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How To Create An Office That Will Make You Money

money-changing-handsWhen considering redesigning your office or buying a new one completely, you may get a little overwhelmed by quite how much it’s all going to cost.

The price of hiring a professional to help you do the best job possible, as well as the materials, labour and admin costs can all add up.

However, there is not enough emphasis put on the importance of a well-designed office – the costs of redesigning or moving offices can actually create profitability in the long run…

Not only will a modern, unique office show clients and staff that you care about the environment in which you work, but it will also show that you are responsive to current trends and understand today’s market.

Having a new and modern office design will also boost staff morale and allow staff to feel as though they are part of a brand.

So, what do you need to consider when designing an office, in order to make it profitable?


Lighting is a great way of creating an illusion of space, but can also act as decoration for your office. A bright-coloured, oversized or unique lamp is a great way of adding a quirky edge to your office design and could act as a conversation starter when you invite clients into the office for a meeting.

Window shopping

The general rule is that you should never leave your windows bare, traditionally you should have some sort of blinds or curtains up. However, a new trend of bare windows has come into fashion, creating more of an industrial look. If you are conscious about having bare windows, however, you can opt for quirky blinds or curtain, but keep them light coloured to allow natural light to easily shine through.


No office is complete without a piece of art. Whether it’s a print or an original, no wall should be left bare without a piece of art. Again, art is a great conversation starter and talking point that people will always have an opinion on.

All the small things…

Indulge in the small things like beautiful vintage cups for tea and coffee (perhaps reserve these for meetings, as opposed to everyday use!), cloth napkins for lunchtimes or a quirky fruit bowl. Investing in these things will be worthwhile, because these are the things that people will remember about your company. It’s those finishing touches that might just win you the contract over your competitors.

Metre Squared Interiors specialises in office fit outs and office design in London. They’re experts in creating an office that will suit your business and boost your profit. 



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What Would Your Dream Office Look Like?

mbg7The truth is: my office space is cluttered. It has fluorescent lights. My chair gives me back ache and my tiny screen make my eyes strain. Sounds lovely doesn’t it. But does it sound familiar?

If so, that’s unfortunate for both you and your company. The bare facts state that the less aesthetically appealing your surroundings are at work, the less productive you are.

Quick, go tell your boss! Then hurry back and read what your dream office could look like, and how it could help you in more ways than you thought.


Let’s face it, open plan is in, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Some studies show that open plan offices lead to a 62% decrease in productivity and an increase in sickness.

The Google offices feature an open plan environment, which is effective for them because they brainstorm and team build all day long.

In smaller companies, this wouldn’t work as well. The dream office would be spacious and definitely not gray. Plain white, cream or deep greens are the winners here. They are classy and promote a better work environment.


According to surveys taken, employees are less productive when their offices are either too hot or too cold.

That’s why temperature control is so important. There are all kinds of thermostats available for the office setup. But if it were up to me, it would be an air curtain  which keeps heat in and uses 72% less electricity, implementing climate control at the door.


Natural lighting is definitely tops. Throw those fluorescents out the window. They lead to eye strain, headaches and lack of focus.

This means windows and lots of them. Natural light is responsible for a 16% increase in productivity. The classiest offices have circular or wall length windows, looking out on the city surrounds. Simple, elegant and effective.


Clutter and disorganization muddle up the office and the mind. That’s why a proper filing system is crucial, and I’m not talking about heavy duty grey block filing cabinets. No, something sleek and refined is what you should be aiming for.

How about a rich wood vertical cabinet or (for the more futuristic look) the Perspex cabinet which enables you to see what’s filed where?


Let’s talk chairs. The ladder backs are out and the comfortable swivels are in. No more steel frames without cushions please, it’s time for a change which looks a lot like this:

Comfortable, adjustable, easy to get around. This chair has adequate neck and back support and keeps the occupant focused and happy. There are other snazzier versions on the market, but many of them are strangely shaped and don’t provide as much comfort.

You can’t beat the classics and this bad boy does the job as well as you’ll do yours.

Break time!

Okay, not technically part of the office, but just as important. Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be as bad for your health as chain smoking.

This means you should get up and take a walk around once in a while.


We’ve established that the office should not be cluttered, but one devoid of aesthetic value decreases efficiency. A conundrum, you cry? Never fear.

