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What Your Business Cards Says About You

What Your Business Cards Says About You

Business CardsLike many things in life, all business cards are not created equally. For this reason, it is essential that you truly think about what you want your business card to say about your business when you are creating it with an online printer. After all, your business card is much like a good hand shake. In fact, it is a business card that usually allows someone to form their first opinions about you and more importantly your business. Keep reading below to avoid making business card mistakes that can allow people to develop a poor opinion of your business.

Create High-Quality Business Cards Online

The best way to impress your customers, potential customers, and those you are going to network with is to make sure you wow them with a high-quality business card the very first time you meet them. In order to be considered high-quality, a business card should not look like it was hastily put together. For this reason, you must take the time to proofread and edit your business card template. A quality online publisher will take care of using quality products and centering the information, but it is the business owner‘s responsibility to make sure everything is spelled correctly, and that all phone numbers and contact information is correct.

Negative Effects of  Poor Business Cards

Consequently, if your business card contains noticeable errors, your customers and contacts will notice, which will give them a negative reaction to your business. In fact, customers and networks may think that you rush through your work and can’t be bothered with details if you pass out a business card with erroneous information. Also, if you try to create the business cards yourself on a home printer, they will likely look cheap, and unprofessional, which will reflect poorly on your business.

For the reasons listed above, it is incredibly important that you take the time to proof your business card template, and order from a high-quality online business card publisher.

Positive Effects of Stellar Business Cards

On the other hand, if your business card immediately wows customers, potential customers, and network contacts, you will make a great first impression on these people. A great first impression means that when the need arises, people are likely to contact you first.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your business by passing out less than stellar business cards. Instead, make sure you deal with a quality online printer who will ensure that your business cards are professional and useful.

Once you have created the perfect business card for your business, make sure to choose an online printer who will save your information for you. This way you don’t have to recreate your information every single time you need a fresh batch of cards.

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Guest post by David Dobson – Using my 30 years of experance in the printing industry to pass on information on business card printing


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How To Use Facebook To Draw Excitement For Your Upcoming Trade Show


Trade shows are an exciting time when industry leading companies and experts come together under one roof to promote their offerings. Yet, they can be challenging to market to prospects who may be interested in the information as many trade shows are advertised in limited groups. Trade shows can be expensive and time consuming to market because they are oftentimes huge events involving large groups of vendors all competing for business.

However, social media tools such as Facebook have become a cost effective and useful method to invite others who are not directly related to trade show publications. This makes Facebook a great way to draw attention to upcoming trade shows, months in advance, across multiple online networks. Here’s how to start using Facebook for trade show marketing.

Create a branded, group Facebook page for the trade show network.

Your very first step as a social media marketer is to develop an actual group page on Facebook that displays the trade show information in all its blazing glory. You’ll want to develop a nice header image and a logo that tells others in an instance what your trade show is about and how it can benefit attendees. The idea is to stand out from other trade show producers by developing an online brand that captures the essence of your industry and your expertise as a trade show manager.

Integrate the Facebook page with other advertising methods.

Once you have your Facebook group page established, you can then start sharing it with all of your networks. A good way to do this is to add a Facebook button to all your other marketing materials, like your website, your print promotional items, and even letters you send out to potential vendors. If you run radio or television ads, make sure to mention you are on Facebook and to follow you for exclusive updates.

Schedule vendor events prior to the trade show date.

Facebook is an ideal platform for creating trade show events and inviting others to learn more. Take the time to plan events months in advance with a monthly vendor webinar to explain the benefits and opportunities at the trade show. Offer special deals that are exclusive for participants, such as reduced table fees and marketing premiums. Create a buzz around upcoming trade show events and ask your social followers to share with those who may be interested in being part of your network.

Use the Facebook page to share trade show information and images.

In addition to the other methods you use to advertise your trade show events, your Facebook page is the ideal place to share lots of exclusive information, imagery, and offers to your followers. Post at least daily about your trade shows, how successful they are, what vendors are attending, and your focus on building quality events for businesses to launch their offerings. Get in front of your market through strategic posts by region and industry.

Any trade show can benefit from exposure on Facebook as well as other forms of social media promotions. Take the time to develop a brand across all your marketing methods, but be sure that you share your Facebook account to draw the right people to your events.

About the Author: Thomas has been writing about trade show topics for companies like Nimlok Online for more than a decade. When not writing, you can find Paul at home with his family or training at the gym for his next triathlon.


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Does a Help Desk Software Application Provide Help?

