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Invoice Factoring Services: Which is Best?


Seeking out invoice factoring services is a great means of looking to generate immediate cash flow for your business. Rather than waiting out the long periods before customers pay you, factoring services will buy the invoices from you and advance the majority of the face value to you instead.

Just like with other services for businesses, there are different ways that this kind of service works, which makes it very important to carefully examine each kind before deciding which one will work the best for your company and your situation. It is even more important to check how much you are going to be advanced on the front end, what the fees are and what happens if the customer is slow to pay an invoice that has been factored.

Because the purpose is to generate cash flow now instead of later, you’ll want to look for the company with the highest advance per batch. Most service will give you between 80 and 90 percent of the face value on each invoice per batch. While this means you will get less in payments later, a higher percentage means more money to use now for expenses you need to pay off. This helps out with late fees or other charges you could incur.

Aside from that, check what the fees will be. Most have a fixed percentage that varies among each company, though it will usually be between 4 and 6 percent per batch. The best company will come with a lower factoring fee while offering a higher advance up front, which lets you reap the most benefits from using this kind of technique to gain cash flow.

Another thing to look at is what exactly will happen when the customer is too slow to pay an invoice. Some invoice factoring services are willing to work with you to collect though some may want to deal with it themselves by using their own resources and their own methods. These procedures might include simple reminders to pay off their bills or something as drastic as threatening demands for payment or else they will take further action.

Depending on the relationship you have with your customers, this can have a very negative impact on them, especially if you have a loyal customer who is offended by the attack after simply overlooking a bill that was due. Make sure you ask about what their collection letters are like before you commit to them. This helps get an idea of how agents will handle your clients when they need to collect.

Though invoice factoring is often a great way to get the most effective cash flow, it, like many other solutions, may not be right for your situation. Before you consider entering an agreement with a company for factoring invoices, think about what your alternatives are. These include getting a business loan or getting a business line of credit. Ultimately, getting the right decision is crucial to remaining in business with a good reputation for your customers.

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Start a Fundraiser for Your Business

While it may seem promising, fundraising can be intimidating for some businesses, provoking us to steer clear of the effort and time it entails. While intimidation may have provoked you to shy away from the practice of fundraising, the products sold and some sales tactics you may have experience from other fundraisers may have caused you to discount fundraising and the benefits altogether.

Successful fundraising that won’t make you cringe can require seeking the right product or service to sell, one that won’t cause you to hide in shame but will, rather, provoke pride in your cause and efforts. Before deciding on your next fundraising project, take the time to do some research to uncover what products, services and tactics will benefit you and your company as well as the cause in which you are trying to raise money. Research of the fundraising market, tactics and aspects of events, along with products and services can provide valuable information that can take your fundraiser to the next level and reward the hard work involved in promoting and holding successful efforts.

Product Sales

Exciting, beneficial and energizing are just some of the characteristics a good fundraiser should evoke. In order to benefit without leaving yourself exhausted as a fundraiser concludes, a team of trained and willing volunteers can take a lot of the stresses and provide help that is vital to the success of your benefit.

Members within a community can be helpful, providing both physical and mental power needed for your fundraiser while also providing you with networking opportunities through the family, friends and people they know. Members of a neighborhood or community will be familiar with the residents, businesses and aspects that make the area and people diverse, giving you information and outreach opportunities that you may not otherwise experience without their help.

Additional Fundraising Ideas

While manpower and volunteers can be a great source of help for your next fundraiser, it may not be feasible to gain the type of help necessary for your particular situation or fundraiser. In such cases where gaining valuable volunteers is not feasible, it may make more sense for you to get help from other sources. Other places to seek help for your fundraising include:

Ebay Mission Fish

After registering your business with the website, sellers on the site can choose to allocate specific funds toward your fundraiser from the money they gain from sales of their products, giving your benefit some exposure.

Professionals within the arts industries can receive fundraising aid from this organization, which provides help in areas ranging from health to financial support.

This organization provides software specifically designed and targeting auction style fundraising as well as events like balls and other events that can be used successfully to fundraise for your small business. In addition, the software and consultants can help with planning, organizing and managing the various events you plan on using to fundraise for your business, providing clarity and organization as you struggle to balance efforts with running you business.

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