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3 Ways to Improve Business Creativity

Anybody who says that only certain people are creative is wrong. Everybody is creative in their own way and just because someone’s creativity may not be as obvious as someone else’s, it should still be encouraged in a similar way. Creativity is important in many different areas of your life; it can keep a relationship fresh and exciting, it can help with hobbies and interests and it can definitely help in the business world.

Most employers would rank creativity very highly on a list of attributes that their potential employees should have and nearly all business owners would like to say that there work force is full of creative ideas. However, this is not often the case as employees can feel reluctant to express themselves creatively at work for many different reasons.

Now more than ever, business need to find new ways of developing and growing as a company and creative employees are sure to help with this. Here are a few ways you can increase the creativity, and therefore the productivity in your work place.

Encourage Interaction

A lot of business owners and managers will set their work environment up in a way which, in their own view, will get the most out of their employees and therefore promote productivity. However, the thought process behind this can often be misled. Arranging the desks in an office so that nobody is facing each other or separating each individual into their own cubicle may not be the best way to promote good work; especially when thinking about creativity.

Creativity works on a basis by which an idea is conceived and then developed by a process of discussion and manipulation. This cannot happen if your workforce is not encouraged to interact with one another. As long as the conversation remains focussed; ideas will be allowed to develop and flourish in a productive environment.

Have Regular Meetings

It may sound strange to anybody working in a small company but people working in many of the larger corporations are likely to never have met most of the other people that work within the business. Whether it’s just between all the people in a single department or whether it involves many different areas of your company, getting your workforce together for regular meetings can really improve creativity in the work place.

They will be able to find out how things work in different areas of the business and in different branches which in turn may give them some ideas for the area in which they work. It will also give everybody an opportunity to discuss any ideas or concepts that they might have with like-minded people and people that are well informed to be able to give them feedback.

You could even take your employees on regular courses that help to improve their creativity. Creativity can be learned and developed in someone, even if they don’t regard themselves to be a creative person. These courses will help to improve creative thinking and brainstorm facilitation.

Have an ‘Open Door’ Policy

Although this may sound like something you might hear a cheesy boss say in a movie or a sitcom, having an open door for your employees is a great way to encourage the creativity inside them to thrive. If they feel like they cannot approach their manager with any ideas they have, that idea may never have the chance to develop.

If you encourage your workforce to come to you with any ideas or potential advancements they may have for the business then you may be surprised with the results. No idea is bad and even if you don’t like the things that your employees are thinking up, just knowing that they can speak to you about any thought they might have will encourage them to be more creative in the work they do.

This article is written by Chris Mayhew on behalf of Now Go Create. Visit their website today to see how their creativity training can improve brainstorm facilitation and creative thinking for your business.


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Your Secret Wealth

Secret wealth is not so secret, if you consider that innovation has made many people into millionaires.  How you might wonder can this be? It is not a mystery.  Creativity and finding new ways to solve old problems typically improves things for everyone.  Every advancement in human society has come from  the individual who has sought to solve an old problem in a new way.  This is innovation.  And innovation is in high demand right now.

Being creative in the workplace is one way to unlock your personal secret wealth.  While you need to use this creativity wisely, within the rules that are established, sometimes approaching your boss with a new solution to a problem can improve overall moral and how work is accomplished within the workplace. When the corporate culture does not encourage innovation then it becomes a dead environment that is dreary to work in.  As the pace of business accelerates it becomes very important to be creative and innovative in problem solving.  Doing things the same old way because “we have always done them” that way is not necessarily the most effective method.

What then is your secret wealth?  It is creativity. Plan and simple.  Tap into this and you can develop ideas and problem solving innovation that improves not only your life but the lives of those around you. You see signs of this everywhere, from the way we communicate to how we stay entertained. Every advancement in society started with innovation and someone seeking a way to solve a problem in a new way.

We might think that everything to be solved has been solved, every problem that we personally can correct has been corrected.  This simply is not true.  Every day we run into a million little problems, from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep.  Picking a problem at work to find another solution to is only one way to make yourself tap into your hidden wealth.  The individual who comes up with the next craze or fad will sit down and solve a common problem with some unexpected innovation.  This could be you.  All you need to do is find a problem in your interests and seek an innovative solution to it.

It is not harder work that makes someone who is rich have that financial windfall.  Nor is it better smarts, education, or talents.  What it is – creativity.  Finding your secret wealth and attaining your goals is as simple as being innovative.  We all have the potential, we just need to tap into it.  Believe that your ideas have merit, you can come up with new solutions to existing problems that are better then the old method used to deal with it, and then be open to the benefits that come your direction from that creative moment.

It is simple.  Give innovation to the world, help those around you with creative solutions to their problems, and reap the benefits from your work like never before. That is your secret wealth.

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