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The Internet’s Basic Premise

The advent of the internet was couched in the dissemination of information and to the widespread availability of the same. That it has morphed into a commercial tool, is but a side effect. However, this effect of the commercialization and the channel for marketing that is unprecedented has not diminished the value of the interned but instead enhanced it. The value of commerce has been combined with the expansion of information and that is exactly how search engines have viewed it.

The key to being top on search engines is to have content that provide copious amounts of information to users. To be successful it is a must to share knowledge with others and this act also has tremendous benefit.

As case in point, a dentist’s website should hold information that relates to tooth aches and remedies as well as tooth, dental and oral care. This then satisfies the intent of the internet which is to be a medium of sharing information. As an example when searching for any information, the page that usually comes out on top is something from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the very embodiment of what the internet was meant to accomplish; the sharing of information. Wikipedia is designed to share knowledge by people who have it to people who are in search of it. Every website, especially a dentist’s, should take this cue form Wikipedia.

Knowledge Base


When a concept for any site is drawn up, especially a professional site like a dental practice, it should be noted that volumes of information pertaining to all things oral and dental should be planned in a way that is easily categorizable and searchable.

A person who has a symptom would first like to understand what it is so searching for symptoms should be directed to the information page. Once a rudimentary understanding of the symptom is accomplished, a person begins to have faith in the site and recommendations for dental practices in the area to alleviate the symptom or eliminate the root of the problem can be suggested.


Remember that when you understand and utilize the spreading of useful information you are participating in basic premise and foundation of the internet. It is indeed why the internet has attracted literally billions of people to it.

As life grows increasingly complex there will only be greater need for relevant and useful information. When people search for and are  in need of the information about what you offer you will stand a greater chance to get their attention and gain their trust when you can provide the best possible information you are capable of developing.

Your author is Elliot Pearson, he enjoys writing and editing Dentist Identity, who provides dental website services and dental seo marketing for dentists worldwide.


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Marketing Fundamentals: Helping Your Patients

Thinking of new ways to increase the number of patients that you have can be extremely difficult especially since you were trained to be a dental practitioner and not a marketing specialist. But when it comes to building successful dental practices, sometimes it pays to go back to the basics of marketing.

Don’t Sell Instead Help

You only need to take a simple class in psychology for you to understand this marketing strategy. People, by nature, hate being sold something but what they do gravitate towards is being helped. One of the primary reasons why dentists find it quite difficult to lure in new patients is because their prospects feel as if they are only being manipulated to try out a service which does not even meet their expectations to begin with. So instead of focusing on making a sale, genuinely help your patients instead. At a loss for ways to help out your patients? Try out these tricks.


When you’re brainstorming for articles which you can include in your newsletters, go for something helpful rather than something which endorses specific services. For instance, you can think about one of the more common dental complaints of your patients, like sensitive teeth for instance, and come up with an article which details the many ways to solve the said problem. You can include products but make sure that you include thorough explanations for why you suggest such products.

Encourage Your Patients to Ask Questions 

One reason why patients aren’t always that eager to go for treatment is because they think that they’re only going to be ripped off. This is a general fear since they’re basically diving into something which they literally do not know anything about it. This is why to put them at ease, encourage your patients to ask questions. You can even help them out even more by pre-empting the questions that they are quite scared of asking like financing options and the possibility of doing treatment in phases.

Offer Alternatives

If you’re really intent on helping your patients, then maybe you can do so without having to burden them with an extremely hefty bill.There are some people that really need treatment but do not have enough money to opt for the best alternative there is. This is where alternatives come in really handy. Make sure that you explain the pros and cons for every treatment alternative so that your patients are fully aware off what they are opting into when they make their choice.

This post is by Elliot Pearson. He writes about Dental Office SEO and Dental Practice Marketing as a specialist for Dentist Identity.


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