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Physical Machine to Virtual Machine Conversion using VMware Converter

In this article, we will explain the physical windows system conversion into virtual machine using VMware Converter step by step:

  1. Start the VMware Convertor. Click the import machine button. As we are going to convert a Physical Windows System machine to Virtual machine, specify the source type as Physical Computer, in source login, select this local machine and in source data step select the drive.

2. In the next step of the Virtual Machine Name and Location Page of VMware Convertor Import Wizard, provide the virtual machine Name and click on browse button to specify the path where this machine will be saved. An easier way it to try to choose a network location , for instance the folders made with the name of Virtual Machines on the platform on which VMware Hosting server is implemented ( e.g.  newly created Linux / Ubuntu device )

3. Under the type of virtual machine to create: select Workstation 5. X or VMware Server or VMware Player and click on Next:

4. In case the desired destination directory is protected with a password, you have to provide the credentials like username and password.

5. In the next step of VM Options Page it asks you how would you like to create and use your disk, a nice option is to select is “allow virtual disk file”:

6. As you click on next on VM Options step, VMware Converter checks some settings:

7. On the Networks Page of Wizard method, configure various network preferences for the virtual machine as shown.

8. In the Modification stage you are able to do few customizations, however it’s not essential. In that case check out Next :

9. At the Ready to Complete Page, validate every preference once more , when these are fine, decide to click Finish :

10. The conversion process will start which will several hours depending upon the host machine speed, so please be patient.

11. Following screen appears after the conversion is finished:

12. To examine the information of the conversion, you might click on the activity progress tab.

13. Get started with Your Virtual Machine

Next check out the machine on the server where VMware Hosting server is present, e .g. Your current Linux PC or perhaps another Windows 7 laptop.

(Manuals for setting up VMware Hosting server on Debian Sarge as well as Ubuntu Dapper Drake are available over the Internet)

Import the Windows XP Virtual system into your current VMware Hosting server, then start this machine. Assuming everything proceeds properly, the Windows desktop will appear in VMware Hosting server:

14. A windows desktop screen will appears after windows loading is finished.

15. You can use this window virtual machine over the server just like your physical machine.

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Learn more about VMware please visit


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How To Revamp Your CRM In 2013

As 2013 rears its head you may want to start thinking about revamping your loyalty marketing program. Really take the time to see what worked in terms of profitability, customer satisfaction and customer retention. Clearly identify the weak links. Find out what part of your loyalty marketing is making little to no impact on your business. Then take the time to consider what can change. Here are some ways to boost your CRM for the next year.

Social Integration

If you haven’t included social media into your loyalty program, it is time to really evaluate how you can. Find out which social media channels fit into your overall program. Facebook is a great tool for many companies but might not be the right one for yours. It may even do some damage. Really take a look at all the options that will naturally fit your brand by identifying what your core customers already use.

Cleanup Your Look

It is important to balance evolution with consistency in your loyalty program. Don’t stay stagnant for too long because other companies are sure enough changing their look every year. Every year you should polish up your website, add new elements and fine-tune your program’s colors. This can lead to a whole new program for re-engagement and offer you benefits into the next year.

Cut Your Losses

Make the holiday season your last ditch effort to push inactive members to re-activate or reinvest. If you haven’t seen or heard from them by January, cut your losses. Use your time and energy getting new customers who will generate revenue.

Review Your Goals

Take a look at your bottom line and see if your goals are what your company needs. This may involve a huge overhaul in your company’s CRM but will yield terrific results in the next year. Often taking a look at the building blocks of your loyalty program can really help you identify its weaknesses.


Although you may have a solid program base where customers know how things work, it may be time to shake thing s up a bit. Experiment with subtle changes to see what really hits a nerve with your customers. It could be anything from a new benefit or a simple “Thank You.” Test on a small group of customers and see what works and what they appreciate. If you get any feedback, negative or positive, you’ll be more aware of what your customers like.

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Article courtesy of customer retention agency, Kobie Marketing.



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Five Tips for Making a Positive Online Impression

jobs_that_pay_40_per_hourJust because you’re running an internet business and not meeting your customers face to face, it doesn’t mean good service is unimportant. On the contrary, with so little to distinguish between so many faceless online operators, giving your customers something positive to remember you by is absolutely essential. But what can you do to make sure your customers recommend rather than forget you? Here are five ideas to give your business a boost!

