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Should You Pursue a Green MBA?

America has hitched a ride on the green bandwagon and businesses are doing their best to keep up. As being environmentally friendly becomes the norm, companies are changing the way they operate in order to meet consumer demand. If you will be applying to graduate school soon, you may want to consider a green program rather than a more traditional one.

Traditional MBA vs. Green MBA

The first question to ask yourself is, “What is a green MBA?” Though every degree is different and every program takes its own path, a green MBA is one that weaves sustainability throughout its curriculum. For instance, instead of taking a class on sustainability in business, each course you take will be linked to environmental responsibility. A traditional economics class may focus on numbers and figures, but a green economics class will teach students how economics relates to the environment and social responsibility. At the end of the program, graduates will understand how every aspect of business relates to the green industry.

What are the Benefits of a Green MBA?

Graduates with a green MBA may find themselves more employable than those who take the traditional path. As more Americans turn to green living, and more businesses turn to sustainable practices, graduates with a green MBA will be highly desirable. Instead of having to teach new employees green practices and the benefits of sustainability, companies will employ graduates who already have the knowledge and can immediately implement what they have learned in order to benefit the company.

Is a Green MBA Right for You?

A sustainable MBA isn’t the right path for every student, and there is nothing wrong with following a more traditional path. If you have an interest in a niche career, such as sustainable management or consulting, a green MBA program will be highly beneficial. If, on the other hand, your interests lie more towards finance and marketing, a traditional program may be the right choice. The first step in deciding whether or not a green MBA is right for you is to consider the career path that you want to follow.

What School’s Offer Green MBA’s?

If you are interested in learning more about a sustainable MBA program, or if you have already made your decision to enroll, the following schools offer top notch coursework: Colorado State University, Baingridge Graduate Institute, Presidio Graduate School and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. The admissions office at any of these schools will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information.

Career Opportunities

The career possibilities with a sustainable MBA are wide open. Many graduates look for work in the not-for-profit industry and others work within a company’s sustainability departments. Companies like UniLever and PepsiCo employ people to work specifically on making products and practices more environmentally compliant. Students who graduate with a green MBA may also choose to work with smaller companies that focus solely on green products and services. Graduates may find that salaries in the field of sustainability are not as exorbitant as those in the traditional field, but the rewards of working in a green job can often lead to greater job satisfaction.

Green degrees are the wave of the future. As businesses become more concerned with sustainable practices, companies are looking to hire graduates with a certain skill set. If you are interested in taking a less-traditional path towards your MBA, a green path may be the right choice for you.

Steven Lowell is a business-savvy freelance writer, who blogs about educational opportunities. If you are interested in getting an advanced degree, Steven advises that you look into a marketing mba online.


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