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How Comfortable, Stylish Office Furniture Can Increase Productivity


Many employers are looking for methods to help improve employee productivity. Individuals who work at home are also concerned with increasing their own efficiency. Enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your office furniture is one creative way to boost employee output. Investing in ergonomic and stylish office equipment can bring in solid productivity to defray the cost of buying new furniture.

Comfortable and ergonomic furniture is a great way to increase productivity in your business. If you or your employees spend the majority of the day sitting at a desk while using a computer, certain parts of the body may begin to suffer from stress injuries. These stress injuries occur from frequent repetitive movements, such as using a computer mouse or keyboard. These injuries can include wrist strain, an aching back, eye strain and headaches. Ergonomic furniture helps individuals perform their daily tasks in a form more natural to the body to help reduce the risk of injury. This furniture also helps to decrease the amount of time you or an employee must take off due to a stress injury, thus maintaining the continuous flow of productive work.

Office chairs are a good first investment for ergonomic furniture. Many computer accessories, such as keyboards, have ergonomic versions as well. Additionally, chairs and desks should be set to the correct height to keep an employee’s computer monitor at eye level.

A Stylish Look
Selecting stylish furniture can also help boost office efficiency. Sterile office spaces are boring and uninspiring. Workers are less likely to look forward to clocking in if they work in an environment befitting a hospital. Taking time to choose stylish furniture shows your employees that you are interested in investing in your office space. Today, it’s possible to find office furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

Mentally Stimulating
Interesting office spaces can prod the brain into having random bursts of inspiration. A bored employee who stares at a blank wall with no interesting visual features is more likely to fall asleep than feel the rush of a new idea. An office that features eye-catching furniture is far more likely to encourage a worker’s brain to think about challenges in a new way. Additionally, arranging office furniture in an appealing way can help stimulate the brain. Avoid the boring cubicle look to keep your workers interested in their job.

Just Like Home
An office space that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye is likely to make one feel right at home. Workers who are comfortable in their environment are far more likely to remain calm and relaxed throughout the day. A comfortable and stylish office space shows your employees that you are invested in their success. For individuals who work at home, a pleasant office space helps them to define the line between their home and their work space. A feeling of ease and style helps inspire many people to perform up to their potential.

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Three Petite Office Chair Options

There are many options out there in terms of office furniture for those of average or larger than average size, but often, smaller folks get lost in the mix. Although petite people don’t need special weight requirements from their office chairs and other supplies, they may need more adjustability in terms of height, back positioning and other factors.

Whether you are looking specifically for task chairs for women or just smaller furniture in general, you’re in luck. Here is a list of three petite office chairs that can accommodate those of us that are more miniature in stature.

1. Ergocentric Multi Tilt Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair series is attractive, contains many adjustment options and comes in a variety of strikingly beautiful colors. It is easy to sit in this chair for eight hours, because it boasts memory or high dense foam for cushioning, a seat slider, v-shaped tailbone cutout and an adjustable headrest. These features ensure maximum comfort for the back, neck, head and more.

Seat adjustments, such as height levers and tilt and angle adjustments, make this chair perfect for medium or smaller users. For further customizability, you can get your seat in one of two sizes.

2. Allseating Presto – Small Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair is also comfortable and durable, but it has a more streamlined, no-nonsense design than the Ergocentric MT-Multi.
The Allseating chair can have twister arms, multi-function arms or adjustable T-arms. This makes it perfect for those with a slender frame that need adjustable or moveable arm support. There is also a contoured back for comfort, along with the option of adding a memory foam seat. You can also select fireproofing and fabrics in a huge rainbow of colors.

3. Ergocentric – MyCentric Ergonomic Task Chair

This Ergocentric brand chair also features serious back support and seat sizes that vary depending on your size. You can design this chair with or without arms, and an adjustable arms option allows you to move yours to a comfortable position. The foam seat, dual curve backrest and other add-ons available for comfort (including air lumbar support, an adjustable headrest and a v-shaped tailbone cutout) make it the perfect choice for those that need a little extra in terms of support.

If you’re sick of getting swallowed up by chairs that are too tall and deep, this is the perfect alternative, giving you full control over the height and seat angle adjustment.

This chair is ideal for eight hours of seated work and can accommodate 250 pounds.
Many retailers don’t carry chairs for the smaller among us, but a quality online site, like, has plenty of options in this area. Check out the site today for chairs in a variety of colors, styles and prices with myriad ergonomic benefits.

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