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office-space-06_full1Just like a house, the office is a place that requires regular care and maintenance. Most people spend about the same time at the office as they do in their own homes, so the office does turn into an important aspect of their lives. In order to feel productive and well enough at work, the office needs to be a cozy and clean place – professional and serious, yet welcoming and nice. If you work in a big office building chances are it will be cleaned every day by professional cleaning services and you won’t have to worry about emptying the bin on your own. However, it’s true that throughout the work day it tends to get dirty and messy in the offices which has a direct effect on the employees, whether they can feel it or not.

A self-respecting employer knows the importance of having a clean and presentable office area. It brings a variety of benefits for both the business and the workers. An office can hardly stay spotless, but it can be clean enough to welcome visitors, clients or business partners on a daily basis. So what are the advantages of cleaning services and why should an employer invest in a good cleaning company?


The Health Factor

Does this benefit surprise you slightly? It really shouldn’t as this is a major concern for any employer. A clean office is a healthy office, where the employees are not exposed to bacteria and thus suffer from colds, coughs and flu much less. Every employer prefers to have their employees at their workplace regularly. One ill person can infect others and this is not good for any business. If different people enter the office on a daily basis, dirt, bacteria and all sorts of grime enter the place for sure. Good cleaning companies offer professional services that ensure the clean environment in the office. A clean office has fresher air, cleaner electronics and floors. It smells nice and thus creates a feeling of comfort for everyone. Every employee likes going to work when they know the place is lovely, clean and tidy. This is the perfect place for creativity and productivity which are top goals of every employer.

The Client Factor

If you are still not convinced why professional office cleaning services are absolutely essential or you consider the investment too much, think about your clients, business partners and everyone else who enters the office, apart from the employees. Would you like them to see dirty floors, muddy footprints, overflowing trash bins, dirty toilets with no toilet paper, dusty computer screens and stained windows? This doesn’t sound like the office of a reputable company where professionals work.  Nobody would ever take you seriously if you don’t invest in the good look and cleanliness of your office. How clean an office is sends a direct message to anyone who enters it for the first time – you can be sure of that. Paying for professional cleaning services is not some kind of luxury, it is an absolute necessity these days when towns and cities are getting dirtier and dirtier. At least the office space deserves to be clean and presentable.

If your office is not clean and tidy don’t get surprised if your employees are lacking motivation and productivity. Nobody likes working at an unpleasant place or spending their lunch break on cleaning their own desk and emptying the trash.

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Keeping Your Office Clean

The workplace is a common breeding ground for illness. Often enough, when one person falls sick, the disease makes its way across the office, making almost everyone else sick, one after the other. It’s important at times like these to remember that the health and safety of employees at work is the responsibility of the employers.

For example, professional cleaning services, provide expert service in office cleaning that not only leave the space visibly clean but also disinfect and provide protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. Services like these are commonly employed for general upkeep of space, be it office or personal. It makes things more convenient as they employ individuals with the required specialisation for the job. They use the right equipment and know how to clean and sanitise without causing the damage that an amateur attempt might.

Your local cleaning service for instance, will have a network of local employees who work in teams. They will come with the expertise of being able to offer advice and guidance about what their clients require. Furthermore, you will find that their services will span the range of cleaning offices, homes, hotels, pubs, clubs and even specialised high pressure cleaning for outdoor areas like car parks, refuse areas, walkways, drives,  gutters and so on. They even offer window cleaning, recycling and waste management services.
Accessing Staff
Most cleaning services staff are trained beforehand at their Health and Safety Department. Before employing one it’s important to check if they have training in basic Health and Safety but also in the more specialised aspects of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Electric and Manual handling and Risk Assessment, among others.

Eco-friendly Materials
For the eco-friendly, cleaning services also provide services where the products and equipment used are all environmently-friendly.
It pays to invest in employing a cleaning service for work as that’s an investment in a usable, clean office space. Ultimately what matters is a hygienic, bacteria-free office, because that means lower illnesses and better productivity.

The fact that you are able to arrange an appropriate time with the company in question to pay you a visit at a time that suits you best. If you prefer as many companies do now a days, that their grounds are cleaned in the morning before the staff arrive in the morning or in the evening after staff have left the office for the day.

Making use of professional cleaning services means you can relax, knowing that the cleanliness and hygiene in your office is in safe hands, leaving you to take care of the more important things.

Priyanka Zaveri is an online marketer and SEO consultant. Priyanka  writes for many online publications, as well as developing content and articles for a variety of well-established websites. Her latest project is writing informative articles on the subject of business cleaning services for the reputable online agency Q7 Cleaning.


