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Twitter for business? What a no-brainer, literally!

I’ll have to admit, I was one of the early haters.  I had friends that would twit in the morning because they brushed their teeth.  The one historical entry “ coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, (about 10 more times, then…)  yes please!” is still number one on my Darwin list.  I digress.  Despite the initial rather juvenile applications that the twit-o-verse seemed to attract, practical Malthusian laws were soon to prevail.

The “my dog’s breath smells” postings (who’s authors were soon hidden or “un-followed”) began to give way to posts like:

INTERNET: Jajah, the internet phone company that was snapped up by Spanish telecom giant Telefonica for … [NYTimes]  from my good buddy @andressilvaa in Santiago Chile

I can click on this link and learn all about it.  I can click on links for company press releases, for job hunters and hiring managers alike.  I can send tech links for product releases or schematics and drawings to my field engineers… the list is endless.

In preparing a course for a group of executives I found the true power of this tool, and it is amazing.  I use it to broadcast my blogs and I never even have to touch the platform. It is linked automatically to my WordPress account, tweets to my flock, and posts automatically to my LinkedIn updates.  With this simple platform I feel like I have the communication power of a Super Cray (remember those?) on my iPhone.  No company should do business without tapping into this!

If you would like a copy of the slide deck, please email me at: and I would be happy send you the link.   Better yet DT me @steveulrichmktg.


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