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All That Is In Me Wanted To Quit, But All That I Am Refused To Do So:

refused_to_quitAs I looked around at the majestic scenery from atop the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (a coastal suburban community in Los Angeles) I am in awe at the natural beauty that surrounds me. Panoramic views of the metallic blue ocean, lush greens and multiple colored flowers align the majestic mountains that seemed to have ascended from the ocean. On a bluff at the top of this peninsula is Del Cerro Park which is about 1100ft above sea level.  The Crenshaw Extension Trail descends from Del Cerro Park into the precarious bowl-shaped canyon and offers miles of rugged hiking that wind through the rolling green hills. And right in the middle of the canyon is a flight of stairs that many athletes, police officers and firefighters use for fitness training.

This past weekend I decided that I would join the firefighters in this weekly ritual as part of my new fitness goal. I drove the 4 miles from the bottom of the mountain to the top so that I could get a better feel for what my experience would be at the top of this flight of 278 stairs. I needed to see the view from up high. I desired to know what the vision of success looked like. I wanted to feel the winds blowing against my body from this elevation, and hear the melodic sounds of the birds chirping as they soared above me. I necessary that I tasted the moisture in the air and smell the fragrance of the pine trees and exotic flowers that aligned the mountaintop. And then I looked down to see where I would start and made my descent to the bottom.

As I traveled to the bottom of these stairs I watched as the firefighters were making their ascent to the top. I noticed their posture as they climbed the stairs and asked about the proper breathing techniques so that I keep my body nourished with oxygen as I travel back to the top. I also inquired of one of the firefighters of how many sets he would make before he concluded his workout for the day. He mentioned he planned to do 10 sets; while another claimed 15. Currently I am not as fit as they are, so I decided I would do 5 sets. Going down was easy but of course coming up was brutal.

Midway through my 3rd set the tears of agony pore through my skin in the form of sweat, and the pain that surge through my leg muscles caused a fiery back draft that couldn’t be quenched with each ounce of water I use to wet the dryness of my mouth. My legs began to tremble as they struggled to carry the weight of my body up each flight of stairs. My heart would beat faster to pumps a deluge of oxygenated blood to my muscles as my body yearned for rest. A salty sweat that rolled down my forehead dripped into my eyes causing a burning sensation. I closed my eyes, yet I maintained my focus.

I cried in anguish as I lifted one leg to take another step. Every part of me wanted to quit. However, all that I AM refused to do so. I paused for a moment to catch my breath. As I looked ahead my spirit became troubled. The finish line was in sight yet it seemed so far away. I briefly lowered my head to avoid seeing the obstacles of completing this daunting task. I blocked out all thoughts of defeat and retreat. In my thoughts I celebrated the victory that I would soon partake. My heart rejoiced. My energy renewed. My resolve to win increased and my determination strengthened. Suddenly I could hear the voice of victory as it shouted “YOU CAN DO IT”. And because of my inner voice…I DID! I completed all five of my sets, and came back two days later to do it again.

Here are a few tips to help you start and finish your goals:

Identify your WHY.

Before you can even decide on what your goal is you must discover what your purpose for fulfilling this mission is. What are your intentions for the successful completion of this task? How will you and other people benefit from your accomplishment?  Start at the end and then come up with a goal.

Draft a PLAN.

Now that you have determined the goal, how will you bring this desire into fruition? The most successful way of completing a task is to emulate those who have already done so. There are no benefits in “reinventing the wheel”. The wheel has been perfected. Your responsibility is to duplicate this “perfect system”. If you want to lose weight, start a business or a new career, or accomplish some other goal, find someone who has already achieved it do EXACTLY what they did. I guarantee you’ll have the same result. Rituals equal results.

Ignore all OBSTACLES.

Turn a blind eye to the challenges that you will face while in pursuit of your goal. There are going to be issues that arise to deter you from achieving your goal. The most effective way to turn a blind eye to these problems is to find a solution for them instead. You will attract into your life whatever is in alignment with your dominant thoughts. If you focus on the obstacles you’ll attract more of them. If you focus on solutions you will run into very few obstacles.

Read my other blogs and information at to learn my 4-point L.I.F.E. Plan to “Dream BIG, plan, get excited, and take action now…for the world is waiting to cheer your success”.

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