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6 Businesses That Thrive In A Recession


Recessions mean everyone suffers? Well, not necessarily true at all and some businesses thrive during a recession and see the opportunities that it throws up really help them flourish. When most others who did well in the good times stall, these are the businesses that people should invest in.

Sin Industries

Where you would have once purchased a new TV, or taken a holiday to the wine region of France, people will scale down their luxuries in a recession. Fortunately for them most sin is cheap and though they may bypass the new electrical goods, it’s a good time to own an off-licence or sell cigarettes; all of which improve in sales during recession. Chocolate also becomes an alternative to a good night out and does well. The only morally dubious industry to suffer is gambling, which relies on extra cash to do well and takes advantage of the happy go lucky feeling of the good times. All that being said, mobile gambling is currently thriving during the recession.


The Constants

There are some businesses that just continue as usual and there is no boom or bust cycle. Pharmaceutical companies, grave diggers, waste disposal companies and healthcare companies are all constants that do well either way. People get sick, are taxed and die whether times are good or bad.

Discount Retailers

Those who can sell goods at a lower price will obviously do well when people are watching their pockets. Discount retailers benefit greatly during a recession as they allow people to save, something they may not care for significantly in the good times. People will purchase more expensive items when things are good, but may lower their quality when looking for goods in bad times.

These companies also benefit from economies of scale and so can offer cheap goods at great prices to consumers. Though people don’t shop there as an ideal, they still do so during recessions.

Freelancers and Freelance Service Providers

Instead of bringing someone in during a storm and paying them a full wage, business providers and freelancers are taken on as they cost less. These freelance providers don’t require health insurance, a roof, canteen facilities and all the extras that add up in business and so thrive during bad times.

Property Management

Letting agents and others in the property management game do well in recessions as people find it harder to get mortgages to purchase a house. These businesses do well from the increased rental market and so make plenty during recessions.

Debt Settlement

Anyone involved in the area of money collection does well during the bad times. As businesses close, people lose money and need to employ professional services to get their investment back. This means that they will employ people in this area including debt collection companies, legal representatives and others, who all do well when things are down.

These examples of companies, who do well during the bad times, show that there is opportunity in the bad times as well as the good ones.

Cormac Reynolds writes for and has written numerous articles on how businesses can succeed during recessions.


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Can you make money by promoting a debt relief program?

by Sophie Kinsella

The exploding debt continues to become colossal in the US economy. Therefore many consumers are resorting to debt relief programs to eradicate their financial woes. The debt relief industry is increasing incessantly for the debtors who are looking forward to eliminate their debts as well as for the marketers who are getting clients for the companies. But are you aware that you can earn some money by marketing debt relief programs. And this extra cash can be treated as your emergency fund during the time of economic depression.

There are three ingenious ways to obtain affiliate income from debt relief programs.

1. Pay-per lead or lead generation:

You can place the banner of the debt relief company on your website. If the visitor of your site opt to click on the banner and visit the site of the debt relief company, you will be given commission for each sign up from that click. But the commission will be based upon the percentage of their total debt that the company will be managing.

2. Referral program:

If a company or individual has a large number of visitors for his website who have overwhelming debt then the referral program will be beneficial. People who click on the banner will be asked questions to know whether they are eligible. Finally, if anyone enroll in the program then the company or the individual will get a percentage of the total amount of debt that the debt stricken consumer has signed up with the company.

3. Know the marketing strategy of the debt relief program:

You can take out time to find the marketing and direct selling strategy of the debt relief program. The debt relief companies can give training sessions for promotion of the program without any charge. The courses include marketing techniques of their program that will help to get revenue for an individual or company. You will market the services of the debt relief company to bring the prospective clients to work with the company.

You can choose from the side spectrum of options available for making money with debt relief programs. Any one of the options will be beneficial for your company or website. Many debt laden consumers are looking for this service to eliminate their financial woes, so a good business practice can help millions of people to combat against debt.


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