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Top Security Tips for Your Office


In these modern times, the vast majority of office based businesses need the best quality electronic products to function to the best of their potential. This includes telephones (and smartphones), laptops and computers, printers, projectors, filming equipment and various other expensive goods. If the cost of purchasing these products was high, the cost of replacing them in the event of a burglary would be even higher, and potentially damaging to the profit margins of the business and thus the future of the business. When the recession is hurting small businesses already, it is important that no unnecessary risks are taken, and that includes being lax with your security.

Quality Locks

Depending on where your office is situated – detached or as part of a block – the locks of your office will change. Either way, they will need to be of a good quality. There is no guarantee that an office on the fiftieth floor is any less likely to be a victim of a thief than an office that stands alone. Making sure that the locks on your windows and doors are a high standard is very important, because once an intruder is inside, what is inside will be theirs to take. Another option is to have security bars added to the windows, so that they can be opened during the day but will not be a point of entry for criminals.

Alarm System

If your office is stand-alone, your alarm system is extremely important. The same as a home alarm, it is important that if an intruder was to enter your premises, they should know that they are on borrowed time. In some cases, just seeing that a property has an alarm is enough to deter criminals, so the better quality the alarm, the more likely you are to be left well alone. In the case of office block, making sure you have an alarm and a link up to the main fire alarm is very important, as you will need to be alerted in the event of a fire.

Safe Storage

Taking your computers and laptops home is not always an option, so it is crucial that the office property has excellent quality storage on site for you to use. One great option is to have a safe on site that your staff can use to put their phones or laptops away at the end of business. It is also good for storing sensitive documents including receipts and bank details. Having a security code on your safe is always a good idea, and 1-2-3-4 is not a valid password. Changing the password often will also lessen the chance of a burglar being able to gain access to it.

Daley works with SGG to ensure that all businesses of all shapes and sizes have all the information they need so that they can make informed choices about their security.



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