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Have A Complaint About A Business? Turn To Online Review Sites

517415790_c_570_411As a consumer, there are going to be encounters with businesses that you enjoy, and then there are going to be encounters that are awful. When you have a complaint about a company, service or product, don’t keep it to yourself or simply rant about your complaint on your own personal social media accounts. Instead, turn to online review sites likeGoogle+ Local andYelp, and here’s why.

You can gain the company’s attention.

When you keep the complaint to yourself, the company is not going to know what they did wrong. And if you did complain to someone at the business, it’s likely it wasn’t to the right individual.

When you post your complaint online, you have a better chance of getting your complaint in front of the right people. More and more companies are starting to monitor their review sites, and when you post a negative review online, it will likely be seen by the right people, making your complaint more valid.

You can warn other consumers.

If your experience was really bad, you will not want other consumers to go through the same experience. By posting your complaint on the online review site, you will be warning other consumers about what they can expect if they were to visit the company or purchase a product or service from them. When consumers truly know what to expect, it can help make their own purchasing decision easier, and you will save many other people from going through the same awful experience as you.

You can help the company.

While you feel miserable about your experience, it is possible that the company managers and owners don’t truly know what’s going on in their business. When you write the review, you not only get the company’s attention, but you can also help them learn what they’re doing wrong. Companies need consumer feedback like your complaint to help them become better, and your complaint may draw them to a factor of their business that they overlooked. Plus, if your complaint is valid and the company truly cares about their business, you may even entice them to make the necessary changes needed to make their company a better place.

You may earn an incentive.

Some companies take online reviews very seriously, and they know that customers didn’t have to take their time to leave a review, whether good or bad. As a thank you for your review, some businesses may offer you some type of incentive for your bad experience. You may not only earn an apology from someone important at the company, but you may also earn a free item, gift card, promotional discount or some other incentive for taking the time to share your thoughts. Yes, it’s an effort by the company to apologize and get you to come back and check them out again, but it’s still something you wouldn’t receive had you never left the complaint in the first place.


Charlie Adams is a tech guru and IT specialist with Review Trackers. Charlie often blogs about technology and its role within the world of business in an attempt to educate.



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Why You Small Business Needs to Get with the Cloud

When you first started your small business, perhaps some people told you that your head was in the clouds. They didn’t quite mean it in a good way, but they were on to something. Every small business owner should be in the clouds – they need to get with cloud computing, that is. Cloud computing is said to be the future, and it is. You need to rethink anything you ever knew about data storage and get with the cloud. Here are some important reasons why you should get your feet off the ground now.

It’s Easy

If you’re not the most tech savvy of small business owners, cloud computing is the easiest option for you when it comes to data storage. If you don’t choose to use the cloud, you’ll have to install expensive programs and buy expensive hardware. What happens if they break or stop working properly? You’ll have to figure it out yourself, or pay an expensive IT person to do it for you. With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about that. Your hosting company will take care of everything IT.
It’s Cheap

Look right above; did you see that? Expensive programs, expensive hardware, expensive IT… You get the picture. Not using a cloud is just plain costs a lot. You can’t afford to be spending money needlessly, and you want to save wherever you can. Cloud computing is inexpensive. Subscriptions are affordable for your business, no matter how big or small it is.
It’s Scalable

You might be wondering: are subscriptions really affordable to even the smallest of businesses? Yes, they are. The best part about cloud computing is that it’s entirely scalable. If you have a tiny business that only needs a tiny amount of space, you don’t have to pay for more than that tiny amount. You only have to purchase what you need, so you won’t be spending extra money on extra, unused space. And as your tiny business grows into a really big one, you can continue to purchase more space as you need it.
It’s Remote

How many times have you left your office and arrived at your destination only to think, “Oh shit, I forgot that really crucial, super important file?” When you get with the cloud, you never have to worry about leaving anything behind again. You can access your data at any time from any device with Internet access. This makes your business a lot more flexible, and it can help you work with other people and employees even when they’re not in town, making long-distance collaboration a breeze.
It’s Safe

You’re data and files are probably pretty important to the operation and success of your small business. If you don’t want to risk losing them, you should store them in the cloud. Your cloud provider will keep your stuff a lot safer than you will in your office, trust me. It’s crucial to always have backup copies of your data, and that’s what the cloud can provide.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru, entrepreneur, and marketing professional who loves to analyze how technology can help small businesses thrive.

