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Richard Branson VS Donald Trump; Substantially Differing Men

When there is talk of two powerhouses of business and entrepreneurship, the general consensus surrounds two big names; Donald Trump and Richard Branson. Both are business moguls and innovative entrepreneurs in their own right and share immense success. Although both have created multimillion dollar empires and both share reality shows, they are also quite diverse. In this interesting article we look at both of these incredible men and how they differ, a Donald Trump VS Richard Branson if you will.

Richard Branson VS Donald Trump; reality show diverseness

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin King and Donald Trump, powerhouse of hotels, are actually incredibly different. Donald Trump, the big haired, loud talking American has his successful entrepreneurship show, Donald Trump; The Apprentice, where the mogul hires and fires people wanting to get a foot into the door to his empire. On the other side of the coin in a seemingly diverse program that has a to do with business but more to do with the persons courage and physical drive, Richard Branson’s biography may state that he has somewhat of a death wish, The Rebel Billionaire; Branson’s Quest for the Best, reflects this with contestants having to complete both business related and physically grueling challenges. The humble and relaxed billionaire will evaluate who will have the honor to take over as president of Virgin Worldwide. In the Apprentice, Donald Trump sits in his air conditioned castle delegating tasks to his minions while staying as far as possible from human contact, if possible he does not even shake hands with the contestants. Richard Branson on the other hand will be right there in the action. Encompassing an excited child, he will be present for all of the tasks and right there next to the contestants.

Richard Branson VS Donald Trump; diverse as men and in business ideals

Apart from being totally diverse in their reality shows, these two men are polarized opposites in character and business practices. Sir Richard Branson with his shaggy hairstyle, casual dress code and happy go lucky demeanor expresses his fun and daring exploits in The Richard Branson autobiography. Donald Trump on the other hand reflects a true Manhattan ‘fat cat’ in his tailored suites and his affluent apartment decked out in purely decadent designer attire. Apart from the diverseness in obvious appearances, Donald Trump and Richard Branson have business approaches as diverse as their appearances and characters. To simplify their business ideals, Donald Trump moves vertically in business ventures not straying from his main focus, real estate and his most important brand, himself. Richard Branson and his companies differ considerably. He moves horizontally and has managed to extend his Virgin Brand into many different market offerings and spheres.

Although it is a prerequisite for both of these business kings to have considerable egos, they differ in their projections of it. Richard Branson says that the person he most admires is friend Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump on the other hand, well let’s just say the person he most admires may be closer to home. Both of these men have created empires that will withstand the test of time and possibly another economic crisis, it is interesting to see that they are as diverse as any other two differing men and their different style created business empires tailored to them.

Jemma Scott is an avid writer of business figures from ones in London offices all the way to serviced offices Edinburgh.


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Ron Bruder; From Real Estate Developer To The Youth’s Advocate

Light from the dark

An interesting listing on the annual Times 100 most influential people list is a certain individual that caught our attention, Ron Bruder. When the city of New York was plunged into chaos with the September 11 happenings many people agonized over loved ones caught in the centre of the devastation and Ron Bruder was at the centre. On the day of the attacks Ron Bruder had no idea whether his daughter Jessica was dead or alive as she worked close to the World Trade Centre. His life was changed forever and so was his career path. From a successful real estate business in some office lease Tucson, Ron Bruder packed his bags and headed to the Middle East.

The light bulb moment

Ron Bruder a Jewish-American entrepreneur planted his roots as an extremely successful real estate developer enjoying many renowned projects, one being a successful integration and evolution of a electric generating plant in Manhattan to a residence. After the September 11 attacks his life was to change forever and so was his career. Instead of turning to resentment for the attacks, Ron Bruder instead embarked on a mission to go to the source and help in any way possible. He spent the next few years of his life travelling through the Middle East looking for ways to help and improve the situation. Through his travels he found a specific need for practical education programs and programs that taught high school and college graduates skills that they could utilize in the work place.

The Change

After Ron Bruder’s findings of the change needed he set off and set up the Education for Employment Foundation (EFE). He first introduced of the program was in Jordan for youths that are at risk and he taught them the skills to repaid air conditioning systems. Ron Bruder then brought the foundation to the war torn Gaza strip and West Bank where he taught engineers to become project managers. Other Middle Eastern and African countries that the foundation was set up in are Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and soon Tunisia. The success of Ron Bruder’s Education for Employment Foundation has seen substantial growth and continues to have the potential to change youth’s lives. In 2011 there were 1,300 graduates recorded and the predictions for this year are 2,000 graduates and 5,000 for 2013.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have now started to infiltrate into Middle Eastern countries and freedom of speech and expression is becoming more prominent in a incredible stringent society. Although these are ideals that the youths should be enjoying and partaking in, Ron Bruder is teaching them more important skills, the importance of finding and keeping productive careers and jobs when the protests and turbulence is over. Some of these youths may even enjoy some work abroad in some serviced office London or anywhere across the world.

Jemma Scott is an avid writer and explorer of influential and inspiring people.


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