1. Make sure they know what they’re getting

Buying online is not the same as buying in a shop: you can’t pick the item up, read the box, check the size or colour or ask the sales assistant for advice. Unless it’s a widely available product which people can find out about elsewhere, you’re going to be the only source of information they have. And, of course, if they have to go looking for information elsewhere, they’re just as likely to buy elsewhere – probably more so! Last but not least, make the description accurate, because if your customers don’t get what they’re expecting, they’ll just return the item. Then you really will be out of pocket, as you’ll not only have to refund the cost of their purchase, but you’ll still have to pay delivery charges both ways.

2. Offer them an incentive

People like to feel they’re getting a bargain – check the prices of your competitors and make sure you’re competitive; offer quantity discounts to encourage people to spend more; you could even give away a free gift with every order – it doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but it’s the sort of thing people remember!

3. Keep them informed

Make sure people know the status of their order at each stage of the process. Send an email to confirm you’ve received it, with an estimate of when you’re likely to dispatch their purchase. Send another email when you do dispatch, so they’ll know when it’s likely to get to them, also telling them whether they’ll need to be at home to sign for it.

4. Deliver to them safely and on time

You may not be making the actual delivery yourself, but you’ll still be held responsible if it goes wrong. Find a reliable courier that you can trust to make your deliveries on time and to treat your goods with respect. Good quality packaging materials are also important – even the most careful courier can’t guard against every eventuality. Going for the cheapest option in either case will nearly always be a false economy, because the money you’ve saved will soon be dwarfed by the lost sales and replacement costs incurred by a lost or damaged delivery.

5. Ask them to provide feedback

There are many places where your customers can tell the world about the service you’ve provided. If you’re selling on Amazon, for instance, you’ll probably already know what a positive effect a good rating can have on your sales. If you get a bad review, don’t ignore it – a well-handled complaint can make as good an impression as a perfect transaction, because it shows you care what your customers think. Other sites like Trustpilot are also good for generating positive word of mouth about your business, while social media sites allow you to engage with customers and let them know about new products and special offers.

About the Author: Dave Smith is lead copywriter and blogger at Davpack packaging suppliers. At the time of writing, Davpack has a lifetime rating of 96% on Amazon and a 97% rating on Trustpilot.



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5 Hottest Niches for New Business Startups

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Oklahoma Health Care Authority (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The desire to start a business is just the first step in success. Choosing the right business to start can mean the difference between success and failure. For those looking for businesses that are more likely to succeed, it may be helpful to look in these high demand sectors for startup ideas:


1. New Tech Trends


The face of the Tech industry is changing rapidly. New trends are moving toward iPhone apps and online services, rather than boxed software and game specific hardware. Sales of console games have been steadily declining while phone gaming apps and social networks have gone viral. Even office software suites are now online as a service and not installed on computers. Printing has changed as well. New 3D printers are selling well as print quality increases to a whole other level.


Best Tech Ventures


  • iPhone Apps
  • Software as a Service
  • Online Gaming Platforms
  • Social Network Gaming Platforms
  • 3D Printer Manufacturing


Online and Phone driven trends help small developers deliver apps without having to manufacture, package and market physical CDs. The entirely online format creates a far more level playing field for individuals and small businesses to compete with huge corporations. The timing is perfect for independent developers to create fun and useful programs to present as online services, games and apps in 2013.


2. Think Green


While most construction and materials have suffered a serious slowdown, sustainable green building is the one exception. With huge increases in the cost of electricity and traditional fuels, saving energy has become a means of economic survival that will rapidly pay for itself. No matter what effective means a family uses to increase energy efficiency, it will pay for itself in less than eight years.


  • Sustainable Green Construction
  • Green Remodeling and Home Improvement
  • High R-value Insulation
  • Green Building Materials
  • Green Energy Production
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • Aquaponics Technology
  • Solar Panel Manufacture


There is room within the green sector for a wide range of skills. Construction workers, craftsmen, would-be farmers, tech developers, inventors and engineers can all find a niche under the green umbrella. Most people find being part of the green revolution intensely satisfying as well as profitable.


