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Moneywise Motivation: Employee Recognition on a Budget

Your employees are working to make ends meet and survive financially. But in addition to gaining financial security from their position at your company, they are also seeking many other factors. Pride, accomplishment, training and education are just some of the needs that your workers are seeking through their role. Although you probably wish to motivate employees with bonuses, higher salaries and gifts, your company’s budget might not always allow for such extravagance. Follow these easy suggestions to motivate your workers without cutting into your business’ limited budget.

Create a Community

Events for your employees don’t always have to include an open bar or expensive party. Instead, let your workers get involved in the planning and execution of a get-together and in-office party. Setting up a theme and encouraging them to bring snacks and dishes can be a good way to encourage comradery and community within your office, allowing employees some much needed downtime and responsibility in event planning without always footing the bill.

Make Break Time Fun

Break time can be a time your employees simply eat and get back to work. But making breaks fun can give your employees the mental break they need to return to work refreshed and rested. Games, contests, magazines and books can transform a break room from a mere cafeteria to a place where they can achieve true downtime.

Recognize Your Employees with Simple Words

Sometimes, the best way to let employees know that they are doing a good job is to simply let them know. Whether you decide to stop by their desk or cubicle and point out what it is that you appreciate about them or leave a kind note at the keyboard, everyone loves to feel appreciated. Additionally, if you let your workers know when they have done a great job; they may realize what expectations you have for them and repeat such accomplishments. Small items, like tickets to a water park or restaurant gift cards can also have a big impact as you seek low-cost methods of showing appreciation for a job well done.

Be Flexible

Employees with families sometimes struggle to achieve a balance between home and work life. By being a bit more lenient when it comes to offering flex hours or giving workers time off for holidays and days when school is out can show employees you care about their home life. A couple hours here and there can be very valuable as you seek to reward your employees and highlight their importance to your institution.

Carl works for Motivo Performance Group in Houston, TX. They design and implement custom employee recognition programs that are designed to improve company culture and increase financial success..


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