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Gifts You Can Give Your Boss without Looking Like a Kiss-Ass

Whether it’s his birthday, the holidays, or any other occasion, it’s never easy to pick out the perfect gift for your boss. You want to impress him, but you don’t want to do it with scoffs from your colleagues. The gift you give to your boss should show him that you appreciate him without going over the top. He makes more money than you, so don’t spend a lot. If you spend more than $50 on a present, you’ll seem like a kiss-ass for sure. There are plenty of nice gifts you can give that are thoughtful, reasonably-priced, and not screaming for a promotion. Here are some gift ideas for your boss that won’t annoy him or your coworkers.

A Bottle of Spirits

If your boss likes to enjoy the occasional drink, consider getting him a bottle of his favorite liquor or a nice bottle of wine. The bottle you choose will show you’re paying attention to his tastes, but if you’re not sure, you can never go wrong with red wine. A bottle of wine is a great gift because you can almost never have too many, and there will always be a future occasion to drink it.
A Fancy Wine Opener

If you don’t want to go with the traditional bottle of wine, you can take a more practical route and get him a nice wine opener. There are lots of different wine openers on the market, so go for something that’s a little more high-end, such as a sleek-looking electric wine opener that will look good on a countertop and make opening wine a breeze.
A Wine Decanter

Okay, perhaps at this point it might seem like your boss is an alcoholic with all these drinking-related gifts. But drinking-related gifts are good for one reason – the show you have a jovial spirit (no pun intended). Whenever there is a gift-giving occasion, it’s likely a cause for celebration. A wine decanter is another gift that will give a happy, celebratory vibe.
Travel Accessories

If your boss travels a lot in his position, you can give a thoughtful, practical gift with a travel accessory or two. Good travel accessories include neck pillows, travel shoe bags, necktie cases, and toiletry bags. They all serve a useful purpose and can make his travelling easier or more stylish.
Fun Tech Accessories

For the boss with an iPad or iPhone, there are lots of fun accessories you can get that will show you have a sense of humor. For example, there’s an accessory that will turn your iPad into a mini arcade game, or a case that will make it look like an Etch-a-Sketch.
Bluetooth Headset

Bosses are always on their phones. If yours doesn’t have a hands-free Bluetooth headset yet, it will be the perfect gift for you to give him. They are not very expensive at all, and they will make it easier for him to talk while driving and multi-task in general. Just remember if he starts wearing it 24/7 around the office, it’s your fault.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru and internet expert who works and lives in the Las Vegas area as a consultant. If he ever needs to blow off some steam or entertain guests from out of town he simply takes them out to experience the Vegas nightlife.

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What Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) Can Teach You About a Successful Partnership



The partnership of Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized the way we access information on the web. Google is one of the most important companies of the 21st Century. Page and Brin took a college project and made it into an incredibly successful business. Along the way, they did it all together and remained equal partners in the development and management of Google. Their ability to work well together is what ultimately made Google great, and their example can teach us a thing or two about what makes a partnership successful.

