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Going ‘Green’ is Good for Business, Exec Says

Tips for Companies Trying to Clean Up Their Act
Despite pressing economic worries, the environment remains a top concern for consumers the world over. And that means environmentally-friendly business practices are as necessary for the bottom line as they are for the planet, says Joe Veilleux, president of Euromed USA (
“Being a producer of natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals and health supplements, we’ve always held environmentalism as a major company value,” says Veilleux, a registered pharmacist.“We’re glad to see that, even when people face unemployment and other economic hardships, they’re still committed to green practices.”
Recent polls, including BCG’s annual International Global Green Consumer Surveys taken throughout the recession, reveal an unwavering commitment to environmentalism, he says.
“Even at the height of the recession in 2008 and 2009, more than a third of consumers said they were willing to pay a little more for products that are better for the environment,” Veilleux says. “A majority said they consider a company’s environmental credentials when making purchasing decisions.”
Euromed recently earned “green” ISO 14001 certification for its Barcelona factory by meeting stringent criteria established by the world International Standardization Organization, which sets standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
“In the five-year process of re-engineering our factory to meet the ISO 14001 criteria, we learned a lot that can benefit other companies,” Veilleux says. “Some of the steps we took cost little to nothing; others were, frankly, expensive. But all companies today need to be aware that consumers are looking at what they’re doing to – and for – the planet, and they’re making buying decisions based on that.”
These are some of the initiatives undertaken at Euromed Barcelona, which manufactures herbal extracts and natural active substances for customers in the United States and Europe.
Recycling biomass – the company’s manufacturing waste product. We’ve found different ways to recycle the post-extraction biomass, depending on the product involved, Veilleux says. “Much of the residue is sent to companies that specialize in creating bio-gas – specifically, methane, which is used to generate power,” he says. “However, the residue left from milk thistle has such a high nutritional value, it’s actually used to feed farm animals. We ship the waste product to a company that dries it out and cleans it before it’s added to feed for pigs, chickens, cows, and the like. The biomass is given away for free, he adds.
• Wood pallets become compost. At Euromed, wooden pallets are reused until they can’t be used any longer. “At that point, they’re sent to recycling facilities, which use them in composting products,” Veilleux says. This step was easily accomplished by working through waste management companies.
• Printer toners get refilled. Empty toner cartridges are shipped to the company’s supplier, where they’re recharged and returned for use. If not for recycling, the toner cartridges would be deposited in landfills.
• Cleaner air and water. The company purchased new equipment to accomplish these goals, including on-site wastewater treatment and water purification plants, and equipment to decrease atmospheric emissions.
All totaled, Euromed spent $1 million to $2 million to upgrade its factory. It was money well spent, Veilleux says.
“We’re excited about the certification because it verifies that we’re one of the world’s leaders in environmentally friendly production,” he says. “That’s very important to us — we rely on plants, the Earth’s natural, renewable resources,not only for our business but for our personal health.
“We have a special interest in making everyone aware of how vital it is that we all take steps to prevent environmental damage.
About Euromed USA
Euromed USA supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industries. By extracting the necessary chemicals, the company can guarantee its products meet the precise chemical specifications necessary. Euromed was founded 40 years ago. Its parent company is the 100-year-old Rottapharm-Madaus corporation based in Italy.


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Please Stop Printing Paper – Think of the Savings instead

You’ve been watching your inbox for the last half an hour waiting for that vital email with that important attachment to arrive. What is the first thing you do when it does?

Most likely, you’ll hit CTRL+P and print it. That’s if AiMM’s findings are anything to go by. Nearly 62% of vital business documents are being archived in their paper format.

Think about it, pretty much every email you receive these days from business organisations come with a “please don’t print” statement attached to their signature in each mail. Check your own inbox, how many can you count, so it’s not as if most environmentally conscious companies aren’t trying to stop such activity.

Usually though, this simple, obvious, environmentally conscious request will fall on deaf ears. Staff will print their files first using reams of paper and worry about saving the planet later.

Of course, there is thankfully another way, document management and imaging software technology will help any organisation to file, index, track, receive and distribute business critical documents with a few button presses on the computer all the while dramatically cutting costs, improving efficiency, freeing-up document storage space, Reducing paper waste which helps support your green agenda, forming part of the disaster recovery plan and helping to aid complicance.

Despite there being a trend towards all things virtual and social, document management and imaging is still a priority for the majority of global CIOs. Analyst Gartner says that document management is 7th on a list of most important IT spending for CIOs

The reasons are obvious. As companies are becoming increasingly aware of expenditure, they must consider ways of increasing efficiency of their processes. Document management software is a way that companies can address these issues

A company should seek out an enterprise wide solution that works seamlessly with your existing accounting software, ERP system and HCM solution. For a relatively small initial outlay, your company will be able to store, manage, retrieve and distribute business critical documents, including contracts, personnel records, purchase orders and invoices.

Research has suggested that over half of senior decision makers are looking to invest heavily in document management and document imaging.

Looking for the right technological solution now, will not only help you save time and money, but address some of the enviromental concerns and lower your carbon emmisions. And just think of all the extra space you’ll have.

V1 Document Management is a provider of paperless office systems using award winning document imaging and document management systems.


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