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Dreams: When to Know You’re Stressed Part 1

Dreams are an amazing manifestation of our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Most of the time we think that our dreams are pure nonsense, which can very well be true. But other times they are a reflection of the things we are thinking and feeling. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books have been written on the subject of dreams. This article won’t be able to do any kind of justice to the great expanse of our subconscious thoughts, but it would be interesting to list a few of the indicators that might show up in our dreams when we are feeling particularly stressed with school, work, or just life in general. Most of the explanations I used below come from 20th century dream expert Gustavus Hindman Miller and his book 10,000 Dreams Interpreted: A Dictionary of Dreams.

Embarrassing. This one is an oldie but a goody. Many people dream about showing up to their first day of school, or to a very important meeting, wearing nothing but their birthday suit. It takes you a minute to finally realize that you aren’t dressed because everyone around you is acting normally. The obvious interpretation of this is that you are feeling vulnerable or unprepared.

Losing Teeth. Sometimes they simply fall out one at a time, other times they will crumble away. According to Miller, teeth falling out represent burdens that could potential crush your pride. Meaning, if you have a job interview the next day, you are worried about not being offered the position and having your pride hurt. Or it could also mean that you are going through a transition in life (as in, losing your baby teeth and having new adult teeth grow in their place). Along these same lines are losing your hair or even fingernails. Storms. Storms can take the form of tornados, hurricanes, or hail in your dreams. The symbolism of this one isn’t hard to figure out. There is obviously something going on in your life that is causing you fear and worry. Possibly you feel like there is so much going on at once that life is a figurative whirlwind of decisions, activities, and emotional turmoil. If you find that each day you have a wide range of emotional ups and downs, then your dreams about storms are easily explained.

Crashes/Falling. Have you ever been on the cusp of a deep sleep and had a dream that you were free-falling towards the earth with no parachute to slow you down? Right as you hit, you are startled awake! Once again, the symbolism is obvious. Crashing/falling dreams show that you fear that your life is heading for disaster. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, just that you fear it could be. The type of crash/falling experience can also be significant. Airplane crashes can mean you set your standards higher than you could handle, car crashes might mean that you are simply going through a painful experience. While simply falling from the sky out of nowhere can signify that you have a general fear of failure.

In Part 2 of this article, we’ll discuss four more dream symbols that could indicate you have a high level of stress in your life, so stay tuned!

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Five Situations That Require You to be Assertive

For all those demure, shy, intraverts out there, it’s time to take heart and learn to be assertive. There are some things in life that absolutely require that you take a stand. If you don’t, you will end up missing out on a lot of opportunities and getting trampled by other people. So here are some situations that will require you to get a backbone and stand up for yourself a bit!

Family. When it comes to family, you want all of your relationships to be balanced. If you have a sibling or a parent that doesn’t give you the same respect you give them, then that is obviously not a balanced relationship. The point of a family relationship is to support each other in whatever circumstances. So make sure you exert enough effort to make it a balance of give and take.

Dating. If you are a man, you need to pluck up that courage and make the move. There are plenty of girls out there who are perfectly capable of making the move for you, but she doesn’t want to date a man who is a limp noodle. You need to show some initiative to make her feel like you have the capacity to take care of her. And girls, don’t let a man push you around. Have an opinion and contradict him sometimes. You don’t have to fight with him, but express an opinion once in a while and make yourself more than just a plain Jane.

Health. We all know that doctors are busy people. Many of them have so much on their plate that they don’t have time to address all of your health issues unless you specifically ask them to. However, remember that you are paying them and have the freedom to go somewhere else if you don’t like the service you are receiving. Thus, if a doctor isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, then you must ask for it. If you pose your concerns with firm sincerity and a true plea for help, they are going to listen. In the end, you will be glad you flexed your assertiveness muscles in order to help you feel as healthy as possible. If you are needlessly suffering, you only have yourself to blame for not insisting on more help.

Home. When speaking of home, I mean not just the actual structure, but all of your personal items as well as what happens inside and out. Your home is exactly that, “yours.” If you are paying for it then you have the right to dictate what goes on inside and outside of it. That means laying down the law when your kids want to have a wild party. It’s also great to lend things out to neighbors or compromise on having that neighbor’s trees shedding leaves on your freshly cut grass. However, if someone takes advantage of the space that you have purchased for yourself and your family, then you are in your rights to take a stand. It’s ok to say no if someone wants to borrow your lawn mower, but you don’t feel comfortable lending it out to them.

Job. Face it, the people who are more assertive tend to get the jobs. Employers want someone who can express an opinion and show ingenuity. If you want to get the job of your dreams, or any good job for that matter, you need to learn to show assertiveness in the interview and the workplace. You don’t have to overwhelm others with it, but act confident and offer an opinion here and there. This is always hardest in an interview or your first few weeks on the job as you get a handle on things.