3. Health Care and Wellness


America’s aging population has an ever-increasing need for health care services. Unfortunately, health care and insurance is very expensive. The demand for affordable health care services, wellness measures and ways to reduce health care cost is overwhelming. Hospital security technology and data management are also in demand. The interest in yoga has risen sharply in the 21st century. Millions of American doctors are actively indorsing yoga as an important step toward wellness.


  • Yoga Lessons, Books and Merchandise
  • Wellness and Holistic Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Online Glasses and Contacts
  • Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Sales
  • Health Care Technology
  • Medical Data Management and Security
  • Cognitive Fitness Apps to Combat Alzheimer


There are opportunities for people of many different backgrounds and educational levels to build businesses around good health. Both holistic and traditional medicines are in demand. The main point is affordability. Of course, all health care businesses must be safe, legal and appropriately licensed or certified.


4. Education and Consulting


The need for training and specialized expertise has increased dramatically in the last two decades. Many people are seeking new career fields, struggling with new technology and seeking a bit of motivation as well. It is hard for most people to adjust to the vast and rapid changes taking place. People long to be reassured, encouraged and advised by someone they feel confident in. There is also a need for educational materials including books and instructional videos.


  • Trade Schools
  • Universities
  • Education Technology
  • Self-Improvement
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Business Consulting
  • PR and Damage Control


There are many opportunities in the area of education and consulting. People should consider their experience and hobbies and then create courses and educational materials to help others learn new skills. Much of this type of work can be handled online, creating yet another work at home niche.


5. Food Products and Distribution


While traditional restaurants are a tremendously high-risk investment, many other food related opportunities are presenting themselves. The demand for candy, hot sauce and low-cost alcoholic beverages is soaring. Another trend is toward food vans and food trucks that serve fast food on routes. Taco trucks, hot dog trucks and burger trucks are very popular in large cities. Small casual fast food restaurants are also popular.


  • Candy
  • Low Price and Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages
  • Fast Food/Casual Restaurants
  • Food Trucks
  • Hot Sauce Manufacture


The key to selling food in 2013 is low cost. Keep costs down by providing a streamlined menu and low-cost ingredients. Providing wholesale distribution of foods and beverages is also a great option. Don’t forget about health inspections and all necessary state and local licensing for each food related venture.


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Eb5investors helps entrepreneurs with EB5 Visas, a program that ensures investment in the U.S. economy and more jobs for US residents.



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Designing Promotional Products for Your Brand

promotional-productsA company needs to make creative, exceptional designs that grab the attention of customers. One of the most effectual ways to develop a commendable brand is to hand out promotional products. Promotional products are items that appeal to different types of customers. Tangible items are used to spread important messages to as many people as possible. A good graphic design service uses the art of visuals to represent your company.

Radio, television and newspapers are the most well-known forms of media, but promotional merchandise is a unique form that is just as effective. One product has a bold, colourful imprint of your company’s logo. Typical items include pens, coffee mugs, shirts and tote bags. Each promotional item must have the company’s logo and contact details. This type of product works much like a business card. People who like nice things to carry around will love this type of merchandise.

Using a graphic designer is not a luxury for many companies. Using a professional is the only way to complete a serious project. There are a few tips that should be followed to find the most creative and efficient designer.

Here are some tips to help your life a little easier:

  • The most important step is to review the portfolios of designers. Some are specially trained to work for companies of certain types or sizes. There are different specialties of graphic design, such as brochures, slogans, websites and corporate identity.
  • If a portfolio looks impressive, the next step is to talk about the project and ask a long list of questions. Before a contract is signed, it must contain a good outline of the work, including the cost estimate and deadline. Half of the bill is paid, and the rest is paid after the print work is done.
  • The client and designer must convene regularly to make sure that the right steps are being made. A real professional accepts feedback well and makes a series of suggestions. Setting up several meetings is the only way to create an optimal design.

Of course, using a graphic design service to create hats, shirts and coffee mugs is not required. However, promotional marketing increases the honour and professionalism of any business. A company that makes and sells products will seem more productive. This is similar to designing a website that is full of videos and pictures. Customers are impressed by any company that promotes a long line of merchandise made in different colours, styles and designs.

This great tip was brought to you by Belinda Wright, a graphic designer and artist for Kwik Kopy Corporate design and Printing solutions. Belinda likes writing blogs that focuses on creative graphic designs.



