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Cross Culture Communication

Different cultures have different ways of expressing and communicating their thoughts and feelings, which means that many people who try to cross culture communicate get lost and confused. If you have tried before you have probably learned that to communicate to people who are not of the same culture can be very difficult. There are some strategies that you can use that will help you better cross communicate, unlike the futures trading secrets course you can learn the strategies for cross cultural communication right now.

Here are some tips and strategies to help you out when you need to communicate with someone from a different culture:

  • Assume. Always assume that the differences in cultures could cause communication problems. However, because this is the case, you should never assume that you know what is being thought and said by someone from another culture. When you jump to conclusions about what is being said things could get aggressive over a simple misunderstanding.
  • Stop and think. If things do not seem to be going very well while you are trying to communicate with someone from another culture stop and think. Stop and slow down to think about what is going on. Usually if things start going wrong it is because of a misinterpretation.
  • Actively listen. Listening actively means that you repeat what you think you heard. That way, as you are telling the other person what you thought they were saying, any misinterpretation can be straightened out. All misinterpretation can be eliminated when you actively listen to each other.
  • Get help. If all else fails and you are really having a hard time understanding each other; find someone who knows both cultures and languages. These people are called intermediaries. Intermediaries are people who help with cross-cultural communication because they are familiar with both cultures. The intermediary can be very important because the differences in one culture can make a person from another culture feel uncomfortable and the intermediary can help explain or control this. However, when using an intermediary who is the same culture as one of the people trying to communicate it can make it look like there is a bias when there is none.

When you are trying to cross communicate with someone just remember to be careful with your words and try to explain what you mean as you are speaking. Cross culture communication can be difficult but it is not impossible.

Madison Hewerdine is an author who writes about the futures trading secrets course and has a passion for Latin dancing.


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