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Some Of The World’s Most Secure Locations

FortKnoxBusinesses looking to hire security contractors and other guard services may want to check out some of these locations.  These spots have some of the tightest security in the world.  They need to, because they often contain property and technology that is incredibly valuable to both governments and corporations.  A business can learn a lot from the way that these locations control the flow of human traffic in and out of their buildings.  You’ll want to hire a security team that can provide you with services that mirror some of the techniques used by these agencies.

Area 51 airbase:

The infamous location of the supposed alien spaceships that crash landed nearby.  This place does live up to the hype in terms of security.  Only authorized personnel carrying specific identifying documents are allowed even near the gated perimeter of this airbase.  The reason being is that the U.S. military regularly uses this facility for top secret technological testing, including training new air force pilots on some top secret pieces of aviation.  Most speculate that this is one of the premier centers for stealth bomber practice runs, which would explain why it is so hard for even military personnel to get through the front gate.

Fort Knox Gold Reserve:

This is a familiar location to anyone who is a fan of the famous James Bond movie series.  This massive repository of the nation’s gold reserve is located only a few miles south of Louisville, Kentucky.  But most people don’t realize that the banking center at this location actually operates underground inside the facilities basement.  To even get through the front door of this bank, you’re going to have to get through a 250-ton vault door that can be closed and tightly sealed.  Of course there are plenty of armed guards patrolling the surface level at all times, and you can’t even get close to that without an explicit permit documenting your reasons for coming.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD):

This facility is located near the town of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It is actually located inside of a mountain, and continues down to several underground levels.  Built during the Cold War era, its explicit purpose was to provide a command center for the United States in the event of a nuclear war.  It was designed to withstand a direct impact from an ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead, and is still estimated today to be virtually indestructible.  Even though the Cold War is over, the center still functions for various national security purposes.  It also helps serve as a command and data center for many of the country’s space missions.  It is considered one of the most restrictive bases in the United States.

No matter what kind of organization or business you operate, you can always learn a thing or two from the pros.  Even though you may not have the resources for an underground bunker embedded within a mountain, you can still learn some of its lessons.  Think about hiring security that can set up an access perimeter.  This can control the number of people who can reach some of the sensitive data locations you have set up around your business.

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