Minimalistic, elegant and clean is what you want. Keep the space open for your walking breaks. That’s why potted plants, wall-hangings and calmer abstract paintings are what I’d go for.

There you have it: my dream office. Clean, elegant, with lots of natural light, a comfortable swivel, temperature control, plants and abstract art, chic filing systems and vibrant, refined color themes.

What would your dream office look like? Let us know in the box below.

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Caitlin is a writer and single mum, who enjoys organizing her messy workspace once a year. That’s why she likes blogging about interior design and clean spaces. She blogs for Applied Workplace.


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How to Create a Great Office Space

Setting up your office isn’t just about getting a place, throwing in the workstations and setting up the telephone lines. Yes, the wiring and electrical fittings are important but utilizing the entire space properly is as important, if not more. The way an office is setup helps create the atmosphere within. From a casual work atmosphere to something that’s completely professional and business-like, the atmosphere can be controlled by what you put in that office and where.

So if you are planning to setup your office in Brisbane, then here are some ways to make it look inviting.


When picking your location, for an office, in Brisbane, you need to consider the way the location will affect your staff’s performance. A long commute, to and from, will ensure that they are already tired before they reach the workplace. Making sure that the office is centrally located, giving everyone easy accessibility, is of prime importance.

When choosing the location, price also becomes a major factor. If you are planning to buy office space, then you might find it a massive one-time cost that has to be borne by your company. Instead, taking up space on lease is the best and quickest way to start off. Whether you buy or lease your space, you need to build it up and, that means, your budget must be able to handle both aspects.

The Air

Your organization’s values and principles are reflected by the way the interiors feel. There should be enough space for moving about and a lot of ventilation. Space gives everyone freedom to walk about, whether to other people’s desks or just to the other parts of the office. It also removes that sense of a constricted working environment that most offices suffer from.

An open space with a lot of light ensures that everyone’s minds stay fresh and a constructive mentality flows through the room. The location of the office is also important and if you haven’t picked one yet, then look for something that has, preferably, a nice view or big windows. The illusion of space that large windows create cannot be achieved in a closed office, even with wide-open spaces within.


In general, cubicles are about 8 x 8 feet in size. If you feel that there is a lot of space wastage, a minor modification to, say, 6 x 8 feet can create more space and still give employees enough room to work in. Every department needs to have its own space and individuality, which helps differentiate it from the rest. By partitioning the office space into smaller cubicles, you allow for more cubicles to be added in, as well as create more room in the aisles to separate sections of the office.


When you get an office space, you are likely to get an air conditioning system that also purifies the air. However, adding in plants always gives you that added air-cleaning device, one that also makes the office look good. Most offices have dull carpets or walls, with cubicles and pillars also built along the same parameters. Find some great locations to keep potted plants, big and small, and break up the monotony of the colours and give your office some freshness.

Setting up an office is something that most companies tend to look superficially at. To get the best out of any employee, creating an atmosphere conducive to work is of utmost importance. Whether you are a design firm, an investment bank or even an aged care home in Brisbane, you need to ensure that the environment encourages your employees to come in and give their best every single day.


Preston is an interior designer who specializes in space management for offices and homes around Brisbane. Having studied about the effects of energy and space efficiency and how the average office can do much more with they have, Preston went on a crusade to help organizations use their office space better. From creating space to improving their heating/cooling bills, Preston has helped many banks, small businesses and homes for aged care, in Brisbane, in their bid to attain maximum efficiency from their floor plans.


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Chic Cubicle Decor for the Adventurous Minded Employee

Your office cubicle doesn’t need to be boring or dull. With a little bit of imagination and some decorating savvy you can transform your office compartment into a cosy retreat.  Cubicle decor comes in different sizes, forms and means and there is not specific way of going about it

One thing to keep in mind before you go ahead with decorating the wall of your cubicle is that you don’t won’t it to look like a teenager’s bedroom or a public bathroom. Covering every inch of your workplace with scraps and scrawls will only make your space seem smaller and won’t result in an attractive finish.

