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For Productive Office Design; Feng Shui Your Work Space

Since we spend most of our time in an office environment it is vital that office design promotes a stress free and comfortable environment, conducive to productivity and efficiency.  In order to achieve such a space, many office managers and individuals are drawing on wider scopes of knowledge to achieve the best office design. One such influence is Feng Shui. For those not familiar with Feng Shui it is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy that uses the laws of Chinese astronomy and the earth to improve health and good fortune. In its application is combines science and art, and consists of a complex body of knowledge that guides people on how to balance energy in an inhabited space. Based on the Taoist outlook and understanding of nature, the idea is that the land is a living entity with its own energy.

Whether you believe in ancient Chinese principles or not, there is no doubt that there are some basic elements of Feng Shui that can improve office layout design. Feng Shui knowledge can be applied to either your entire office interior design, open plan office design or to individual cubicles and office partitioning, to improve an office and increase well-being at work. Important Feng Shui questions to ask about your office design are: What is going on behind your back? What is the first thing you see when you come into the office? What is happening in the different ‘bagua’ (eight) areas of your space? All these questions and their relevance to office interior design and worker health will be answered below. This article will discuss how you can use Feng Shui to improve your private cubicle or office space separated by wide span or similar office structures.

Feng Shui for Private Cubicle

Although sometimes detested, the office cubicle offers the advantage of having your own space where you can apply your own Feng Shui adjustments to your office design. According to Feng Shui your office space should ideally have a regular shape (square or rectangular), natural lighting and a solid door that can be closed as well as good positioning for your desk. Although some of these conditions are not possible in a cubicle, there are some Feng Shui principles that can be applied to shift the balance and energies of your office space.

The most important priority is to ensure that the entrance to your cubicle is visible. If possible try adjusting the cubicle office design and seating position to face the entrance. If this is not possible, place a medium sized mirror in a frame or stand so that the entrance is reflected. Having a view of the entrance is a basic human need and anxiety is reduced if you satisfy this necessity.

Secondly, it is vital that you bring living and flowing energy into your office design to compensate for the lack of space and constant foot traffic that passes by. Bring an odd number of plants to your cubicle to improve your office design to stimulate energy and uplift your mood. With regards to Feng Shui, these office design ideas are only the tip of the iceberg and it’s recommended that you do further research into the rich and rewarding world of Feng Chui.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business ides and tips and aims to educate readers on how to be comfortable, productive and efficient in their work.


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