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How to Keep Electronics Safe when Moving

How to Keep Electronics Safe when Moving

When you are moving there are a lot of things which are delicate and need to be paid special attention. These are usually valuable or easily breakable things. However, they can sometimes be things like electronics. One is for sure- do not cut corners on them because it will cost you thousands of dollars in the end. Going for the cheap we usually end up paying load of money because of damages. For this reason you should do your best when it comes to the safety of your computers, printers, etc. Here are some tips you could use.

Firstly find the original boxes of your electronics. Ideally, you will have kept them and will use them for they are indeed the best solution since are specially made for this or that equipment. If you do not have them with you, you can always purchase special boxes for your electronics from your removals company. And do not worry if you are using the DIY method because you can still buy the boxes from any relocation firm without hiring its services.

A very important thing you should not forget is all the wires. Carefully remove them before the moving itself. Since there are usually a lot of cables and wires and the mess is almost inevitable try to avoid it by sorting them. Roll each cable or wire separately. After that you can put every two or three of them in a bag and properly label them. It is best actually if you write on a piece of paper a little note about where each one belongs to.

Now here comes the tricky part. What turns out to be a common mistake is loading CDs, DVDs, and floppy discs on a truck. You should know about them that they are very sensitive. If you put them in a place with too high or low temperatures, they will probably get damaged. That is why, just to be sure, take them with you in your vehicle.

As for packing, packing peanuts and popcorn can be really good for most items but not for electronics. They can seriously harm them. So, when it comes to your electronics use soft cloths, moving blankets and pads.

Electronics can be small and easily portable but some are really big and heavy. If you do not have the help of professional movers it can be very challenging for an amateur. And yet there is something which can ease your DIY method, namely a dolly. Using a dolly you will not have to actually lift anything heavy except to put it on the dolly. From then on it will do all the work, all you have to do is roll and control it. It is very useful when there are stairs on your way.

No matter how cautious you are there still might be parts which have shifted during the move. For this reason be careful when unpacking the boxes containing your electronics. Plus, remember not to open them immediately but to leave them for a while to adjust to the temperature of the room they are in now.

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