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Knowledge Sharing In 2013

The challenges of knowledge sharing is becoming more difficult as more information becomes available. According to the Daily Mail, the average person is exposed to enough data to fill 174 newspapers every day. This staggering amount of content highlights how critical it is for companies to have clear channels for interoffice communication. Employees must know how to sort through data and effectively share it with their associates.

Companies are ensuring that their staff members have the proper skills to find and distribute important information. Tools like social media and databases have become key components for knowledge sharing in 2013.  The data must be fully understood before businesses can capitalize on it.

Reliable research
The internet has become a valuable tool for information and knowledge sharing, but unfortunately, it web also makes it extremely difficult for employees to find verified data from reliable sources. What seems like a great statistic that’s indicative of a specific market trend may actually be a complete fabrication written by an anonymous blogger. Managers are worried that their employees will rely on false data and unintentionally hurt the business.

The problem has become so severe that Google has stepped in to help. According to The New York Times, the search engine recently began offering courses to show people how to find reliable data. Over 155,000 students joined the first class, and attendance is expected to grow during future installments.

Programs like Google’s classes help bolster knowledge-sharing within an enterprise. Managers should offer research training to their staff members to ensure that data is verified before it’s shared.

Webinars are vital
Webinars and online training are becoming key contributors to knowledge development and sharing.  Many companies are using them to ensure that their employees have access to verified information. In-person meetings are being gradually replaced by digital alternatives. The mobile workforce requires constant connectivity, so managers encourage their workers to host and participate in webinars.

An online seminar can be a staff meeting, a product demonstration or any topic related to the  industry the participants are in. With webinars, employees ensure that they are speaking with a reliable source, whether it is a client, an associate or a trusted third-party.

Social Media Today points out that many webinar applications allow hosts and attendees to record presentations. These files can be valuable for knowledge sharing. Employees can share the meetings with their associates so that the entire company has access to the information.

Benefits of knowledge sharing
Forbes writes that are three primary benefits of knowledge sharing in the corporate arena: decision-making, learning and innovation. Reliable data allows companies to make the best possible decisions and adapt to market forces. This allows an enterprise to position itself as an industry leader.

They also point out that knowledge sharing fosters an educational atmosphere that makes learning part of the everyday routine. Workers grow as they discover new information and can improve their on-the-job performance.

Finally, data allows companies to monitor trends so that they can improve. Instead of falling behind competitors, a business can innovate its products or internal operations.

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