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How Currency Trader Joe Lewis made his Fortune

Joe Lewis is one of the best-known names in the currency trading industry today, and undoubtedly one of the sector’s most successful business icons. It is estimated that Joe Lewis’ personal wealth is approximately $3.2 billion – his private art collection alone accounts for $200 million. At the age of 74, Joe Lewis is ranked among the wealthiest people in the world; he lives in the exclusive gated community of Lyford Clay in the Bahamas, and a typical “day at the office” means boarding his 223-foot superyacht, the Aviva, which is the world’s longest motor yacht, and his own mobile workplace!

Joe Lewis has certainly earned an industry-wide reputation to accompany his personal fortune – but where did his career start?

From Catering to Currency

Joe Lewis was born in the town of Bow, London – a far cry from the exotic luxury home he now occupies in the Bahamas. At the age of 15, Lewis had to leave school to work as a waiter at Tavistock Banqueting, his father’s catering business. Waiting tables might sound like a thankless menial job to most of us, but for Joe Lewis is turned out to be a springboard to a long and illustrious career. Lewis eventually took over the family business and managed to expand it significantly before selling it in 1979. From there, he took up currency trading and began building his fortune.

If you’ve just started using a forex demo account, you may be interested to know that Joe Lewis gained a great deal of wealth through currency trading. Most notably, Joe Lewis and forex legend George Soros each made a small fortune in 1992 when they bet on the UK Pound being withdrawn from the ERM – an event now famously known in the currency exchange industry as Black Wednesday. The event earned Soros a staggering profit of around $1 billion, and some industry insiders believe that Joe Lewis made an even larger profit.

Current Career

Today, billionaire Joe Lewis is known as the founder of Tavistock Group, a world-renowned private investment company. Tavistock Group now owns more than 175 companies around the globe, ranging from the property sector to the sports sector. Joe Lewis also owns a number of luxury golf clubs and acts as the host of the annual two-day golf tournament known as the Tavistock Cup. The tournament has donated millions of dollars to charitable causes over the years.

The world of currency trading might seem a little daunting at first, but forex trading brokers will assure aspiring that great rewards are possible with the correct guidance. With icons like Joe Lewis to inspire today’s traders, it’s no wonder currency trading is rapidly growing in popularity.

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