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Is Your Office as Clean as it Should Be?

Keeping your office clean is as important as it is to keep your business dealings above board, your finances in order and your business strategy sound. This is because a clean office will keep your staff happy, your customers or clients happy, the health of your staff as good as it can be and will reduce the amount of working hours lost each year due to sickness.

Stats Don’t Lie

Research carried out by the University of Arizona and Durable UK revealed some fascinating statistics regarding office hygiene.

  • 71% of workers believe dirty office spaces have made them ill in the past
  • 82% of people believe they would work harder in a cleaner environment
  • There is typically 445 times more bacteria on your desk than on a toilet seat
  • Properly disinfecting your desk can remove 99.9% of germs
  • 60% of office illnesses are caused by dirty office surfaces

So is your office as clean as it could be?

Well one way to check is to look at your sickness statistics. How many people have been off within the last year? If it seems excessive then there is a good chance that this might be the case.

An obvious solution is to call in a huge team of cleaners to gut the office each and every night, but that just isn’t going to be practical or affordable. A professional cleaning company should be able to work out an affordable schedule that in their experience will allow you to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

What Else Can You Do?

Have a clear desk policy – This means that every employee is responsible for keeping their work station completely clear of anything that isn’t something they use for work. You should carry out regular checks to make sure this policy is being adhered to and don’t be afraid to reprimand those who don’t, as just one dirty desk could be the source of a bacteria that infects your whole staff and causes multiple sick days that loses you a great deal of money.

Ban eating at desks – A major source of bacteria is from food dropped onto keyboards and other equipment while people are eating at their desks. Similarly keeping food in desk drawers can be just as bad, so don’t let it happen. Make sure that any cleaning company you hire disinfects keyboards and other equipment as a priority.

Other than those important points, just ensuring that everything like files, folders and other storage is available so that employees can keep their stations as clear and tidy as possible will help make it easier for them to keep clean and for you to see if something has become dirty.

April Clarice works for an office cleaning company in Bradford. She prefers commercial cleaning as she gets to travel around the country.


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Cleaning or Replacing your Carpets? Make A Healthy Decision

Did you ever notice that the cold weather months are also a time when carpet and flooring businesses seem to really push people to install brand new materials? This has to do with the fact that the weather can keep people cooped up, and this forces them to scrutinize the looks and condition of their homes. Often, people notice that their carpets are in bad shape and start to think about replacing them. However, this can be a big mistake for their general health and also the health of the environment.

Carpets are eco-hazards

Why? Carpets are known for being some of the worst offenders where VOCs are concerned. These are “volatile organic compounds” that are released into the air and produced by the manufacturing processes used in the creation of most commercial and domestic carpets. Even worse, many of the adhesives used to install carpets will release large amounts of VOCs too. These are substances with strong links to respiratory problems and even some cancers.

While there are some options for eco friendly flooring, such as unprocessed grasses, woolens, and natural fibers, there might still be risks associated with the stain repellants, anti-mildew treatments, and the pesticides used in them. Low VOC products are available quite widely but may cost a little more than the more mainstream solutions.

Go green

So, this means that the best option is to somehow rejuvenate or restore the original carpeting as much as possible. Naturally, the best way is to consider a deep cleaning and stain removal treatment. This can be become a DIY project through equipment rental and the purchase of chemicals, but if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients, you might create some of the same breathing risks a new carpet would have.

Go pro

One of the best solutions, according to several news articles appearing in late 2010, is to seek out the services of a “green” carpet cleaning company. There are a host of different franchises that use only natural oxygenated cleaning agents that rely on enzymes to actually devour the stains during the treatment processes. The best companies rely entirely on organic and biodegradable solutions, water conserving machines, and have an absolute requirement that their franchisees recycle any and all of the solution containers and packaging.

Why would this be an optimal solution? If stains are not of the “set in” variety, and if they have never been professionally treated in the past, it is likely that these eco-friendly chemicals will be able to pull them from the fibers of the carpet. The machines used by the green carpet cleaning companies actually allow the chemical treatment to reach the base of the carpet, and this ensures that odors trapped in the lowest regions are addressed too.

A last resort

If stains cannot be eliminated by the green carpet cleaning company, it is likely that a replacement is necessary. If that is the case, be sure that the old carpeting is recycled properly and that your replacement is “green”, low VOC, and as healthy as possible.

If your carpet is still showing some signs of longevity, then you can contact Housework Heroes for professional carpet cleaning services. While you’re at it, notice that they also provide domestic services for House Cleaners Perth and other Australian cities. If you’re into DIY, then you may like to read How to Re-Caulk the Tile in Your Bathtub.


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