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Juggling Work, Family And Your Education




Many people attend college directly after graduating high school. For others, they wait until later in their lives to attend college, or attend graduate school later in life. Attending school at this time in life can be challenging as their lives have many different responsibilities. Some of these professional students also have families at home including children, work and hobbies that they are involved with. This results in professional students facing the challenge of balancing work and family while finding time to complete their education.

Scheduling is Key

Creating a schedule is critical to be able to balance these items in your life. If you think that you can do things “on the fly”, you will find that one or several areas of your life will not get the time they deserve. Work with your family, employer and others when crating your calendar. Let them know what your schedule is. That way they can work around your schedule instead of you having to adjust to theirs. Over time you may find you can make slight adjustments, but during the first few months, stick to your schedule. If you don’t respect your schedule, nobody else will. For that schedule, include time for class, studying and school projects.

If you are completing your schooling to improve your performance in the office, work with your employer for accommodations. Your office might be willing to let you set aside a half hour or hour a day of your workday to complete school assignments if they can see the benefits of your classes for them. If they won’t set aside time at work to let you complete your school work, they might be willing to allow you to work a more flexible schedule.

Set Aside a Location

Set aside a specific area to complete your school work. Isolate yourself from distractions when you are completing your school work. This is important for you to establish a time when others will not approach you with potential distractions. A small office in your home or even a bedroom are appropriate locations to use for your school work completion.

Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate your accomplishments with your family. Your family may feel that they are losing time with you, and they are probably correct. Make them feel that their flexibility is appreciated. When you complete your courses for the semester, plan a special night out with your family. This might include a nice expensive dinner at one of their favourite restaurants.

This article was written by the team at the Engineering Institute of Technology, specialists in online engineering courses including hazardous area training certification and more.


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Tips to Get Out of A Rut at Work

So you have a great job and you love what you do but for some reason the past few days, weeks, or hopefully not, months, you haven’t been finding your feet and biting more than you can chew to compensate for an unproductive day. Sounds like you? Well, recent research conducted by Harvard Business School in January/February 2012  quotes that “happy employees produce more than unhappy ones over the long term” and the key to happiness is more than just being content with your job and loving what you do- it’s about sustainable performance.

So what is exactly is sustainable performance? It’s the process of utilizing high energy (vitality) and new resources (learning) in an efficient way. You can’t have one without the other when it comes to sustainable performance. The Harvard Business School study shows that high energy and low learning resulted in a 54% decrease in health while high levels in both areas resulted in a higher effective rate of 21%. Below are three tips that are essential in being sustainable and productive to get out of a rut at work:

Tip #1: Vitality and The Energy Factor: In order to get out of a rut, you need to decipher the living from the non-living. It’s great to be an expert in your job but doing the same routine to produce good results doesn’t produce great ones or new ideas. Having high energy in the workforce without the burnout is very essential. Try to set new goals for yourself and focus on the parts of your job that gives you joy and make it better. Oh, and lighten up on the coffee breaks and opt-in for a micro-mediation session every once in a while to clear your mind.

Tip #2: The Learning Curve: The world is moving faster today than ever before as technology spearheads and is incorporated into our everyday life. How do you expect to advance your career without learning something new? It’s a never-ending life cycle, even for well-known industry experts. Learning something new allows you to build your resources, enhance your skills, and increases your marketability in this multi-tasking world.

Tip #3: The Work Environment: Everyone talks about teamwork and engagement but it’s another thing to live and breathe it. Make sure you are taking the time to get feedback from fellow teammates as well as give when needed. Our strongest stem is as weak as our weakest stem and encouraging team collaboration is great for any work environment. Be proactive about it if this is missing at your job.


This article was written by Yasleen Dates for Institute For Coaching.


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