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Turn Passion Into Productivity

Turn Passion Into Productivity
Lessons from Five First Time Entrepreneurs Who Capitalized on Creativity

We’ve all heard the success stories of legendary people like Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. Mark Zuckerberg, once a Harvard drop out, is now a household name. But what about the little people- mere mortals who turned an idea into an enterprise?

Thanks to websites such as Amazon, Etsy and Ebay, as well as infinite resources for small business owners, the chance to own your own company is more possible than ever. The growth of social media has only encouraged the growth of small businesses, offering affordable marketing that’s been proven to pay off. From online teddy bear boutiques to fast paced food trucks, the time to be an entrepreneur seems to be now.

So what are you passionate about? Tea? Landscaping? Watches? Instead of pushing paper for the rest of your life, turn your hobby, interest, or obsession into a profitable business- just like these entrepreneurs did. Learn five vital lessons from first time entrepreneurs that turned passion into productivity.

Turn Everyday Frustration Into Opportunity
Joi Sumpton, Founder of the Step-n-Wash

Joi Sumpton’s life changed in a Barnes and Nobles bathroom. Tired of having to hold her kids up to public restroom sinks, Sumpton was struck with a brilliant idea. What if she didn’t have to? A few sketches, brilliant product development, personal investment and a year later, Joi has launched a successful business out of mere frustration.

Her innovative product, a retracting step stool for public bathrooms, has made life a little easier for parents and guardians everywhere. The Step-n-Wash website states that “thousands of businesses” have installed the Step-n-Wash to increase the safety and hygiene in their public restrooms. Joi’s experience shows that with some imagination, simple, everyday hassles can be transformed into opportunity.

Make It A Family Affair
Ashley Schoenith, Creator of Ice Milk Aprons

Tallahassee native Ashley Schoenith started Ice Milk Aprons with one intention- to spend more time with her grandmother. Inspired by her seamstress grandmother’s love for cooking and entertaining, Ashley decided that aprons were the way to go. After long weekends of brainstorming, fabric selection and sewing, Ashley successfully launched Ice Milk Aprons in 2008.

Unfortunately, Ashley’s grandmother passed away before the launch, but Ashley is still inspired by her. According to the Ice Milk Aprons website, Ashley hopes that families will “pass down traditions” with the use of her sleek, sophisticated aprons. Ice Milk Aprons are available online, and in various stores in Atlanta, where Ashley and her husband reside.

Find New Functions for Existing Products
Fred Meyers,

For New York native Fred Meyers, the start of The Queensboro Shirt Company wasn’t about fashion- it was about function. A huge fan of Lacoste polo shirts, Fred wondered if there was a way that the same comfort could be achieved minus the alligator patch. After graduating from business school, Fred decided to go into the custom shirt business full-time.

As the first company to offer custom embroidered shirts in small quantities, Queensboro has continued to be a key player in the corporate apparel business. For over twenty years, Fred has focused on top-notch customer service and high-quality products to gain customers in a competitive market. Living up to it’s reputation of outstanding customer service, promises that customers won’t find “a company that will work harder to make you happy,”.

Fulfill Needs in a Highly Specific Market
Julia Erickson, Aaron Ingley, Barre Nutrition Bars

For ballet dancers Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley, the start of Barre Nutrition Bars came from their own need. Julia was tired of scrambling for heavy snacks that weren’t nutritious. She decided to make her own energy bar, and from some mere kitchen ingredients, Barre was born.

After signing on her partner and fellow dancer Aaron, the two have taken the ballet world by storm. The pair are dedicated to providing a light, yet filling and highly nutritious snack for their fellow dancers. On their website,, they explain that “Dancers do eat,” and discuss the benefits to their vegan friendly, no sugar power bars.

Think Way, Way, Way Outside The Box
Bryan Silverman, Star Toilet Paper

Bryan Silverman, Duke University student and Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of 2012, found a market in an unexpected place: the bathroom. In an interview with Business Insider, Bryan revealed that when his brother first pitched him the idea, he “pooh-poohed it”. Luckily, he came to his senses and realized the potential for toilet paper marketing.

Hoping to revitalize traditional marketing, Bryan and his brother, Jordan, started Star Toilet Paper in 2010. The Eco-friendly, easy to read toilet paper is safe to use, and offers a creative alternative for businesses to offer coupons, promotions, and ads. The trend is already catching on for Star Toilet Paper, acquiring them clients such as Allstate, Pita Pit, and Smoothie King.


