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How I enjoy holidays parties without food guilt.

by Isabel De Los Rios
Just too good not too re-post…
Today I want to share with you how I keep up my healthy eating regimen even during all the holiday parties and events.

Actually, the strategies you’ll find below are NOT just specific for the holidays, you can use these methods for any social gathering and party that you may be attending.

Just last Saturday, I hosted my own little party for the parents from my kid’s school. It was really great. A lot of us only see each other during drop off and pickup so it was nice to get to know the other parents outside of the school parking lot.

Many of these parents don’t know me at all…so they don’t know how passionate I am about nutrition and health or that we are completely gluten free and don’t eat any processed food. My goal for the party was to choose foods that would make everyone happy, without having to resort to unhealthy “party” foods.
Here is what I served:

Corn chips (organic, non GMO) and home-made guacamole
Rice crackers and goat cheese
Raw cheese platter
Veggies and Greek Yogurt Dip
Fruit salad

The party was a huge hit! By the amount of food that was left (almost none) and the wonderful compliments I received, I could safely assume that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and did not go home feeling lousy.

Now, a party at my house would be super easy to work with, BUT what if the party you’ll be attending is not quite an Isabel bash? What do you do then?

Here are my top 3 strategies for surviving your next social event or party. These are methods I personally use all the time so I am always excited about any social event or gathering regardless of the food being served.

1. Offer to bring something to the party. I very rarely go to anyone’s home without bringing something homemade (and my friends and family really look forward to it). The host or hostess is always so grateful and at least I know, if nothing else, I can eat the item I brought. Many of the items that I served at my last party (shown above) are also some of the items that I bring to parties. I have also been known to make cocktail meatballs (made from grass fed beef), chicken skewers (made from pastured poultry) or smoked salmon on cucumber slices. You may want to give your hostess/host a few options and see which one appeals to him or her the most. (Tip: Guacamole and fresh veggies is almost always a huge hit everywhere I go!)

2. Eat before the party. Do not arrive starving! If you really don’t think the party will offer anything that is an acceptable option for you, eat beforehand so that you are not partying hungry. If someone asks why you’re not eating, you can use any of the following responses and none of them would be lying: “I had a really late lunch and I’m not quite hungry yet. Everything does look great and I’ll be sure to try something out,” OR “I’m definitely going to grab something here in a sec. Thanks for asking,” OR my personal favorite, “I get pretty sick if I eat any wheat or dairy so I try and stay away from it. I definitely would not want to get sick at this great party.” As far as I’m concerned, none of those are rude, nor are they lies (especially the last one!) I actually use a very similar response for my children, “My kids get very sick if they eat wheat or dairy so I try and keep them away from it.”…No more explanation needed. I find that the people that truly care for you will want you to be healthy and would never want you to get sick, especially at their party!

3. Focus on something else besides the food. This is where having 2 toddlers really comes in handy (so if you want to borrow mine, please let me know). Many times, I really can’t even focus on the food and what’s being served because I need to tend to my children (every parent reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about). But, you may not have kids, or you may be attending this particular party without them. Focus on catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, engage in conversations you don’t have the opportunity to have otherwise, and maybe even get your “groove on” on the dance floor (c’mon, what’s a party without dancing?). Keep your focus on the true goal of the party and that’s to enjoy yourself with family and friends, not to focus on what food is being served or what you should or shouldn’t be eating.

And most importantly, I want you to NOT beat yourself up if the party just doesn’t go the way you wanted. Maybe you had one too many cocktails, maybe the brownies were just too good to say no to, or maybe you just ended up eating every single thing that came in your direction. Leave that party behind you and move on. Today is another day and another opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. One party will not make or break your weight loss goals or your health.

The most important thing you can do is see it as one night or just one party, and not as a reason to let all of your healthy efforts go to the way side. I know this time of year can pose some challenges, so arm yourself with the tools above and remember that this season is about happiness, joy and the togetherness of family and friends.

In health and happiness,




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The Power Of Being A Strong Negotiator

images (1)Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be timid or leery of negotiations. Business deals are won or lost based on each party`s ability to negotiate. Strong negotiation skills are necessary to obtain lower interest rates on credit, receive long-terms on purchases, and obtain shorter terms on receivables. There is power in being a strong negotiator and the success of your company will depend on it at some point.

The skill and experience of the negotiator is usually the largest factor in determining who will succeed with the better end of the deal.  Usually the more skilled the negotiator is, the more often the negotiator will come out on top.  The larger the difference in skill between negotiators, the more the skilled negotiator will be able to gain from the other party.

Unskilled negotiators improve in their chance of successful negotiations when they possess the power with respect to what is being negotiated. If you are a supplier looking to land a client, the client has an automatic advantage. You want their business, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle of undervalue your company. Always remember your service is still needed and you shouldn’t make unreasonable sacrifices just to secure a deal. Go into every negotiation with an ideal result in mind, as well as the minimum you are willing to give to close the deal. Don’t settle for anything that does not fit into the range you have pre-determined.

Here are some things to consider before entering your next negotiation.

  1. Planning skills – Know the details of the deal inside and out before approaching the negotiation. Being unsure of something shows a sign of weakness.
  2. Ability to think clearly under stress – Don’t become emotionally involved in the negotiation. It is a business deal and if it doesn’t work, there will be more.
  3. General practical intelligence – Use common sense examples when justifying your terms. Try to relate to the other party and their concerns.
  4. Verbal ability – Always speak clearly and use keywords that will trigger an agreement.
  5. Product knowledge – Know what is being offered including all of its advantages and disadvantages. Highlight the facts that are beneficial to each party.
  6. Personal integrity – Always remain professional. Negotiations are not opportunities to act like a bully. Respect should always be at the forefront of a negotiation.
  7. Ability to perceive and exploit power – Leverage what you can when needed and don’t allow yourself to get back into a corner.

Negotiations may not be your favourite thing, but they are fundamental in all types of businesses. You can save your business significant money through successful negotiations and you can use it to improve your cash flow. By negotiating longer terms on payables and shorter terms on receivables, you will have more working capital to use to your advantage.

The article is posted by Gerwyn Wallto. You can find more articles on a Web Based Invoicing website.



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