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How to Make Sure Your Big Event Gets Noticed

Event planning can be tricky—especially when that isn’t your primary profession. There are, after all, people who do this as a career because there are so many subtleties and nuances to not only creating a spectacular event, but also attracting an adequate audience. The main objective, aside from creating a truly noteworthy event, is ensuring that you have a nice audience for the event itself. Here are a few things you can do to make sure the audience you’re targeting knows about the event and what it has to offer them.

Create an Event Specific Website

Buy a domain specific to the event and keep it simple, memorable, and relevant to the event. You want the website to provide all the major details. Include pictures, speakers, and perks that are available for the people who attend your even. People want to know what’s in it for them. Also if there are costs for attendance and/or parking, be sure to make those things clear on the website too.

Generate Local Media Buzz

This includes newspapers, television news, and radio programming. Many television news shows offer community calendars as do radio stations and newspapers. Take advantage of those things by announcing your event on them. Be sure to include important details like the benefits to those who attend, who should attend (cancer survivors, young moms, elderly, professional women, minority groups, etc.), and where the event takes place.

Use Banners and Signs Strategically

When it comes to banners and signs, one thing is true; the more the merrier. You want to place these signs around town so that the demographic you’re targeting for your event will see these signs and become curious about your event. Curiosity is an excellent motivator. Be sure to include a link to the website on your sign (that’s why it’s so important to make it memorable) so that passengers can look it up right away and drivers can look it up when they get home.

Ask for High Profile Endorsements

Your local community has plenty of people who are widely recognised. Don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements from these community leaders. Just make sure you’re getting endorsements from people who will be respected by the audience you’re attempting to attract and who are appropriate to the venue and event.

You don’t have to have years of experience in the event planning industry to create a huge buzz about your event. These tips will help you generate plenty of that and to attract the crowds you’d like to see.

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Chris Jenkinson writes for Sherwood Signs,  company with experience in signage or banner advertising.



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Strategic Event Planning and Management

It can be incredibly daunting to organize and manage an event; it can be even how more to ensure that it goes on to become a success. As hosts, we always want things to be outrageous and over-the-top:  something the guests haven’t seen before. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to get the basics nailed first and foremost. The best events are not always the ones with all the bells and whistles; rather they’re the ones that went smoothly, no matter how simple they were.

Effective Stage Design

More often than not, an event will require a stage or some platform where hosts and various presenters can be seen by the audience. The stage will be the main focus of the entire venue, so it has to be extremely presentable. The size of the stage will vary according to what the event needs, but it should be large enough to accommodate all of the people who need to be in it, without them crowding the entire space. The height of the stage is also very important. While social functions may require just a short platform, larger and outdoor events may require something with a higher height. When it comes to decorating the stage, you need to consider what the event is all about, essentially. If it’s a more social event with scholarly lecturers, then a more academic and minimalistic backdrop may be required.

Organization of Audience and Guest Reception

The success of any event is contingent upon how comfortable the entire experience was for your audience members. Hence, they should always be your primary concern. So that your guests get to follow the entire flow of the event, it is necessary that you give out handouts detailing the sections of the program. An all-day affair will require an entire itinerary. For lengthy events, keep in mind that your guests would naturally have a limited attention span. Although they aren’t exactly like kids who lose their interest after a few minutes, nonetheless schedule breaks and intermissions and provide refreshment options for your guests during these breaks. To keep the enthusiasm high, pique your guests’ interest by giving a witty introduction or a sneak peak of what’s about to come.

Strategic Event Planning

The success of your event will depend according to how your audience sees your presentation to be relevant. Given that you already have a specific audience in mind, make sure that you pick out speakers who are interesting according to your audience’s perspective. Tailor your activities using the same rationale as well. If you’re entertaining a group of resident physicians with hectic schedules, do away with the games and trivia. Proceed with the lecture instead, as their time is of essence. On the other hand, if you have students who have all the time to while away, then go ahead with whatever game you had in mind originally.

