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Vote Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Vote Now or Forever Hold your Peace

“And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.” Wait, “brotherhood?” “Shining sea?” America may usually be united in brotherhood, but not during election time. And it is definitely not shiny. Every one is picking a side and debating over which candidate is better. In high school, politics are not a big deal, at least to most people. Sure, we all learned about the electoral college and the government in school but we have never had to apply it in real life. Now you are in college, on your own with no parents to tell you what to do, and no one to lead the way. What will you do? For many of you, this will be your first time that you are going to be able to vote in a presidential election. With the election coming up next year, you better be ready to vote and get your opinion out there.


You may think that news is boring blah, blah, blah. Even that sentence was too boring for you, right? Pay attention! If you actually took the time to watch the news, you would notice all of the issues that are debated every single day. The election is not coming up for a whole year but the potential candidates are already making speeches for their campaigns. You might think that you are still too young to care, but you aren’t. You are at an age where you need to exercise your right to voice your opinion. Start watching the news now. Really focus on the issues that can effect you in years to come. Think about who you want running your country.


Research information about how to register. Make sure you can register in the college town you are living in, even if it isn’t your hometown. If you look into this now, you won’t have to worry a week before election day about how you are going to vote. Talk to your parents and ask them what the easiest way to vote would be. Remember you must register before you can vote. Before you vote, make sure that you have registered either by calling or checking online. There is nothing worse than going to vote on election day and finding out that you aren’t registered!


Maybe you are scared to talk about politics because it seems taboo to tell anyone what your political status is. Don’t let this scare you out of expressing your opinion. Talk to someone you know, and trust, about issues that you are confused about, or ones that you want a fresh perspective on. Some people who might be of help are your parents, other family members, professors, and friends. These people will most likely be willing to talk about issues with you in a friendly and light-hearted manner. Try to avoid super opinionated people who will try and manipulate your words and pounce on your opinion.

Voting may seem scary and too adult-like for you, but it’s not. Look at it as an opportunity to really be involved with the nation in making an important decision. Our country is founded on a democracy and we should be thankful for that every single day. Just remember the lines to our star spangled banner: you live in the “home of the brave!”

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