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It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

“Mom! Wake up, it’s time for you to go to school!” Wait, what? That doesn’t sound quite right. Or does it? In today’s world, older people who did not graduate college are finding ways to go back to school and finish their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This is the case with Kristine Timson-Bates and Linda Timson, a mother and daughter pair who are getting their Bachelor’s degree together at Rasmussen College in Fort Myers.

Kristine and Linda”s Story

It all began at a local car club. Kristine, the 26-year-old daughter of Linda, had what seemed to be a random conversation with the Dean of Admissions at Rasmussen. The Dean told her that she should go enroll on campus. Linda went and took a look at the campus and enrolled fairly quickly. Linda noticed how easy it could be and followed her daughter’s footsteps. Kristine said this about the situation, “We were both thrilled and a little nervous putting ourselves in the same environment.” Kristine has decided to major in Digital Design and Animation while Linda is getting her degree in Business Management.

Linda who was previously working at Walmart now takes general education classes with her daughter. They meet up on campus to discuss their classes and their schedules. Many college students may be petrified thinking of going to school with their mothers. Kristine, on the other hand, has found that she enjoys the new time spent together. “It’s great because we are both very competitive at heart and both have the desire to learn…We are not only each other’s cheerleaders but toughest critics as well. It really makes me happy seeing my mom succeed in something she didn’t think was an option for her and seeing her make new friends,” Kristine says.

How can I do that?

Linda is not the only mother who has gone back to college after so many years. People are doing it all across the nation. With today’s programs and opportunities, anyone and everyone can go and get their degree. You may be thinking you can’t because you are too old, you have too many kids, there is not enough time, or you don’t have any money. These reasons are all just excuses. There are online programs where you can take classes from home, in your own time frame. There are also lots of scholarships that you can qualify for. In order to go back to college like Linda you need to go through these steps:

1. Decide that you want to go back to school. Once you make the decision don’t go back on it.

2. Choose what you want to major in. Find something you love and that you could see yourself doing for a long time.

3. Meet with a career counselor. These professionals have been trained in colleges and helping people. They can really help you answer any questions you may have.

4. Choose what type of school. For example, decide whether you want to do an online program or go to a physical college campus.

5. Choose your school. After you research your options and have a look around, make a choice that you love and make sure it fits with your schedule.

6. Find a way to get the money you need. Start applying to those scholarships!

7. Start remembering what it’s like to study. Make sure you get yourself into the mindset of a student again. It has probably been a while. This is one of those times when it is acceptable and even encouraged to go to your children for help.

Now that you have all the steps you need. Follow Linda’s example. Don’t let anything scare you out of doing it, or you may always regret it.

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