Your author Michelle Gibson is an expert in event managent and is available at many speakers bureaus


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Turbo-charge Your Event

Orchestrating large events is a cumbersome task that requires a number of skills. Often, individuals will attend large events with little thought to the work that was required in putting the event together. In the same way that a professional athlete performs complicated skills with little perceived difficulty from the viewer, event planners plan events that hide the work. Event planning requires logistical prowess, professional communication as well as stress and priority management. Planners can become overwhelmed with the importance of the event they are planning. Similar to a climber who makes the possibly fatal mistake of looking down, event planners must learn to focus on the individual components of the event and not it’s degree of importance. Events such as wedding and corporate meetings hold a great deal of importance to their respective parties and must be handled with care to ensure satisfaction. Fortunately there exist a number of tools for event planners to help them perform at a high level.

Events Management Software

Events management software is a fairly new form of software that provides a variety of tools for event planners to utilize in order to carry out their duties more proficiently. This type of software allows planners to keep track of logistical needs as well as scheduling and contact information. Depending upon the software developer, the software can also include more advanced features such as email composition tools and Web integration. A device which has provided additional solutions for event planners is the Smartphone.

Smartphones: Must Have for Event Planners

Smartphone’s are invaluable for event planners that must communicate professionally with other individuals while on the fly. These types of phones allow for contact management, scheduling as well as email composition all while operating remotely. Additionally, smartphones offer applications which can improve logistics and scheduling. These same applications offer integration with existing planning software and/or Web pages. This type of flexibility can prove invaluable given the mobile nature of the event planning process.

Event Planners Build Strong Networks

An underrated component of event planning is networking and the development of close working relationships. Frequently, event planners will work within the same group of vendors and services. It is vital that event planners strive to obtain excellent relationships with these groups as they are the backbone to their services. By generating good personal relationships, event planners garner several benefits that can prove invaluable in case of an emergency. Often times they will be quoted reduced prices if they promise repeat business. Additionally they can often get last minute projects completed provided they have a good rapport with the vendor.

While technology offers a variety of tools that work to help event planners perform their duties these tools are not a replacement for hard work and the development of good personal relationships. When planning any event, there will be incidents that can negatively impact the overall product. A good planner will recognize these issues and search out viable solutions that do not detract from the event.

+Nancy Goebel has her own blog, and frequently writes about living and entertainment. She is intrigued by technology that makes living and entertaining easier and more professional, in this case, events management software.


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3 Tips For Hosting Your Next Corporate Event

This year, you’re in charge of hosting your company’s huge corporate event. You’ll have to find a venue, purchase decorations, send out invitations, book a caterer and plan for entertainment. Corporate events can be enormous, especially if people outside of the company are invited. For example, many corporate events invite guests who are current clients or potential clients. Putting your best foot forward at an event of this magnitude isn’t an easy task. Plus, all eyes will be on the host. Even skilled party planners sometimes have trouble coordinating large scale corporate events. Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade that will make planning the perfect corporate event a bit easier.
Host Etiquette
Knowing how to present yourself at a corporate event is possibly the most important skill to master. The host should always dress the part, even if the rest of the guests are dressed casually. The host’s attire should be formal and should stand out from the rest of the crowd without being loud. It should be obvious who the host of the event is simply by scanning the room. As a host, you should always have a smile on your face. Even if the event is falling apart and things are going wrong, it’s important to always put a calm, collected face forward. Resolving problems and staying confident throughout the night are key to overcoming obstacles and dealing with whatever goes wrong. One of the biggest things to remember is to not drink excessively at the event. You can’t effectively and professionally host a corporate event if you’re drunk. Keep it to one alcoholic drink every hour and sip water in between.
Print Advertisements
In a world where marketers rely heavily on the Internet and social marketing, print ads are dwindling in occurrence and quality. Stand out from the crowd with quality print advertisements. Despite what many Internet marketers may thing, print ads are actually extremely powerful in gaining new customers. Ads will showcase your company’s products or services. Create flyers, brochures or even catalogs that reflect your business. You can also create print ads that contain important information about the event itself or about a new product or portion of your business that you’re launching. These advertisements will be given out to your guests at the event.
Corporate Events on a Budget
Corporate events can be pricey. When the economy is down, the budget for business events has to be lowered too. There are a few simple ways to cut costs and still throw a quality corporate event. Instead of having a dinner, host a lunch or cocktail party instead. Serve sparkling wine instead of having a full bar. Hold the event sometime between January and March, when venue rates are lowest. Also, if you have the event on a week day, you’ll save a bundle, since rates are highest on the weekend. The best way to save money on a venue is to host the event in someone’s home instead of renting space.

