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Ted Cruz Rand Paul

  • Christie: 47 favorable, 19 unfavorable
  • Bush: 29 favorable, 33 unfavorable
  • Cruz: 24 favorable, 37 unfavorable
  • Paul: 21 favorable, 29 unfavorable

new Field Poll has found that Chris Christie enjoys a very high favorability rating among both California Republicans and all California voters while Tea Party Candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz had among the lowest favorability rating among all potential Republican candidates. The poll also found that half of California Republicans believe the Tea Party’s influence weakens the Republican brand.

The poll, conducted between November 14 and December 2 and sampled 826 registered California voters, found that 47 percent of all California voters have a favorable view of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie while only 19 percent have an unfavorable view. Among Republicans, 59 percent had a favorable view of the GOP frontrunner while 40 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of the moderate. No other GOP candidate had higher than an 18 percent favorability among Democrats. Christie also has a 44 favorable view among independents.

A distant second in the favorability poll was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Just 29 percent of those polled had a favorable view of George W. Bush’s brother while 33 percent hold an unfavorable view. He did earn 51 percent favorablity among Republicans but just 18 percent of Democrats and 22 percent of independents have a favorable view of him.

Ted Cruz also mustered 50 percent among Republicans but just 24 percent of California voters view him favorably while 37 percent have an unfavorable view of the Texas Senator. Among Democrats, 52 percent have an unfavorable view of the Tea Partier, along with 42 percent of independents.

Rand Paul fared even worse. Just 21 percent of California voters view him favorably and a mere 36 percent of Republicans. Half of all Republicans, Democrats, and Independents said they don’t have any opinion about the Kentucky Senator.

The poll also asked respondents about their views on the Tea Party in general. Just 20 percent of voters believed the Tea Party is having a positive impact on politics while 47 percent believe it’s having a negative impact. Another 65 percent said the Tea Party hurts the Republicans’ chances in the midterms, including 48 percent of Republicans.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)



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George Bush “Miserable Failure” Google Bomb Back, This Time In Knowledge Graph


The Google Bomb is back! Searching for [miserable failure] in Google now returns George W. Bush’s knowledge graph in the search results.


The Google Bomb first became popular back in 2004 when Google and some other search engines ranked George W. Bush as the number one result for a search on [miserable failure]. In 2007, Google killed the Google bomb from showing up.

But why did it rank in the first place? Google ranks pages based on anchor text of links, among other factors, and many sites bombed Google by linking to George Bush’s webpage with the anchor text [miserable failure]. In 2007, Google decided to prevent Google Bombs from happening.

Now, with the launch of the knowledge graph, George Bush’s related knowledge graph snippet on the right shows up.

I wonder if Google will come up with a method of preventing this from happening or if they will find it relevant for the query.

This was spotted first by Bill Slawski.



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Pink Slip Mitt: Salvation for a Hungry Nation?


On Spending… 

Governor Ronmey wants to cut government waste and spending. Plain and simple. Forget the stupid things Obama thinks are important, like health care and education.  If we just let nature take its course, the ignorant inner city bastards will just all kill each other and we’ll have plenty of money left for oil subsidies and country club memberships.  What the hell, we can even muster enough of the minorities that survive to form one hell of an Army, and invade another country that doesn’t have any weapons of mass destruction!

On Trade… 

Candidate Ronmey supports predatory trade and opening our pockets beyond the American border. This means, Mitt wants complete extortion regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership, create the Dead Reagan Economic Zone, reinstate the Trade Promotion Authority and persecute new trade agreements that promote the occupation of all oil producing countries.  Hell, when we own all the oil, we can have George W. Bush re-negotiate our debt with China.  After talking with him for a few hours the poor bastards will be so confused they will give us anything we want.

On Jobs… 

Mitt Ronmey has an exceptional understanding of labor relations from his experience exploiting government and business. He recognizes the value of immigrants, but is focused on protecting the white Stanford/Harvard educated sons of Governors they serve. This means appointing experienced NLRB individuals, amending the NLRA and reversing Obama’s organized labor orders. Mitt also supports the right of all Americans to be set for life  with companies like Blain Capital, and their daddy’s connections.

On Wimmins… 

Mr. Ronmey supports a fundamental redesign for personhood amendments and the Blunt Amendment as evidence that he’s going as far to the right as anyone can when it comes to women’s reproductive health. Candidate Ronmey also sees his opponent’s folly in condemning Rush Limbaugh after he attacked Sandra Fluke. He and the boys are also working overtime on repealing the women’s suffrage act in time for the upcoming presidential election. “There is plenty to be done in the kitchen and the bedroom, not the boardroom.”

On Immigration

Governor Ronmey is well versed on the issue of immigration in America. While Governor, he opposed the DREAM Act. He was the Governor of the home of the first maids and gardeners to move up from Cuba through Florida.. Everyone should be welcome to come to the United Statesto serve us, as long as they don’t take any of the jobs a twenty year old in Boston wouldn’t refuse, but they need to do it correctly, as have countless generations of Americans did with the slaves, before us.