Melissa Weidenborner is a content creation specialist and freelance writer currently working in SEO and Social Media. In her spare time, she blogs about vintage goods, food, lifestyle and online marketing. Follow her adventures on Twitter @vintageandnerdy.



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Simple Steps to Liven up your Office Desk

If your office desk is uninspiring and bordering on just plain dreary that even a rainy day has more zest and vitality, then permit me to suggest some simple steps to help rejuvenate your workspace.


Image by Magic Robot.

Personalise your desk with invigorating items:

  • Fun family photos, sports trophies, and “World’s Greatest Mum (or Dad)” mugs can work wonders.
  • Include items that reflect your passions outside of the office.

For example if you build model airplanes or cars put some of them on your desk.

If you have a collection of favourite funny maxims, consider framing them and adding them to your desk.

Putting something funny on your desk can make you smile, or laugh or even both when you need it the most.

  • Consider bringing something you enjoy into work to keep on your desk that is not available at home.

That way it will give you something to look forward to other than work.

Place items on your desk that will act as conversation starters due to their unusual, conspicuous, or humorous nature:

  • Maybe the latest book you are reading.
  • Or a CD you are listening to.
  • Perhaps you could include a fruit bowl.
  • A sweet dish.
  • Or even a selection of different kinds of teas and coffees and a kettle, complimented by a variety of biscuits.



Keep chill out toys close to hand:

iPods and MP3 players are a perfect example of chill out toys.

Whenever your boss is giving you grief, and your work colleagues are driving you crazy, pop in those ear plugs and tune the whole thing out.

Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and “That’s Life,” and Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” and “Wonderful World” are my personal recommendations for audio bliss.

Stress balls are also handy, as are sunglasses!

Trust me!

You may feel a little nuts at first, but there are days when the sun is too bright or the office lights glare, and even the computer can be hard to look at.

So try sunglasses, maybe even listen to your iPod or MP3 player while you are at it.

Your boss and work mates will probably think you are walking a thin line between eccentricity and craziness, but there’s a good chance they’ll leave you in peace to get on with your work.

How do you liven up your office desk? I’m always open to inspiration and I’m easily led, so set me free!

Featured images:

Gavin is an up and coming blogger who specialises in film reviews and anecdotes. He loves plants, interior design and all things to do with business. He recommends Ambius.



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The Story of Crocs

crocsshop1Crocs have really made an impact since they arrived only ten years ago and there’s nowhere you can go on a sunny day without coming across a pair of the rubber shoes. The company has really done very well for itself and are one of the most popular pieces of footwear during summer months, albeit thanks to their health giving properties, hard wearing design and also their amazing comfort – all of which makes other similar sorts of shoes pale in comparison. So, let’s look at some interesting facts about Crocs, from the original versions to the very latest like the Crocs Crocband.

Crocs was actually started by three friends who wanted to create a spa shoe for people enjoying treatments. The shoes were shown for the first time in 2002 at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Amazingly, the shoes were a huge success, lapped up by the attendees and the 200 pairs that were thaken to the event were sold out almost immediately.

Crocs are made from a specific patented form of foam which is known as ‘Croslite’. This was created by a company known as ‘Foam Creations’ and is a form of foam resin that according to podiatrists has a number of significany health benefits for the feet if used in the correct way. Crocs did just this, and utilised this material for their shoes, with particular emphasis on creating a healthy footbed.

Fake Versions

As with any popular brand, people will always try to exploit the popularity for their own unofficial gain. Over the years Crocs have had to file numerous complaints over fake Crocs, which seem to be everywhere. There were over 11 companies importing similar designs in the US in 2006 when Crocs filed a law suit to protect them from being copied. There have been plenty of seizures of fake Crocs across the globe too. Discount stores are still known to sell the shoes, as do numerous amusement park stores and department stores but these accounts are becoming fewer in number.

The production centres for Crocs are located in both Mexico and Canada, though there are also subsidiaries who manufacture the shoes in Europe and of course China, manufacturing Crocs in a range of styles. There are also a number of accessories designed and manufactured by Crocs. The most familiar of these are known as ‘Jibbitz‘ and can be added to the holes that can be found as part of Crocs footwear designs.