Good Friends Make Good Partners

Sometimes people advise that you shouldn’t do business with your family or close friends. Page and Brin prove that business and personal don’t have to be so strictly divided. Page and Brin are not only great partners; they’re also very close friends. In their case, their business relationship and friendship began at just about the same time. As their business grew, so did their friendship. They show that a close personal relationship makes for a well-rounded and successful business partnership.
There are No Limits to What You Can Do Together

Page and Brin developed Google together, but their ambitions didn’t stop there. As they became so successful, they branched out and began working on lots of other projects together, too. For example, they’re working on ways to solve the energy crisis with alternative and renewable energy. When you have a good working partnership, it can be expanded to other pursuits. You aren’t limited to working together in your primary business, because the success you find together there can be found anywhere.
Take Full Advantage of Having Two Heads

They say “two heads are better than one,” and it’s true. Page was working on developing the Google search engine before ever meeting Brin, and it’s possible he could have done it alone. But having a partner made things easier, faster, and stronger. They both worked on the engine together equally, and they had better results because of it. Successful partners truly work together on projects. Rather than dividing the labor down the middle, they collaborate on all aspects in order to bring the strength of numbers to every product and part of the business.
Benefits of a Larger Support Network

When Page and Brin were first starting Google and working out of their dorm rooms, as college students they certainly lacked the capital to fully realize their business goals. They looked to their friends and family members to invest money in them. Successful partners realize the benefits of having twice the outside support and connections. Successful partners utilize all the resources of both partners.
Challenge Each Other

Perhaps one of the best aspects of a successful partnership is that each partner can challenge the other. Page and Brin actually disagree quite a lot, and their disagreements challenge them to come up with new solutions and really refine their products. Rather than letting their differing styles ruin their partnership, they appreciate their differences and use them to benefit their company.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru and internet expert who loves to blog about his interests. To ensure all his writing is professional and adheres to the strictest grammar rules he always proofs it with a grammar checker prior to letting anyone read it.


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Customer Resolution: How to Complain and Get What You Want

As a consumer, you have the right to expect quality products and services. When that doesn’t happen, you also have the right to pursue corrective action. Doing so does not mean you have to come off as angry or abrasive, and you should keep in mind that the company in question owes you no more than to resolve your issue. And sometimes, they may not even have a legal obligation to do that.

That said you will have a better chance at a positive outcome if you calmly and rationally approach the situation. Remember, often the person with whom you are dealing is simply representing the company—the problems you may have experienced with the product or service is very likely not his fault, nor is it within his control. However, as your first contact, he can be a gateway to getting what you want. Treat that person with the respect you would expect if you were in his shoes.

Here are a few pointers on how to effectively complain and hopefully get the outcome you seek:

Think about the best way to express your complaint.
There are a few avenues you may take in doing this. You can choose to write a traditional letter, contact the company by telephone, email the company or contact them through their website.

Before contacting anyone, prepare your complaint.
Decide how best to articulate your issue with the product or service, tell your story and detail what kind of resolution you are seeking, i.e. replacement, a refund, etc. Be ready before you make contact. That way, by the time to actually reach a company representative, you have taken your anger out of the equation and will not be having a knee-jerk reaction.

Be reasonable.
You may have an idea of what you would like to get out of the complaint process. The customer service representative may not share your idea. Be open to listening to what he has to say. If it is a reasonable resolution to your problem, accept it. Meeting in the middle may actually be a fair compromise, especially in situation where the company in question has no legal obligation to meet your demands.

What if your complaint is ignored?
Decide how important it is to further pursue action. Is there a higher authority within the company to whom you can take your complaint? If you feel strongly that you have been wronged, there are a number of online consumer blogs on which you can express your dissatisfaction. Another avenue you may wish to consider is Twitter. Many companies have Twitter accounts dedicated to customer support. They sometimes go above and beyond to help angry customers who have tweeted their problems.

If, after you have given it a reasonable effort, your complaint remains unresolved, it will be time to decide whether or not it is really worth the time and frustration you had devoted to it. If you feel you’ve been grievously wronged or injured, it may be time to see legal advice to understand your rights. If you have gone in circles and see no resolution in sight, decide if continuing to fight the battle is worth it. Sometimes letting go is your best option. Speak with your business—in this case, take it elsewhere and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru working as a consultant for telecommunications companies in the Las Vegas area. Charlie is an outspoken advocate of grammar checkers and often encourages associates and employees to instantly proof their work to ensure quality writing. He also is an advocate of taking his Nissan on long drives through the Nevada desert.


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