The first act of an immigrant should not be an illegal one. Damn it, his parents came here as immigrants, and they had to work hard for his money.  There is now way in hell he wants to share it with anyone else, no matter how unsafe the conditions were where they came from.

“Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor,” Should have read:  “Give us your educated, your young, your investors.”

On Homeland Security…

Governor Ronmey believes that the best offense is a good offense. Our country should be able to and must defend itself, both home, overseas, and by doubling Guantanamo. Governor Ronmey supports the PATRIOT Act and believes it allows the Government the access it needs to deny due process to anyone wearing a turban, or looking like they might even know the location of a Mosque. He firmly supported the National Defense Authorization Act that would have given the President the ability to arrest and detain any United States or foreign Citizen suspected of being a Muslim, a Democrat, or one of them Women’s sympathizers therefore making them a part of al-Qaeda.

He believes that the number one job of the Government is to keep its middle class citizens paying, and as President he will do what it takes to secure our safety from the acts of thought-crime we might unknowingly commit.

I’m Sure You’ve Noticed the Date


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The Tiger and the Pussycat : Woods and Harbaugh at Pebble

Congratulations are in order to Phil Mickelson.  He’s always been one of my favorites, and he indeed played one hell of a game on Sunday.  The real drama unfolded for me with a different story.

I must admit that I am a far bigger football fan, (49er season ticket holder for 23 years before Dr. York sank the team) than a watcher of golfers.  I admit in advance that this observation, therefore, is probably anything but objective.  The only reason there would ever be for my attending a golf match is to rub elbows with the famous golfers and the celebrities. Saturday is better for Pebble Beach as many of the celebs don’t make the cut, and aren’t around on Sunday.  Sunday is better for the pure golf enthusiast who wants to follow the leader’s gallery and peer over heads sometimes twenty deep to catch a glimpse of a little white ball hopefully sinking into the round abyss cut at the front of the green.

Last Saturday was just such an opportunity.  Having looked up the pairings I calculated just when we would need to be at which hole to park our chairs and see my favorites. We wanted to be sure to catch up with Bill Murray, and he didn’t disappoint.  His show on the third green was audacious, inappropriate, and thoroughly satisfying.  We saw the flurry; Ray Romano. George Lopez, Harris Barton, Huey Lewis, Aaron Rogers, Bill Bilichick, Matt Cain, etc.  Cameras weren’t allowed, but cell phones were, and it was a general understanding that we kept them down when the Marshalls were nearby, and tried to be discreet.  One of the security guys actually told me I should keep the thing in my pocket until he left, which was about 30 seconds. This went on for about 7 groups, and I got some FaceBook quality photos just so I could show my kids that I was there.  They still get some excitement out of daddy standing three feet from Phil Mickelson, and that kind of stuff.

Then it was time for Tiger and Tony Romo.  The send ahead security detail was about ten times what it had been for any of the other golfers, including the guys who were actually on the leader board.  Instead of 2 or 3 Marshalls on the green, there were 30.  Along with the TV cameras, came the militia announcing that there would be NO taking of pictures, not just while they were playing, but NO photos period.  Apparently Tiger is afraid that someone might steal his soul, oh I forgot, too late for that.  People all around were wishing him well, shouting “good luck; we love you Tiger,” etc…  Ah the selective memory. I wish him well, myself, but there just doesn’t seem to be much love coming back from him.  He totally ignored everyone, which is understandable I guess, but the Gestapo atmosphere was a bit oppressive.  It was tighter than when George W. Bush visited us at CityTeam a few years back.  We had our chairs right on the ropes at the edge of the green, but there were so many security people we barely got a glimpse of the golfers.  The general mood was certainly not the “humble Tiger” we had been hearing about on the radio lately.  Guess his Karma spoke for itself on the back 9 on Sunday where he bogied 4 in a row.

In stark contrast was coach Harbaugh.  When we walked in that morning, we had the good fortune of catching him at the putting green just before the first tee.  After his warm-up he stood signing autographs for a good 15 minutes.  When the fans were saying things like “thank you coach” or “”great season” all Harbaugh could do was thank them back, and say how blessed he was to have such a great team and such amazing fans.  Usually one to grab an opportunity for a quick sports related autograph, his generosity and openness left me speechless.  It was such an awesome feeling and display of human kindness, all I could do was watch.  It wouldn’t have been right for me to take any of his time away from the kids and little old ladies he was literally ministering to.  It was not a religious thing, but it really reminded me of the stories of Jesus and ‘suffer the little children unto me.”

 Observing a truly great man, who is that humble, is  inspiring.  After 15 years as a very successful pro quarterback, turning around USD and Stanford, and just winning the NFL “Coach of the Year” award, this is the man that had time for his people.

Tiger might take a page on public relations from Coach.  It would seem that he might need some friends on his way back down.


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