As you learn to become more assertive, you will find that a balanced life is very enjoyable. It takes practice to overcome the fear of sharing your opinions. So get started today and take a stand on something small, even if it’s just a restaurant giving you Root Beer instead of Coke!

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It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

“Mom! Wake up, it’s time for you to go to school!” Wait, what? That doesn’t sound quite right. Or does it? In today’s world, older people who did not graduate college are finding ways to go back to school and finish their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This is the case with Kristine Timson-Bates and Linda Timson, a mother and daughter pair who are getting their Bachelor’s degree together at Rasmussen College in Fort Myers.

Kristine and Linda”s Story

It all began at a local car club. Kristine, the 26-year-old daughter of Linda, had what seemed to be a random conversation with the Dean of Admissions at Rasmussen. The Dean told her that she should go enroll on campus. Linda went and took a look at the campus and enrolled fairly quickly. Linda noticed how easy it could be and followed her daughter’s footsteps. Kristine said this about the situation, “We were both thrilled and a little nervous putting ourselves in the same environment.” Kristine has decided to major in Digital Design and Animation while Linda is getting her degree in Business Management.

Linda who was previously working at Walmart now takes general education classes with her daughter. They meet up on campus to discuss their classes and their schedules. Many college students may be petrified thinking of going to school with their mothers. Kristine, on the other hand, has found that she enjoys the new time spent together. “It’s great because we are both very competitive at heart and both have the desire to learn…We are not only each other’s cheerleaders but toughest critics as well. It really makes me happy seeing my mom succeed in something she didn’t think was an option for her and seeing her make new friends,” Kristine says.

How can I do that?

Linda is not the only mother who has gone back to college after so many years. People are doing it all across the nation. With today’s programs and opportunities, anyone and everyone can go and get their degree. You may be thinking you can’t because you are too old, you have too many kids, there is not enough time, or you don’t have any money. These reasons are all just excuses. There are online programs where you can take classes from home, in your own time frame. There are also lots of scholarships that you can qualify for. In order to go back to college like Linda you need to go through these steps:

1. Decide that you want to go back to school. Once you make the decision don’t go back on it.

2. Choose what you want to major in. Find something you love and that you could see yourself doing for a long time.

3. Meet with a career counselor. These professionals have been trained in colleges and helping people. They can really help you answer any questions you may have.

4. Choose what type of school. For example, decide whether you want to do an online program or go to a physical college campus.

5. Choose your school. After you research your options and have a look around, make a choice that you love and make sure it fits with your schedule.

6. Find a way to get the money you need. Start applying to those scholarships!

7. Start remembering what it’s like to study. Make sure you get yourself into the mindset of a student again. It has probably been a while. This is one of those times when it is acceptable and even encouraged to go to your children for help.

Now that you have all the steps you need. Follow Linda’s example. Don’t let anything scare you out of doing it, or you may always regret it.

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Meagan Hollman composes pieces for My Colleges and Careers gets people to start an online education. Once you’ve figured out an online education is right for you, we will help you understand which online colleges and online courses you can choose from to reach your goals.


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The Case for Online Education

Over the past few decades, online education has emerged as a form of secondary education that for many people has replaced actual attendance in physical classrooms. However, this change didn’t occur over night. Below is a brief overview of the rise of online education.

The Beginning

The seeds that would later grow into online universities were actually planted well before the internet was even available to the public. This goes all the way back to the 60’s. During the 1960’s, the very first experiments using computers to teach were performed at Stanford University. Psychology professors, Richard Atkisnon and Patrick Suppes, used the very modest computer technology available at the time to teach reading and math to elementary school students.

These experiments were very successful, and the result was that a focus on combining computers with teaching would continue as the technology itself slowly evolved and became more available to more instructors.

The Digital Revolution of the 1990’s

However, the use of computers and the internet as teaching tools really didn’t take off until the 1990’s. In 1993, a man named William Graziadei developed the first curriculum using an online model. He used e-mail, which still had rather limited use outside of the government, to send students lectures and assignments. Over the next four years, he finely tuned his online teaching strategies. In 1997, he published an influential article outlining his strategy for developing and managing a course using the capabilities of the internet.

However, it was one year prior to this article that the first online university was officially launched. The first university to exist completely online was Jones International University. This university had in fact been implementing distance learning techniques via cable television networks since the late 80’s. This business plan helped them transition easily to using the internet as a replacement distance learning platform. The online version of this school received its accreditation in 1996.

Online Education Today

Today, online education has become part of the foundation of both pedagogy and the secondary education marketplace. Nearly every highschool student now uses online teaching tools inside and outside of the classroom.

Secondary education will also never be the same. Almost every major college has adapted to include the internet as part of courses in nearly every field. Most large colleges also now offer online courses in addition to courses completed on campus.

However, the biggest change has been the explosion of schools and learning programs that only exist online. A plethora of accredited online universities are now available to students in every single state. By 2006, it was estimated that 3.2 million students were taking a course online. That number has surely risen since and will probably continue to rise well off into the future.

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