persuade potential clients to pay attention to what your business offers the market. Before you buy views or use other financial incentives, you can learn the advantages of visual content marketing, some of which are as follows:

Most people prefer to take shortcuts when it comes to promoting their brand online. What they do not know is that there are other was of marketing a brand like visual content marketing among other things. This method is just as effective if not more effective as using financial incentives to get traffic

Visual Content is memorable

While not everyone can remember what they read, most people can recall what they saw. With plenty of competition out there, as far as your business is concerned, you have to ensure your brand is memorable. When you advertise using visual content, potential clients will associate your brand with the entertaining and informative images that they saw and end up picking your products and services. This can be attributed to the positive feelings they will have towards your brand and it will go a long way in enhancing your sales.

Visual Content generates higher traffic and conversion rates

High quality and entertaining visual can gain popularity is a very short time because it tends to attract plenty of viewers. As long as you place that content on platforms that have high audience numbers that are interested in what you have to offer usually ends up generating a lot of traffic to your business website.

As long as the content is positive, you will be able to convert most of your website visitors to clients easily simply by selling your brand products in the right way. It helps if you can provide tools that will allow the huge number of visitors to subscribe to your brand offers. Having your targeted audience willing to be associated with you is the best thing that can happen because they will always be willing to try out new products. Increasing your sales and revenue after that would be a piece of cake.

Visual Content marketing promotes audience participation

Everybody likes to be heard and if you can provide a forum to allow them to achieve this goal, then you will be ahead of your competitors. Visual content is usually the best way to attract and engage people on social media platforms. As long as your images and videos are interesting, there will always be people to advocate for your brand voluntarily by sharing what you have uploaded. Apart from attracting all the right sort of clients, you will be able to expand your client base as people sit up, take notice, and start discussing your business content. This in turn enables you to interact with any potential client.

Client-business interaction in turn will enable you to consolidate their loyalty thus making it almost impossible for your competitions to take your clients from you. Visual content marketing is evidently, one of the best ways to advertise your brand online. It will always provide great value for your money.

One of the effective ways to make your business promotion effective is to  buy twitter followers monthly and Roman knows how to make it possible. He blogs a lot about social marketing. Being specialized in social media marketing he is well informed of the sphere and can be of great help in online promotion.


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Importance of Content Marketing to Publishers

Publishers, brands and businesses, are realizing the essence of content marketing; thus, allocating resources and support towards creating quality content. Quality content often boosts customer loyalty and brand awareness, which is critical in any business. Consumers are increasingly shutting off the traditional techniques of marketing and are now adept at surfing online. The new epicenter of marketing has changed drastically where a great majority of consumers hardly trust advertisements. Classic advertisements are being marginalized where consumer uses DVRs technologies to bypass advertising. Today, most customers prefer being entertained and informed by brand via content marketing. As such, organizations are dedicating enormous resources to content marketing and publishing content.

Value of Content Marketing Strategy

Today, creating an effective content marketing strategy is more than ever becoming the difference between losing and winning against rivals. For instance,, a college paper writing service, has over years been succeeding and betting big with its content marketing techniques. Successful brands attribute their success to great content via owned media. Content marketing employs the idea of curating, creating, sharing and publishing original content. The most effective mediums for content marketing are social media platforms and email newsletters as they present reliable conduit for sharing information online. Publishers with platforms such as websites, multiple social media networks and blogs find it easy pushing content out without relying on press or media; thus, saving on the cost.

Publishers specializing in visual content marketing make their brand more appealing and attractive by using a variety of aspects that include images, font and design. In modern times, Internet is increasingly fascinated with visual imagery as retina and crystal clear screens becoming more and more popular. It is possible for publishers to make arresting images as the centre of their social media and email campaigns. This trend of content marketing is likely to grow as clients are increasingly opting for strong communicative brands rather than wordy copies. Prior to creating and distributing materials, authors should develop a platform around content marketing, which would offer the readers an opportunity to acquire information. A content marketing publisher can use research tools, such as Google Trends, to identify potential markets. Content marketing blog facilitates in building relationships with other influencers.