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Claire is a Corporate Events Planner in Sydney, Australia, where she has been helping businesses plan important corporate events for the last 10 years. Claire has held events in all of the major corporate event venues Sydney has to offer.


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Top 5 Must-Have Resources For Your Next Corporate Event

Planning your next corporate event? It’s important that you have a few key resources on hand. These resources will help you stay focused and organized while you pull off a successful corporate event that will have your industry talking for years to come.

Timeline: Your timeline is the starting point for successful corporate event planning. Select a date for your event and be sure it’s on a date that is convenient to your attendees and conducive to a complete planning process. Most professional event planners suggest that you should start planning 18 to 12 months before the date of the event.

Budget: Before making any concrete plans, get your event budget prepared and cleared by upper management. This will affect a lot of the future decisions about the event, so it’s important to get this settled as soon as possible up front. If you’re exploring new corporate event entertainment options or are considering a new venue, get a quote first so you can include this in your budget.

A corporate event planner or event-planning expert: A corporate event planner can be an invaluable resource when it comes to creating a memorable event. They’ll be able to suggest reliable vendors that they’ve worked with before, have insider knowledge of the best way to create an event schedule and give you extra support on the day of the event. Hiring an outside planner can help ensure that your event goes off just as planned.

Event entertainment: “Exciting” and “corporate event” aren’t always used in the same sentence, but that can change when you hire professional event entertainment. Corporate entertainers can take your event to the next level and make it an exciting and memorable experience. Look for entertainers that have experience with a corporate audience so you won’t have any embarrassing surprises on the day of your event.

Plans for following up with attendees: You can make your corporate event planning better and better each year when you get feedback from the attendees. Surveying your participants will help you and the planning team see opportunities to make things even better next year. You can distribute survey cards during the event, have team members follow up via phone or send out an email survey a few weeks after the event.

These five must-have resources will keep your corporate event on track and set your organization up for success.

David Thomas has over 30 years of event entertainment and planning expertise. As the Owner of Shows In A Box he has overseen thousands of shows, events and corporate functions for charity and fortune 500 companies around the world.


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Top Tips for a Great Team Building Away Day

Team building is a useful way for businesses to get their employees together and achieve a number of business goals, as well as having a bit of fun at the same time. There are numerous ways in which team building can work, from a simple brainstorming session in the pub to a full on day out in professionally run venue, this type of activity can be very beneficial for both morale and the business in general. In this article we outline some top tips that can make these days run as smoothly as possible.

Find the right venue

For some purposes a car park might suffice, however many of the most effective team building days happen when the right venue is chosen. To make it an “away day” feel like just that, it’s a good idea to pick a venue that is out of the office but not so far that attendees will feel like they’re going to spend all day travelling.  The best venues will have a reception area where bags can be left and people can relax in comfort, flexible meeting rooms, and other outdoor spaces for some of the more fun or abstract team building activities, as well as free flowing refreshments on offer throughout the venue. Very often venues with all the top notch facilities will be on the outskirts of big cities or housed in some of the most attractive buildings in the country – this means they really offer an ideal location for productive team building.

Get the right balance of activities

Team building days should be fun but they are also useful if a business is hoping to get a message across or after lots of new staff members have joined in order that everyone can get to know everyone else. Therefore it is important to get a good mix of activities for the away day. These can range from the gently competitive such as a school-style sports day or go-karting to more collaborative activities such as assembling a huge art installation that highlights your company‘s corporate values. Other worthwhile activities include simple ice breaking games for those who may take a little while to get into it and even days where it appears there’s very little to do with work but collaboration is very important such as cookery workshops.

Supercharge your brand

Several conference venues have in recent years taken the innovative step of creating branded space for a business that is using its facilities. This can be a real benefit for a team away day because it really gives the event a professional air and can make attendees feel like they are part of something significant. The best conference providers will be able to customise the required space with everything from brand logos adorning the walls to whether solid oak floors or carpets are required in the business “hub”. Many businesses have found that creating this type of bespoke space is ideal for embellishing an atmosphere of quality – especially in regards to training and team building as it shows employees that their workplace is prepared to go that extra yard.

Obviously there several other ways in which team building activities can be done, however it is certainly an aspect of business that should not be avoided – in the very least it can be a fun day out for everyone.

Jonathan has been away on many training days and in many meeting rooms with a variety of companies. He has found training away days very useful and a good morale booster.


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