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What Type Of Furniture A Company Should Buy For Its Employees

Office furnitureEmployees, equipment and even clients rely on the furniture that is in an office or other work setting every day. Chairs, desks, tables and filing cabinets contribute to productivity and comfort during working hours. It is not always easy to choose the furniture for an office. Many companies must decide between different features in order to find the right balance of size, comfort and functionality. Every business should look a few key features when choosing furniture for employees.


The furniture that employees use in an office or other setting should be adjustable. This means that tables or workstations can be raised or lowered as needed. Chairs should be adjustable as well. Chairs that have adjustable armrests and the ability to tilt in different directions will fit the shape and size of any body. Additionally, adjustable furniture is important in order to prevent workplace injuries that result from poor ergonomic positioning. Employees who are forced to operate in an awkward or uncomfortable position will be less productive and might even require regular medical attention for aches, pains and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.


Comfort is very important. This is especially true for employees who will be using a few pieces of furniture for an entire day. Uncomfortable furniture will create problems that lower morale and that could affect performance. An uncomfortable metal chair will force employees to stop working and stand up or walk around frequently. An uncomfortable desk with hard edges and an overly high surface will make it difficult to stay organized. Some poorly designed furniture might even contribute to injuries because of hard edges and surfaces. Comfortable furniture will allow employees to focus exclusively on work.

Environmentally Friendly

Many offices are looking for ways to become greener. Part of this is done to lower the environmental impact of the business. It is also done to help the surrounding community and to address the environmental concerns of customers. Businesses should purchase green office furniture whenever possible. These are pieces made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled materials like steel or plastic. This reduces the footprint of the business. It will also encourage employees to follow good recycling and energy conservation practices while working.

Mobile Or Modular

The furniture that employees use needs to be functional and flexible. Modular office furniture is becoming increasingly popular for this reason. Modular furniture allows employees to assemble several small components into a single desk, workstation or cubicle. Employees can change the design of an area to meet personal needs and preferences. Mobile or lightweight furniture is also useful. This makes it possible to rearrange an office quickly or to move items to a new area in order to accommodate seasonal workers or construction.


Easily Repaired And Cleaned

Businesses will benefit from furniture that is easy to maintain and clean. Employees will be using the furniture constantly every day. This can wear down even the most durable chairs and cabinets. Furniture that has simple connections and solid construction will last for a long time and can be repaired in a few minutes when necessary. Pieces of furniture that are easy to clean because of the materials or the design are very convenient. This prevents spilled coffee or other accidents from ruining the appearance of the piece.

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Eleanor Parson is a blogger and suggests Coopers Office Furniture for employers looking to build or improve their office space.


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Stop Telling Your Employees That They Are Worthless

Listen up; if your business is going to be successful you are going to have to stop telling your employees that they are worthless.

I know that you don’t walk up to every member of your staff and shout in their face that they are a meaningless layer of scum on the bathtub of existence, but you might as well have. Your employees already know that you think they are worthless because of the environment and the tools that you have given them to work in.

They have old and creaking uncomfortable chairs which tell them that you don’t care about whether their backs are sore after a full day of hunching over the computer for you. They have bad florescent lighting which shows that you don’t mind if their eyes hurt and they have headaches at the end of the day. They have completely disorganized filing systems, which means that it takes them ten times longer to find that important contract or memo when they need to and you don’t care.

Basically, the environment that you create for your employees to work in shows them how much you care about their success and productivity. Give them a poor environment to work in and pretty soon they will feel like drones in a factory, waiting for their escape.

But My Employees Aren’t Worthless!

“They are not worthless at all!” you might protest. You are correct of course, they are in fact one of the most important resources that you have. If your employees can be inspired to do well, they will propel your company to new heights that you could not have imagined before.

Part of managing a team is about hiring great employees and the other part is about bringing out their best work. This includes giving them the best environment to work in that you can. There are many ways that you can show your employees that you think they are amazing and encourage them to perform the very best they can.

  • Give them an ergonomic chair to work in. Poor quality chairs will cause back and neck strain, cut off circulation to the legs and cause your employees to be very uncomfortable throughout the workday. They won’t get much done if they are constantly getting up to stretch their sore backs.
  • Upgrade the lighting in your office. A high quality lighting system will reduce eye strain and will keep your employees feeling refreshed rather than tired and headachy.
  • Help them get organized. Put some effort into developing a filing and storage system that is easy for everyone to understand and stick to it! This will make finding important documents not such a nightmare.
  • Give them computers that work. It can be unbelievably frustrating to try to complete a project on a computer which keeps freezing, crashing or going aggravatingly slow. If you can supply your employees with the technology that they need they will be able to do their job faster and easier.
  • Go above and beyond every once in a while. After you have upgraded the office to a good condition, you don’t have to stop there. If you want your team to really know how much you appreciate them you can offer them special rewards for when they do well. For example, you could promise to upgrade to a higher quality coffee maker when the office meets a certain target. That way, each employee gets a tangible reward for their hard work.

Take a moment to look around your office and ask yourself whether you are making your employees feel worthless by subjecting them to your outdated equipment and furniture. Could you make an investment in the working environment that would pay off in employee productivity?

Are all of your office facilities outdated and falling apart? How do you think that makes your employees feel about how important they are? You can find some good quality cheap office furniture online that will make your office a much better place to work.


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Three Petite Office Chair Options

There are many options out there in terms of office furniture for those of average or larger than average size, but often, smaller folks get lost in the mix. Although petite people don’t need special weight requirements from their office chairs and other supplies, they may need more adjustability in terms of height, back positioning and other factors.

Whether you are looking specifically for task chairs for women or just smaller furniture in general, you’re in luck. Here is a list of three petite office chairs that can accommodate those of us that are more miniature in stature.

1. Ergocentric Multi Tilt Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair series is attractive, contains many adjustment options and comes in a variety of strikingly beautiful colors. It is easy to sit in this chair for eight hours, because it boasts memory or high dense foam for cushioning, a seat slider, v-shaped tailbone cutout and an adjustable headrest. These features ensure maximum comfort for the back, neck, head and more.

Seat adjustments, such as height levers and tilt and angle adjustments, make this chair perfect for medium or smaller users. For further customizability, you can get your seat in one of two sizes.

2. Allseating Presto – Small Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair is also comfortable and durable, but it has a more streamlined, no-nonsense design than the Ergocentric MT-Multi.
The Allseating chair can have twister arms, multi-function arms or adjustable T-arms. This makes it perfect for those with a slender frame that need adjustable or moveable arm support. There is also a contoured back for comfort, along with the option of adding a memory foam seat. You can also select fireproofing and fabrics in a huge rainbow of colors.

3. Ergocentric – MyCentric Ergonomic Task Chair

This Ergocentric brand chair also features serious back support and seat sizes that vary depending on your size. You can design this chair with or without arms, and an adjustable arms option allows you to move yours to a comfortable position. The foam seat, dual curve backrest and other add-ons available for comfort (including air lumbar support, an adjustable headrest and a v-shaped tailbone cutout) make it the perfect choice for those that need a little extra in terms of support.

If you’re sick of getting swallowed up by chairs that are too tall and deep, this is the perfect alternative, giving you full control over the height and seat angle adjustment.

This chair is ideal for eight hours of seated work and can accommodate 250 pounds.
Many retailers don’t carry chairs for the smaller among us, but a quality online site, like, has plenty of options in this area. Check out the site today for chairs in a variety of colors, styles and prices with myriad ergonomic benefits.

When Jan writes, she writes with passion. She especially enjoys writing about furniture. If you would like more info regarding Petite Office Chairs, please visit


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