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The least narcissistic CEO in America runs VMWare



VMWare CEO Patrick Gelsinger is the least narcissistic CEO among the top 100 companies in the U.S., according to an analysis of quarterly earnings calls that counted how many time each boss used personal pronouns such as “me” and “we.”

The findings, based on natural language analysis technology, will allow researchers to stack up narcissistic tendencies against company performance to determine if self-centered CEOs help or hurt the bottom line.

“Is narcissism, generally viewed as a personality defect, actually a good thing?” said Professor Alex Frino, dean of Australia’s Macquarie Graduate School of Management. “Does the world in fact need more narcissistic CEOs? Or is it a trait we should be actively teaching future leaders to avoid?

Gelsinger took over at Palo Alto-based VMWare in September 2012 after turns at EMC and Intel. The company’s shares have remained essentially flat over the last 12 months. VMWare increased profit in the quarter ended Sept. 30 by 66 percent to $261 million. Revenue rose 13 percent to $1.29 billion.



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