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Maximize Meetings- 5 Steps to Motivation

It’s conference time. You’ve selected San Diego as your location, and you begin perusing the specs of your location options. Golf course: Check.Swimming pool: CheckBanquet hall: CheckWindowless meeting rooms guaranteed to put participants into a coma? Stop right  there.
If you haven’t noticed, at most conferences, there are always a few participants playing hooky from the breakout sessions. And the ones who do show up begin nodding off at around 2:00 p.m. Punitive measures are hardly likely to amp up the motivation.So what can you do?Whether it’s a breakout session at a sales meeting, a weeklong conference or a single full-day meeting, maximize the motivation and energy of the actual meetings.

1. Choose a location that has outstanding meeting room facilities. Having facilities staff drag in a screen on a tripod just won’t cut it anymore. Give your presenters the environment and equipment they need to deliver a powerful presentation.  Choose a location that has meeting rooms with integrated systems and drop-down screens. Look for San Diego meeting rooms that reflect the quality of the work you expect.

2. Hold a pre-meeting with presenters. Allow them to familiarize themselves with the facilities and technology available to them. Have presenters sketch out their agendas and activities. Hold them accountable for fully utilizing the technology and tools provided.

3. Assign pre-work. Ideal pre-meeting work is brief, requires action (not just thought) and is meaningful. In addition, it should be made clear to participants how the pre-work will be used in the meeting. For example, a good pre-meeting assignment requires participants to locate (or gather from customers) numerical data that will be incorporated into a chart of graph at the meeting.  A poor pre-meeting assignment requires participants to show up with opinions. There is no action required and they are likely to do the assignment in the elevator on the way to the meeting, if at all.

4. Market the meeting. Have presenters send out preview information about topics and activities, including how the participants’ pre-meeting assignments will be used. At your presenters’ pre-meeting, you will have ensured that the topics and activities are, in fact, worth previewing. 5.Surprise participants with something fun in the last half hour of the meeting. Forego the usual cookies and coffee and have hot appetizers instead. Hold a drawing for dinner, a round of golf, or a show. At least that will give truants a reason to feel bad about missing the meeting!

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