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New Technology is Increasing Your Custom Printing Options

Custom print jobs used to mean high rates per copy and skyrocketing marketing costs, however, like many print media based markets, printing companies have been developing new technologies that are allowing them to keep up with consumer demands in today’s digital world.  Custom printing companies are now able to provide their customers with more options at lower cost than ever before.

When you are shopping around for a printing company to contract for your business or personal printing needs you should consider hiring an online printing company.  By widening their customer base and not limiting themselves to businesses within a certain mileage radius, online printing companies can invest in the latest printing technologies.  These are a few of the features and services you should expect from a modern online printing company.

In the past, many small companies were restricted by tight budgets and had to settle for standard print materials.  Today, it is much more affordable to make custom requests that can really set your printed marketing materials apart from your competitors.  Altering the dimensions or shape of your printed materials is a great way to get the attention of customers and business partners.  For instance, changing the shape of your business card can create a conversation piece that will encourage the people you give it to to engage in further discussion.  At a busy convention, being that business that has the uniquely shaped business cards can create a buzz and increase the traffic to your booth.  If you are a magazine publisher, choosing a slightly larger or smaller size for your publication can create contrast on the magazine racks that will naturally draw people’s eyes to your magazine.  With new technologies print houses are able to offer alternate size printing at a much more affordable rate.

The number of copies businesses and organizations need to order has also drastically changed.  In the past when you ordered brochures or business cards you needed to order thousands of them to bring the cost down to a reasonable unit price.  With the ability to order smaller amounts of your printed materials you can update your information more frequently.  Instead of printing a generic flier for your company and hand writing in the dates of specific events, it is now possible to give your fliers a more professional look by having custom fliers printed for every sale or event.  Lower run number requirements also make it possible to order small batches of business cards to ensure that the information on them is up to date and that you do not get stuck trying to decide what to do with a closet full of business cards after your phone number changed or you switch offices.  Another benefit of placing smaller more frequent orders for your marketing materials is that you will not have to pay for expensive storage space to house them.

The paper options available today are also offering organizations and businesses another opportunity to set their materials apart from their competitors.  The standard option is often a white paper with a glossy finish.  Choosing this option will give your materials a clean fresh look.  For a softer or more formal document you may want to choose a linen or textured paper.  For companies that are trying to improve their environmental impact there are also a number of recycled paper options and Eco-friendly inks.

Conquest Graphics is an online printing company with 85 years in the commercial printing business. They specialize in eco-friendly printing that is inexpensive and offers high quality printing processes and service.


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Considerations to Make When Sending Business Christmas Cards

Business Christmas cards have long been something business owners have turned to during the holiday season to help them show appreciation to their customers and business contacts, all while assisting them in drumming up a little more business. Yet before you buy, sign and stamp your next set of Christmas cards, take some time to consider these important thoughts.

Avoid Being Overly Religious

Even if you are a devoutly religious individual, your customer, client or business contact may not be. This is not the time to be overly religious. Choose a generic greeting, or tailor each card to the recipient. Of course, if your business is religious in nature, this consideration may not apply, but for most businesses a generic card works best. You simply cannot predict the religious preference of every recipient.

Consider Being Cost Effective

At first, holiday cards seem to be a very small expense in your overall business budget. Yet, when you incorporate the time necessary to prepare and send the cards, you may need to stop and consider whether or not you are doing everything as cost effectively as possible.

Etiquette states that it is best for you to personally sign each card. This is not that time consuming for a few hundred cards, but if you have thousands of cards to send it may become so. You may be better off investing in a printed greeting that includes your name, or buying an ink stamp made from your signature. Sometimes, sacrificing etiquette is important when you are trying to run your business efficiently.

Similarly, choosing a card specifically for each recipient, such as a Hanukah card for your Jewish contacts and a religious Christmas card for your Christian contacts, shows your attention to detail and the preferences of your customers. However, this takes time. If time is at a premium in your business, you may want to forgo this in favor of a more generic card that works for everyone.

Benefits to Consider

Sometimes, sending out business Christmas cards seems like an overwhelming task. When you start to feel this way, take the time to consider the benefits of doing so.

When customers and clients receive a Christmas card, it puts your business’s name in their minds. Later, when a customer needs the service that you provide, your name is going to be on the forefront of his or her mind, rather than your competitor that did not send cards. Some customers who have been putting off a call to you may even be prompted to do so when they see their card.

Business Christmas cards also show that your company is financially stable and successful. A struggling business is not going to have the money or time to send cards. Even though it is a commitment of time and resources, sending business Christmas card helps paint your business in a positive light, and this is a tremendous benefit.

Monique Trulson works for, an online retailer of wedding invitations, birth announcements, business Christmas cards and more.


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