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Planning A Business Function On A Budget

A business function is a great way to meet potential new clients as well as showing the ones you already have how much they are appreciated. Alternatively it could be a great way to show your staff a well-earned good time and pay them back for the hard work they do for your company.

Either way though you need to ensure that you don’t go overboard and lay on a lavish evening when you really can’t afford it. Times are tough for businesses all over the world at the moment and therefore you will probably wish to put on a pleasant event without breaking the bank. Here are some great ideas for planning that all important business function on a budget.

Guest List –

If you are trying to keep the costs to a minimum then this often depends quite a bit on how many people attend your event. You will obviously want all the important people to be there but you may want to consider whether you allow them to bring their partners or not. Making it a function solely for them is a great way of cutting your guest list in half nearly and will mean you can do more networking as they are more likely to mingle whilst away from the comfort of their respective plus ones.

Entertainment –

At these types of events entertainment usually comes in the form of music but this is also the perfect place to keep costs to a minimum. Consider foregoing a DJ and arranging the music yourself with the help of some speakers and an MP3 player. With the technology available today you should be able to pre-set the music you want and allow it to play through without being continually monitored.

If alternatively you want to impress and entertain your guests with some live music then you could cut costs by only having the band play for a short while. Jazz music is great to have in the background at these formal occasions and jazz band hire will look the part without breaking the bank.

Food –

Although the catering is one area where you can afford to limit costs somewhat; it is important that you still put on a good spread or your guests. The last thing you want is for potential business partners to be leaving your function with a bad taste in their mouths, literally. For most occasions you should be able to get away with a simple buffet but try not to scrimp too much on the quality of the food. It is better to have less food of a high quality which people will love than loads of tasteless food which will leave people wishing they had eaten before they came out.

The Business Potential –

Ultimately the best way to ensure that your function is financially viable is to make sure you get some future business as a result of it. Therefore you should mingle as much as possible and try to spread the word about your company; gaining new contacts as you go. If you end up gaining a couple of yearly contracts from the event then the money outlaid will definitely be worth it.

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Chris Mayhew understands the need to budget everything effectively within a business. He is working on behalf of Sax and Honey who are a professional jazz band available to hire for weddings and business functions.



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