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The Internet’s Basic Premise

The advent of the internet was couched in the dissemination of information and to the widespread availability of the same. That it has morphed into a commercial tool, is but a side effect. However, this effect of the commercialization and the channel for marketing that is unprecedented has not diminished the value of the interned but instead enhanced it. The value of commerce has been combined with the expansion of information and that is exactly how search engines have viewed it.

The key to being top on search engines is to have content that provide copious amounts of information to users. To be successful it is a must to share knowledge with others and this act also has tremendous benefit.

As case in point, a dentist’s website should hold information that relates to tooth aches and remedies as well as tooth, dental and oral care. This then satisfies the intent of the internet which is to be a medium of sharing information. As an example when searching for any information, the page that usually comes out on top is something from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the very embodiment of what the internet was meant to accomplish; the sharing of information. Wikipedia is designed to share knowledge by people who have it to people who are in search of it. Every website, especially a dentist’s, should take this cue form Wikipedia.

Knowledge Base


When a concept for any site is drawn up, especially a professional site like a dental practice, it should be noted that volumes of information pertaining to all things oral and dental should be planned in a way that is easily categorizable and searchable.

A person who has a symptom would first like to understand what it is so searching for symptoms should be directed to the information page. Once a rudimentary understanding of the symptom is accomplished, a person begins to have faith in the site and recommendations for dental practices in the area to alleviate the symptom or eliminate the root of the problem can be suggested.


Remember that when you understand and utilize the spreading of useful information you are participating in basic premise and foundation of the internet. It is indeed why the internet has attracted literally billions of people to it.

As life grows increasingly complex there will only be greater need for relevant and useful information. When people search for and are  in need of the information about what you offer you will stand a greater chance to get their attention and gain their trust when you can provide the best possible information you are capable of developing.

Your author is Elliot Pearson, he enjoys writing and editing Dentist Identity, who provides dental website services and dental seo marketing for dentists worldwide.


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Top 5 Highest Paying Professions 2012

Many people think that to earn enormous amounts of money one needs to be a super star. An actor, a rock star or even a business mogul that created an innovative and life changing product. It is good to note that in this article, where we list the top 5 highest paying jobs, none of these professions are listed. We will evaluate these professions and take a look at what the general salary is and what exactly it is they are. It is also good to note that the highest paying professions from 2010 have not changed to 2012 explaining a somewhat sustainable career path.

The top 5 highest paying professions in the world

5.  Dentist

The highest salary of a dentist can be up to $132,660. Although this, one of the highest paying health professions has had a negative stigma attached to it for being incredibly boring, it seems that with a pay check as high as this, it should ease the boredom somewhat. The studying time to become a dentist is about 8 years and it entails receiving a bachelor’s degree and then being accepted into dentistry school. You are able to further specialize into different field of dentistry and many dentists opt to have a private general practice.

4.  Airline pilot

This is one highest paying profession that inspires awe from both small children dreaming big and adults alike. The highest salary can be up to $134,090. It is an incredibly responsible job as you have an entire plane full of lives in your hands. Pilots need to be very focused and be highly knowledgeable about aviation. The stresses are evident and that may also add to the high pay check. The studying time of a pilot can be between 5 to 10 years depending on what airplane you would like to fly and if you would like to become a pilot. There is also much flying time needed before you can take on becoming a commercial pilot.

3.  Engineering manager

Engineering managers are mostly involved in determining technical or scientific goals and are sometimes involved in the financial aspect of a project. An engineering manager, someone who one of the highest has paid professions, can get a salary of up to $140,210. The studying process is quite a long one and can be between 6 to 7 years. One will have to complete a bachelor’s degree and then further specialize in an MBA, a Master of Science or a doctorate.

2.  CEO

This has not come as a shock as one of the highest paid professions. To be a CEO (chief executive officer) holds much responsibility. They are the highest ranking person within a company and oversee the company as a whole with the board of directors. The highest salary a CEO can acquire is around $140,880. Although there is no set degree to become a CEO, knowledge on business and entrepreneurship is key.

1.  Surgeon

This is the highest paid medical profession. An acclaimed surgeon can make up to $181,850. There are many different fields a surgeon can practice in but all of these avenues take up to 10 to 15 years of training and studying. The road is long but in the end it is worth it and not only would you have the honor of receiving the title win of the highest paid professions but it is a well respected career.

Jemma Scott is an avid writer of topical news from around the world and different careers.

Her interest stems from her experience working in serviced offices Edinburgh and serviced offices Leicester.


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