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A Guide To Producing Videos For Your Website On A Budget

gallery-img1Videos play a significant role in the online world. People use them to communicate and forge connections with others. However, creating a video can be expensive. If you wish to cut back on costs and make a good video for your website, the information below may help in some fashion.

1. Plan the Video before Filming

It is a poor idea to film a video for your website without any planning. If you do not write out a script or general story, you may waste time and money. Ask a friend to help you write out what the video may contain. You do not have to spend days working on the plan; however, you may wish to avoid writing out a script in a quick and reckless manner. Make sure that you are happy with your plan before you gather together other supplies.

2. Borrow a Camera

Video cameras are not necessarily cheap. If a person wishes to have a camera with the ability to film in high quality, it may not be possible to buy one at a local electronics store. The Internet is vast in its scope, and people must put forth effort and aim for quality if they want to stand out from the competition. If you want to cut back on costs, consider asking a friend or family member for a camera. He or she may lend a camera to you for a set amount of time. Do not take the camera without asking for permission, as this may lead to serious issues.

3. Film Scenes Outside

An excellent website video must have suitable lighting. However, lighting can be high-priced. A person may have to invest in distinctive fixtures that will compliment people and objects on a video. You may save money if you choose to film the video outside. The outside world carries natural lighting, and you may also gain a large amount of filming space. Choose a space where interruptions are unlikely; you may have to do a lot of editing to fix disruptions, and this will delay the release of your video.

4. Use Items around the Home

When a person wishes to film a video without breaking the bank, he or she may wish to use items that are available around their home. For example, decorations from the kitchen may serve as props for cooking scenes. These props may also be dressed up and used as fictional characters for humorous or educational videos. Think about the theme of your website and what would properly convey your message. Do you want your video to be humorous? Do you want your viewers to learn something new? You may also borrow items if you believe that it would be helpful.

If you want to create a video for your website, it does not have to be a difficult endeavor. You do not have to spend more money than what you have available in your banking account. The information above may set you down the right path and help you develop something enjoyable.

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The Ultimate Stocking-Stuffer for the Camera Buff

Never be without a “tripod” again.  The HandlePod camera stabilization system  holds your camera or video still so you get great shots without a tripod.

Every now and then, something comes along that is just a no brainer; something so sick you have to jump on it so you can show everybody how cool it is and that you got one 1st.

Just $29 with free domestic shipping at

When I first checked out HandlePod I immediately knew I had to have one.  In the first 24 hours I had the thing I was hooked.  I’ve been shooting videos and photos all my life and I’ve never seen anything that makes it so easy.  Mind you, I’m not suggesting that you can hang a D90 with a 500 MM telephoto and a battery pack off of the thing, but for lightweight SLR’s and the digital cameras most people use now days, it is perfect.

Whether it’s a simple vid from your iPhone or ‘Droid, the dreaded group shot (where someone gets bumped out to take the picture), or a low light picture of the golden gate bridge at night this thing will get it done. There are literally thousands of ways to use this little guy.

I mean who carries around a tripod, right?  Nobody.  Too bulky, funky to use, and it’s something you ever think of bringing with you when you’re out on the town anyway.

Stick a HandlePod in your glove box, purse, or bike bag, and you are covered.  When the gang breaks out in song and you just gotta have it on tape to embarrass them later, grab your H’Pod and shoot away! They will never know what hit ‘em till they see the movie on YouTube.

Take 90 seconds to check out this flick and see if you don’t agree!



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The 10 Best Cameras You Can Buy

If you’re looking at buying a new camera without going broke then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the ten best cameras you can find on the market without spending thousands of dollars on a professional camera. If you are thinking of buying one of these then shop online to ensure you get the best possible price as you can potentially save yourself a few hundred dollars off the standard retail price.


10. Olympus XZ-1

Olympus makes some of the best cameras in the world and the XZ-1 is no exception with its 10 megapixel resolution and a staggering 610 dots per inch. The best features of the camera are its 54.6 MB of memory, battery life of up to 320 shots and 1.8-2.5 aperture. The flash is effective and the filters easy to use but comprehensive. Only downside is the video recording which isn’t very good.

9. Casio Exilim EX-ZR100

Fantastic resolution is the order of the day with this entry from Casio boasting an impressive 12.1 megapixel and 800 dots per inch resolution. The 3-7.9 aperture is stunning but the additional functions are where this camera really shines with image stabilisation, HDR, HDR ART and a good solid movie capability.

8. Olympus SP-610UZ

The second entry from Olympus gives us a great mixture of features at a whopping 14 megapixel resolution. The ability to take panoramic shots and the whole host of editing options make this the best all in one editing suite available. Our favourite options are the Pop art and watercolour features which are superb fun.

7. Samsung SH100

14.2 megapixel resolution and brilliant movie options make this a good camera for holidays and at home. The Wi-Fi connection is the shining feature though with the ability to remotely control shutter speed, zoom and light levels ensuring you can get a great picture every time.

6. Canon PowerShot A800

Whilst it only has ten megapixel resolution this is our favourite travel camera as it has a 500 shot battery life and great memory. The least technical entry this is great for the amateur with easy interface and a reasonable 2.5 inch display.

5. Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR

The best compact entry in the top ten this still manages to have high resolution and a 3 inch HD display. The aperture is incredible at 3.5 – 10 and the movie manages an impressive 30frames/second. At 300 shot battery life this is the perfect camera for the light traveller.

4. Sony CyberShot DSC WX10

460 dots and 16.2 megapixels make the quality of this camera truly outstanding but the features are where Sony as always really shines. The camera features 3D panoramic shots, multi angle sweeps, light reduction and auto backlight correction. Easy enough to use for beginner and expert alike this is a great creative camera and our favourite for anyone who loves the outdoors.

3. Samsung NX-11

Whilst it only has 14.6 megapixels of resolution this is a great entry for Samsung thanks to the price, quality and ease of use. The interchangeable lenses give you plenty of options and the iFunction lens and automatically controlled focal plane shutter are absolutely superb increasing the picture quality far beyond the relatively small dip in resolution.


2. Olympus E-PL2

This is one of our lowest megapixel entries with “only” 12.3 megapixel resolution which might put you off initially. However megapixels aren’t everything as this entry clearly demonstrates. The price and ease of use are huge factors in choosing this model but in terms of quality the camera still manages to shine with its fantastic range of features and filters. If you are on a budget this is the camera for you.

1. Casio Tryx

This camera is, as its name suggests, full of tricks and basically is fantastic. Only 12.1 megapixel resolution isn’t even a worry as this is easily as high quality as our 16 megapixel entries. The 360 degree rotating frame and panoramic 360 degree features are unbeatable anywhere and the host of filters and adjustable settings for everything you can imagine will ensure you can take the best photos every time. This is probably the best camera for serious photographers who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on professional equipment.

Steve writes about products within the technology industry, in addition to using shopping portals such as ShopAndEarn where you can earn rewards for items purchased online –


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