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Have A Complaint About A Business? Turn To Online Review Sites

517415790_c_570_411As a consumer, there are going to be encounters with businesses that you enjoy, and then there are going to be encounters that are awful. When you have a complaint about a company, service or product, don’t keep it to yourself or simply rant about your complaint on your own personal social media accounts. Instead, turn to online review sites likeGoogle+ Local andYelp, and here’s why.

You can gain the company’s attention.

When you keep the complaint to yourself, the company is not going to know what they did wrong. And if you did complain to someone at the business, it’s likely it wasn’t to the right individual.

When you post your complaint online, you have a better chance of getting your complaint in front of the right people. More and more companies are starting to monitor their review sites, and when you post a negative review online, it will likely be seen by the right people, making your complaint more valid.

You can warn other consumers.

If your experience was really bad, you will not want other consumers to go through the same experience. By posting your complaint on the online review site, you will be warning other consumers about what they can expect if they were to visit the company or purchase a product or service from them. When consumers truly know what to expect, it can help make their own purchasing decision easier, and you will save many other people from going through the same awful experience as you.

You can help the company.

While you feel miserable about your experience, it is possible that the company managers and owners don’t truly know what’s going on in their business. When you write the review, you not only get the company’s attention, but you can also help them learn what they’re doing wrong. Companies need consumer feedback like your complaint to help them become better, and your complaint may draw them to a factor of their business that they overlooked. Plus, if your complaint is valid and the company truly cares about their business, you may even entice them to make the necessary changes needed to make their company a better place.

You may earn an incentive.

Some companies take online reviews very seriously, and they know that customers didn’t have to take their time to leave a review, whether good or bad. As a thank you for your review, some businesses may offer you some type of incentive for your bad experience. You may not only earn an apology from someone important at the company, but you may also earn a free item, gift card, promotional discount or some other incentive for taking the time to share your thoughts. Yes, it’s an effort by the company to apologize and get you to come back and check them out again, but it’s still something you wouldn’t receive had you never left the complaint in the first place.


Charlie Adams is a tech guru and IT specialist with Review Trackers. Charlie often blogs about technology and its role within the world of business in an attempt to educate.



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SmartyTags Takes QR Codes to the Next Level

by Deborah Corn 

Ohio-based startup SmartyTags is taking its QR (quick response) code capabilities to the next level, hoping to help companies better target their customers with relevant content.

Essentially, the QR codes from SmartyTags are designed to provide valuable back-end data to the merchant, such as links to four different videos about a new baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Through these codes, businesses can track valuable information including the number, location, and time of scans, as well as what kinds of phones are being used to make them. What’s more, a SmartyTag can easily be reprogrammed with new content, making it simple for companies to connect customers to new videos or web links.

According to J.B. Kropp, one of the founders of SmartyTags, “QR codes provide a unique way to connect consumer to digital content. Companies are able to deliver marketing info, videos, get likes on Facebook, send tweets via Twitter, etc.,” he told midVentures. “Consumers view QR codes as bonus content, so as long as the company is delivering the right experience, it will be successful for them.”

Despite being such a new startup, SmartyTags is already being adopted by some pretty major clients—beyond the Cincinnati Zoo, it’s also soon to be used by the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and others.

According to Kropp, the reason for his company’s quick success is simple: “There has not been an easy way to manage qr codes to date,” he said. “So with the launch of SmartyTags, it was clear to companies the value and how they can leverage content to deliver to their consumers.”

via SmartyTags Takes QR Codes to the Next Level – midVentures midVentures.

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Can you make money by promoting a debt relief program?

by Sophie Kinsella

The exploding debt continues to become colossal in the US economy. Therefore many consumers are resorting to debt relief programs to eradicate their financial woes. The debt relief industry is increasing incessantly for the debtors who are looking forward to eliminate their debts as well as for the marketers who are getting clients for the companies. But are you aware that you can earn some money by marketing debt relief programs. And this extra cash can be treated as your emergency fund during the time of economic depression.

There are three ingenious ways to obtain affiliate income from debt relief programs.

1. Pay-per lead or lead generation:

You can place the banner of the debt relief company on your website. If the visitor of your site opt to click on the banner and visit the site of the debt relief company, you will be given commission for each sign up from that click. But the commission will be based upon the percentage of their total debt that the company will be managing.

2. Referral program:

If a company or individual has a large number of visitors for his website who have overwhelming debt then the referral program will be beneficial. People who click on the banner will be asked questions to know whether they are eligible. Finally, if anyone enroll in the program then the company or the individual will get a percentage of the total amount of debt that the debt stricken consumer has signed up with the company.

3. Know the marketing strategy of the debt relief program:

You can take out time to find the marketing and direct selling strategy of the debt relief program. The debt relief companies can give training sessions for promotion of the program without any charge. The courses include marketing techniques of their program that will help to get revenue for an individual or company. You will market the services of the debt relief company to bring the prospective clients to work with the company.

You can choose from the side spectrum of options available for making money with debt relief programs. Any one of the options will be beneficial for your company or website. Many debt laden consumers are looking for this service to eliminate their financial woes, so a good business practice can help millions of people to combat against debt.


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