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Transport: A Dirty Business

So, you’ve turned your office into an eco-friendly haven, ensuring that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to become a more sustainable business, but it feels like there’s something you’ve forgotten… transport!

Business transport has a huge impact on the environment, the various types of shipping and transportation used by businesses increase greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions and oil pollution. Shipping aggregator, uShip, reported that, in Germany alone, 45.5 tonnes of Carbon and Greenhouse Gas emissions are produced by delivery vans and trucks.
What can we do as a business to offset this pollution?

The first step to making your business transportation climate neutral is working out how much CO2/Greenhouse gases your company produces through transportation. When you know how much carbon your business is responsible for producing you can look into options to offset this amount.
Many businesses are investing in climate-neutral projects to offset their usage, and many foundations that fund carbon-neutral projects crying out for sponsorship. Your investment will fund solar collectors, wind farms and other projects across the world.

Take a minute to think about your transportation options. What do you use? Have you ever thought about shipping via rail or water instead of by road? This small change could significantly reduce your emissions.

When shipping to local businesses, choose a local shipping company to reduce the amount of time delivery trucks will be on the road, subsequently reducing emissions.

Your employees can help too!
Suggest a car-pooling system and if you are using delivery trucks advise your drivers on the most environmentally friendly driving methods.

This post was written on behalf of the shipping aggregator, uShip. uShip recently announced that were offering 100% climate neutral transport across Germany, and Mainland Europe and also offer a ’man with a van’ service.


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5 Wicked Green Android Apps

When it comes to the environment, you can never be too careful. With the advancements in technology, it is now easier than to be green. There are a lot of great apps to allow you to have an eco-friendly phone, but these are the 5 green Android apps that everyone must have.

Eco Buzz Widget

With the Eco Buzz Widget, anyone will be able stay on top of all of the latest news concerning the environment. On top of this, the Eco Buzz Widget app informs you of any great organic items that are new to the market. News on the latest environment friendly cars is also available. The Eco Buzz Widget is great green widget because of the amount of information that the app is packed with.

Eco Charger

There are few things worse than wasting power by keeping electronics plugged into the wall when they do not have to be. Many people are guilty of this when they are charging their phone. They start charging the phone and do not remove for several hours, which much longer than is needed to fully charge the phone. The Eco Charger app informs you when your phone is done charging. A simple tone to tell you the charging is complete saves you from using unneeded electricity.

3rd Whale Mobile

The 3rd Whale Mobile app is great to help you in your effort to stay green. 3rd Whale Mobile was a very popular app for the iPhone, but has now come to the Android market. This app informs you on all of the latest green news, and also gives tips on sustainability. The 3rd Whale Mobile app has a database of all of the green businesses in the United States, which is great for anyone that likes to only shop at green locations.

Green Tips

Green Tips is a great app for someone that is just starting to live a green life. There are hundreds of tips that are available on how to stay green, with more coming in each day. This is a great way for someone to start to live a life that is friendly to the environment. Green Tips is one of the simplest green apps on the Android market, but it issues very important information.


The GreenYou app allows anyone to easily measure their carbon footprint. The only way to improve the environment is to have everyone limit their carbon footprint as much as possible. This is easily done with GreenYou because of the green plan that is available on the app. Green plan gives individual steps on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint. The plan is customizable to fit anyone’s personal preferences to allow everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.

Written by a Getting Greener By The Day Tech Head FirespinJay would ove you to come and say hi and also he loves to Fire Juggle so watch out you dotn get burned. Currently addiacted to his HTC phone and working for


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Green Business Transportation

Cutting carbon emissions has been the subject of much attention in recent years with the British Government vowing to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050.

There has been a resulting focus on energy consumption in businesses with various regulations and incentives for organisations to become, and remain, environmentally friendly.

Cutting the amount of energy used in the physical workplace, whether it is an office, hospital, educational establishment or otherwise, is one of the main ways for a business to become more eco-friendly.

Transport is another major area which can be adapted to embrace energy saving measures. If you have a fleet of cars which are used for business purposes then there plenty of scope to save both energy and money.

When purchasing company cars, make your selection based on fuel efficiency. This will not only save your business money but will have a significant impact on the emissions released. Car sharing could be another option worth considering. Think about whether or not each individual staff member needs their own vehicle for everyday business. If not, a car pool scheme could be the ideal way to save a hefty sum.

It can prove worthwhile to provide your staff with training for fuel efficient driving techniques. According to Business Link, men and women who have taken part in the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) training course save an average of £500 each year, simply by driving in a more energy efficient way.

Face to face interaction is important for business transactions but there may be instances where email or video conferencing can be used as opposed to travelling to make the visit in person

How your employees get to work is another area to consider when cutting energy consumption. Promote car sharing amongst employees and do everything possible to make the system accessible and easy to use. Ensure there are good facilities, such as showers or bicycle racks, for staff who cycle or walk to work.

If you are searching for new office space then look at locations in close proximity to public transport links. This encourages staff and anyone else visiting your office to make use of public transport instead of driving or taking a taxi.

The same principle can be applied to any business events being planned. Using an easily accessed venue will make it more likely that visitors will use public transport.  

Many organisations are introducing travel plans to reduce car use and increase energy efficiency, with funding and incentives often available. The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme offers a tax incentive to businesses that invest in energy saving equipment and there are numerous ways in which your business may be rewarded for adopting an eco-friendly approach to transport and other running costs, such as business electricity.

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