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Aerographite: The Material Six Times Lighter Than Air

A revolutionary, lighter-than-air, material could mean significant strides in technology. The world’s lightest material is known as Aerograhite. It is hard to imagine anything being lighter than air, but air is six times heavier than Aerographite. To put it in perspective, Styrofoam is 75 heavier than Aerographite. The new material is four times lighter than its predecessor that held the world’s record for the lightest material.

To register two-tenths of a milligram on the scale, one cubic centimeter of material is required. Water is over 4500 times denser than Aerographite. Hamburg University of Technology, Kiel University and a group of scientists from these German learning institutions are credited for these advancements in technology. The material conducts electricity and may be used for car batteries in electric cars and electric bikes. In the future, the material may also be used in invisibility cloak technology.

Aerographite is also capable of being stretched without compromising the materials integrity. The material can be compressed to one-thirtieth of its original size without degrading its ability to withstand heavy loads and conduct electricity. After being compressed by 95 percent of its original size, the material will return to its normal state with no damage at all. Aerographite is so strong that it can withstand 40,000 times its own weight.

The material gains its strength from a network of carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes are interwoven into a tight mesh at microscopic levels. This allows technology to expand beyond its current boundaries.

Other Benefits of Aerographite
Aerographite Does Not Register on X-rays. Many experts believe Aerographite is an excellent candidate for invisibility cloaks since it conducts electricity, is lighter than air and does not register on X-rays.

Aerographite Repels Water. The material is hydrophobic which means it repels water. This characteristic has many implications in industrial environments where water is a concern. Waterproof clothing is one of the first ideas that came to mind.

Aerographite Absorbs Visible Light. Scientists are also excited by the implications that Aerographite absorbs visible light.

Light-Weight Enough to Be Used on Electrodes of Li-ion Batteries. Aerographite would reduce a car battery’s weight drastically. With ultra-light batteries and supercapacitors, electric vehicle design would become more streamline. This would improve the speed, stopping time and overall performance of the vehicle.

Aerographite May Be Effective at both Water and Air Filtration. Scientists speculate that the material may be modified and tailored to address both water filtration and air filtration. The process must be changed to accomplish this goal, but it is possible.

Consider How Aerographite Can Make a Difference in Your Designs
Aerographite is exciting to many scientists around the world who are searching for materials that will add functionality without the weight. Aergraphite is the answer, but further developments must be made before the use is wide-spread. It is hard to imagine that something so lightweight could have as many potential uses as scientists think Aerographite could have. As the technology becomes wider spread, many designers, engineers and others will make use of the material in their designs. Consider how the use of Aerographite could enhance your designs and life.

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