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What Kind of Booth Should You Have?


In order to get the most effective use out of your trade show booth, a few techniques should be incorporated into your marketing for exhibitions and trade shows. There are a few techniques that are tried and true that you can use at any exhibition and come out on top.

One. Make sure you know the layout before you get there.

Just as if you are mapping exits for a fire drill, you want to have the layout of the floor plan before you get to the exhibition. You can usually call the organizers and get the floorplan well before the convention begins.

The reason that you want the floorplan is to map out a second and third place that you can be if your first choice does not work out. Many times, conventions end up moving a tradeshow booth because it is too big or there is some last-minute change with the venue. You want to make sure to be as flexible as possible, and that includes helping the venue masters choose another place for you in case the first one does not work out.

Two. Bring the most flexible trade show booth that you can.

There are many different kinds of foods that you can bring to an exhibition, some more flexible than others. These days, you want to bring a fully collapsible tradeshow booth that can be built and taken down in pieces. The reason for this is in case you do not get all of the space that you were promised on the floor plan, you can adjust without having to create a huge mess.

Also, the more modern tradeshow booths are well equipped for flight and build, as well as takedown. There is no reason that you should not be able to fit your entire tradeshow booth inside your luggage these days. You should also be able to build it up and take it down very quickly. There are many different kinds of booth designs that fit this exact description. Make sure that you get one of them in order to stay on the cutting edge of the convention.

Three. Get a three-dimensional display.

You want to be tall, wide, and out. Get in the way of the customer. People should see your booth before they see the booth of your competition. You want your banners high and visible. It doesn’t matter if you protrude a little bit more into the walking area than your competitors do. Remember, you are here to sell, and it is better to apologize and take down a piece of your booth rather than tell yourself know before you even show up, and lose out on any customers that may have been looking for you because you were too shy to do something different.

Four. Video and interactivity is King.

The uses of the Nintendo Wii in an exhibition are endless. If you have not thought of any, make sure that you read some website articles on that. You also want to have interactive video if you can. Invest in a downloadable app. All of this will help make your booth the top of the exhibition.

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