The dos and don’ts of office decor


  • Do include a colourful plant in your cubicle. A poinsettia, with its bright red leaves, will definitely bring that much needed touch of colour and natural allure to your cubicle.
  • Do pick out interesting wallpaper for your compartment wall. Unlike an office with proper cement walls, you can’t paint a cubicle. Wallpaper is your solution to overarching colours and designs to your workplace.
  • Do ask your employer to invest in a modular cubicle design. It’ll modernise the entire office space and move away from classic Taylorism; a design best left in the past.
  • Do look into interesting collage arrangements as a focal point for your space. Photos are the personal touch of choice for many businesspeople.
  • Do look into interesting jars for utilities that cause potential clutter on your desk. Be it glass or pastel plastic, a jar can lend a rustic feel to your corporate space.
  • Do pick a mousepad that suits your personality. They come in different colours, shapes and are inexpensive. They are a perfect way to start off your cubicle office decor.


  • Don’t include cubicle decor that could potentially become clutter. Your design plans should alleviate disorder not instigate it.
  • Don’t in any way, shape or form use glow in the dark glue or glitter. They’re difficult to remove and are a source of glitzy schmaltz.
  • Don’t put poster up. Posters are for love-struck teenagers that aren’t aware that they’re staining their walls.

Don’t put up a pinboard. In a small space, a pinboard is a potential danger and a probably irritation. If you accidentally bump it you could poke yourself and if you brush it you could knock some of your pins off.

Can it really be done?

Cool cubicle decor ideas can transform your workplace into a trending space. When your boss starts eyeing your compartment you’ll realise that inspiring design can make any dull desk or wall an avant-garde marvel.

Don’t be put off by your the present look and feel of your cubicle decor. Dull and boring can be swept under the rug with just a few tweaks and additions.

Bella Gray is a burgeoning professional who has moved up the ranks and loves to give office decor tips that she’s tried and tested in her own cubicle and present exectuive suites. She is an innovative employee who is passionate about the marketing industry and her serviced office China.


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For Productive Office Design; Feng Shui Your Work Space

Since we spend most of our time in an office environment it is vital that office design promotes a stress free and comfortable environment, conducive to productivity and efficiency.  In order to achieve such a space, many office managers and individuals are drawing on wider scopes of knowledge to achieve the best office design. One such influence is Feng Shui. For those not familiar with Feng Shui it is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy that uses the laws of Chinese astronomy and the earth to improve health and good fortune. In its application is combines science and art, and consists of a complex body of knowledge that guides people on how to balance energy in an inhabited space. Based on the Taoist outlook and understanding of nature, the idea is that the land is a living entity with its own energy.

Whether you believe in ancient Chinese principles or not, there is no doubt that there are some basic elements of Feng Shui that can improve office layout design. Feng Shui knowledge can be applied to either your entire office interior design, open plan office design or to individual cubicles and office partitioning, to improve an office and increase well-being at work. Important Feng Shui questions to ask about your office design are: What is going on behind your back? What is the first thing you see when you come into the office? What is happening in the different ‘bagua’ (eight) areas of your space? All these questions and their relevance to office interior design and worker health will be answered below. This article will discuss how you can use Feng Shui to improve your private cubicle or office space separated by wide span or similar office structures.

Feng Shui for Private Cubicle

Although sometimes detested, the office cubicle offers the advantage of having your own space where you can apply your own Feng Shui adjustments to your office design. According to Feng Shui your office space should ideally have a regular shape (square or rectangular), natural lighting and a solid door that can be closed as well as good positioning for your desk. Although some of these conditions are not possible in a cubicle, there are some Feng Shui principles that can be applied to shift the balance and energies of your office space.

The most important priority is to ensure that the entrance to your cubicle is visible. If possible try adjusting the cubicle office design and seating position to face the entrance. If this is not possible, place a medium sized mirror in a frame or stand so that the entrance is reflected. Having a view of the entrance is a basic human need and anxiety is reduced if you satisfy this necessity.

Secondly, it is vital that you bring living and flowing energy into your office design to compensate for the lack of space and constant foot traffic that passes by. Bring an odd number of plants to your cubicle to improve your office design to stimulate energy and uplift your mood. With regards to Feng Shui, these office design ideas are only the tip of the iceberg and it’s recommended that you do further research into the rich and rewarding world of Feng Chui.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business ides and tips and aims to educate readers on how to be comfortable, productive and efficient in their work.


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