In Customer Relationship Management, one of the critical elements of a business is customer service, the key aspect of which is to provide timely assistance to the customer when required. When a customer calls for help, the help desk representatives and customer service personnel will be able to help the customer by providing quick and accurate solutions with the use of an efficient held desk software application.

Typical Functioning of a Help Desk

Help desk representatives mostly rely on databases and spreadsheets to access customer information. When a customer calls for help, the representative usually locates the customer’s purchases, contact information, and order history. The representative may have to take note of the information provided by the customer, and then open the database and spreadsheet containing the customer’s history. This process may take up to five minutes, depending on the speed of the computer in use. The representative may have to fetch information from another department, during which time the customer is placed on hold. After nearly 10-15 minutes, the representative may have to inform the customer that further investigation is, and that the representative will have to call the customer at a later stage.

Wasting the customer’s time in this manner may be detrimental to the company. The customer may decide to search elsewhere for friendlier and less time-consuming service. Losing a customer may be the last thing that a business needs when trying to deliver efficient customer service.

How Help Desk Software Helps?

With proper help desk software, a help desk representative can easily and promptly attend to the customer’s query. It allows the representative to pull up organized information about a specific customer immediately. Help desk software programs that offer self-service options are available, which may reduce the total number of representatives required in a company. Such programs help businesses by providing problem resolution options to the customer, knowledge management, call tracking, and call management. Some help desk software applications can be integrated with several popular business applications and phone systems. These programs can be used to augment a company’s existing customer service strategies and help desk applications.

Retain Your Customers

Help desk software is considerably helpful when dealing with customer relationship management. Not only does the software help to manage user data and information, but it also helps to route inquiries and calls to the appropriate people, who can make the relevant decisions. By streamlining the customer service experience, help desk software makes the operation more efficient for both the customer as well as the business. This helps to retain customers, thereby making the business more cost effective.

Helping an existing customer is considerably more cost-effective than seeking a new customer. All businesses may not equally benefit from help desk software; however, there is no doubt that the software provides companies with improved methods of helping their customers. Sustaining customer relationships and supporting your business can be simpler by using technology that enhances the customers’ experience when they contact a company for assistance.

Jacob Jackson works for one of the leading developers of online CRM – WebCRM. He also blogs a lot about this topic at the official WebCRM Blog.


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It continues: How to defraud a bank, or steal your own money?

Security is a joke.  In my last blog I related the sophisticated scam that basically had me divulging my security information to my Chase Visa.  As I mentioned, I called into the company and had customer service verify that the form had come from them before I filled it out.

When I did fill it out and it bounced, I returned to be forwarded to technical support where the  information was quite different:  there was a virus in my computer and it had indeed been compromised.

Thanks to trial-ware from AVG my little  workstation is now virus free and my accounts secure, right?  Well my credit card may or may not be (TBD), but my bank is giving me nightmares.

Last Thursday when the great security information heist occurred, the credit card canceled and my initial hysteria somewhat abated, my bank was called.  There were great assurances that the current security information would be rendered invalid My mother’s maiden name (never did like it anyway) and my Social Security number were to be expunged from all existing, or pre-existing, records and a new Steve Ulrich would appear before the great financial stagecoach of Wells Fargo – therefore the rest of the world as well.

Sound good?  My trip to the bank was fairly uneventful as the request was processed by a young pert “employee of the month” type loan officer.  She recorded the entire solid tale, documenting the 8×10 color glossy photographs with the circles and arrows….. (sorry Arlow) in fine form and had me on my way in no time.  She offered to send me my new checkbooks and account information through the US Mail, I declined, opting to fetch them in person yesterday.

The approaching moment of my appointment to become financially whole again, combined with my new “low fat” diet, had my heart racing like a hamster on a treadmill.  She produced a checkbook, savings deposit book, and a cute smile.  I inquired as to the status of my investment account and was informed that this could now be handled online, that the security status of that had been taken off hold, and that new ATM cards were in the mail and would arrive at my home (whether I was there or not) within three days with the new PIN number sent in a separate mailing to the same mailbox.

The thing that scared me the most was the following:

  1. The mail is delivered at noon, I arrive home from work around 6:00 pm every day.
  2. The information that was compromised included my address
  3. My internet account was re-activated

I guess I’ll try the supervisor of the customer service desk today to see if all of this can be undone and my funds protected.  Wish me luck, and the same to you.

They thought my grandmother eccentric for stuffing $100 bills in her mattress  – HUH!


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