Content marketing is gaining momentum as it provides a platform where small and large corporations can reach potential customers. Content marketing encompasses a strategy of distributing and developing valuable and pertinent content to attain, slot in and attract a noticeably understood and distinct target audience. The decisive objective of content marketing is to impel profitable action of the buyer. Content marketing entails engagement with prospects and regular customers by providing information necessary in decision making. It is fundamental for the publisher to embrace content marketing in order to identify client’s needs and preferences.

Author Bio: John T. contributes his education related articles to, a professional term paper writing service providing students with qualified help.


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What Does A Great Promotional Product Say About Your Company?

Many differences in life – value, opinion, etc. – can be whittled down to perception; we all perceive things differently, and perception tends to be subjective in most cases. Determining value of an object or idea in the world of business can be a divisive issue – ask the financial manager what defines a valuable promotional product, and they will likely say getting the most mileage for the lowest possible investment cost. Pose the same question to the head of marketing and they’ll probably tell you it’s a promotional giveaway item that sells your brand via word of mouth.

Finally, ask the recipient of the promotional gift, and they’ll tell you that it should be something that’s useful and/or entertaining.

With a multitude of differing opinions, where does the truth lie? Here’s the thing – a great promotional item should meet all three requirements, not simply cater to one of them. The trick is to find something that encompasses all three. Keep the following in mind when you’re looking for the next great promotional item to assist in building your company’s reputation.

Familiarity – Research Your Target Market

Having a great promo item doesn’t mean much if you don’t know who to give it to. Knowing who you are specifically targeting with your promotional items, and why, is very important – ask yourself two questions when considering a promotional item:  Will the product capture the recipient’s attention and/or interest? Will it establish a positive association between the recipient and your business?

Spending some time researching your target market may also help you come up with additional ideas. For example, your research may indicate that your target market enjoys the outdoor activities. You can then focus your search for promotional products accordingly by choosing things that cater towards those interests.

Spare No Expense Or Come In On Budget?

It doesn’t help to covet a fantastic promotional product if it’s ultimately going to crush your budget. If you’ve just got to have it, what will happen is that you can only order half the quantity of a similar but lesser priced item and your campaign won’t be able to reach as many recipients as you’d planned. There is an enormous amount of promotional items available to today’s business owners – you can almost certainly find a great promotional product that fits within your budget if you are persistent and willing to search. Adhering to a budget is just as important (*if not more so) as selecting the right type of item. The bottom line – a great promotional product is one that fits your budget requirements while doing an effective job of promoting your company simultaneously.

Can You Effectively Brand The Promotional Item?

Thanks mainly to ever evolving technology; virtually all promotional products can be branded with your company logo or slogan. While there are still limitations – some items may only be available in limited colors, sometimes it may not be possible to print with more than one color – you should strive to reproduce your logo with total accuracy. If single color branding is all that is available, consider getting the promotional item made in equal numbers that are divided by the same amount of colors used in your company logo. The point is, your logo should always be instantly recognizable, even when small compromises are made.

Does It Properly Represent Your Company?

The perception of the promotional item, your company identity and the marketing campaign are all tied together – if you are a business that specializes in emerging tech and has a reputation for quality service, you will not want to use a cheap plastic promotional product that can be ordered by the thousands. Promo items are meant to bolster your reputation, brand and ultimately, your revenue, but it can be effective to present yourself, and your business, as though you have already attained these goals – in other words, be what you want others to see you as. Let that be reflected in your choice of promotional product – make it something useful that will show you anticipate their needs. Promo items that are trending or very of the moment should be avoided, but even a gimmick can be effective sometimes.

Will Your Promotional Product Be Highly Visible?

Never lose sight of the fact that marketing and promotions are all about building your brand, creating awareness and expanding your revenue. While you of course will want the recipient to actually like and use the promotional product you’ve given, a truly effective promotional product will be one that is seen by your target or intended market. This will meet your goal of giving your business greater exposure to your intended target market. is a trusted provider of unique promotional items Canada. Create strong, lasting brand recognition with high quality corporate gifts for your valued clients and potential new customers. Choose for your next brand marketing campaign.


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