Branching Out – The Fuzz

Crocs have produced a pair of winter Crocs too called the ‘Fuzz’ collection. This collection of Crocs features different styles and has a wool lining that fits inside the shoes and offers ventilation, whilst still managing to keep the feet comfortable and aerated. The company has even gone so far as to produce a pair of golfing Crocs too for those long walks spoiled.

Crocs have split the world and there are numerous blogs and articles across the Internet that are very divisive over the love of Crocs. Names for these include ‘I don’t care how comfortable Crocs are; you look like a dumbass’ and However, an article that was published in Newsweek by Steve Tuttle saw significant and heated divide over the shoes.

However, it seems that the rich and famous find Crocs quite appealing and the leaders of the world consider them appropriate leisure wear. President George Bush Jr was spotted in a pair, as was Michelle Obama.

Guest blogger C.R is still undecided on Crocs, however one thing’s for sure, he likes the leaps and bounds that this company has made since they first started up. To keep up with the times Crocs are releasing new styles often, like the Crocs Crocband which can be bought online from retailers such as My Amazing Shoes.



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Silicon Stetsons?

7067809213_2597fe6d3aWhen it comes to the high tech, high fashion companies in the USA, there is no denying that California is home to some of the biggest brands in the world. Companies like Google, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard and Apple all grew up in the area known as Silicon Valley, close to San Francisco. It’s the spiritual centre of the world’s computer industry, but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that other parts of the United States are home to equally innovative businesses. One of these places is Dallas in Texas, a location more associated with oil barons, ten gallon Stetson hats and cowboys than with high-tech industries.

Telecom Corridor

As well as being home to JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen and the rest of the Ewing clan, Dallas is home to the University of Texas, a high prestige university with a great reputation for training scientists and technological innovators. So many businesses working in the telecoms and computer sectors have sprung up in the area surrounding the university campus that it has become known as the Telecom Corridor. Over 600 high tech companies have made the Telecom Corridor their home. At the centre of the corridor is the small town of Richardson, which has been rated as one of the 20 best places to live in America, according to Money magazine.

Major Employers

As the name Telecom Corridor suggests, this small corner of Texas is home to more than its fair share of telecommunications companies. Names such as AT&T (originally the American Telephone and Telegraph company), Verizon and MetroPCS are not particularly well known in Europe, but are household names across North America as providers of landline telephones, mobile phones and internet services. They have chosen to locate in Telecom Corridor due to the local expertise and access to skilled staff.


There is a huge crossover between telecommunications and other sorts of technology, so it’s no surprise that other companies such as Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Samsung and Fujitsu have chosen to make their North American bases in Texas too. Other companies which are longer established in the Richardson or Dallas area include Texas Instruments, well known for their semiconductors and calculators, and Fossil, an accessories manufacturer which produces high-tech watches like their ladies Fossil ceramic watch and fashion items such as handbags or shoes. Fossil and Texas Instruments continue to innovate with new products, and products like the Texas Instruments’ TMS320 semiconductors and the ladies Fossil ceramic watch are just the last in a long line of innovations.

Working in America

Although there are many job opportunities in the Dallas area for innovators and technology experts, working in Telecom Corridor is not as simple as booking a one way flight to Dallas and handing out CVs. In order to work for one of these companies you’ll have to secure a job first, and they will have to prove you have skills that they can’t get from Americans for you to qualify for a working visa. It’s not impossible, but it is a lengthy and expensive business.

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What Did We Do Before Clocks?


A Brief History of Life Before Clocks

If you are like most people, you use clocks every single day, without exception. They are our life line to that thing called time, and they allow us to do many things. Firstly, they allow us to keep our jobs, by alerting us to when we need to leave home, and when we need to arrive at work. Secondly, they allow us to keep track of things; how long it took us to run a mile, what time we need to take the cake out of the oven—literally everything! Even Daylight Saving Time relies on clocks; clocks go forward, and clocks go back to keep us on track with the months. It is hard to imagine a place in time and history without clocks, but there was one.

Before Clocks: How Time Keeping Was Always Relevant

Since the early age of man, we have used many things to keep track of the days. Most prominent, before clocks were even a thought, were sun dials. A sun dial was a chart that had a number of carvings on it, in a circle, that could be used to tell the “time” of the day, how close to darkness the day was, what day of the week it was—they were used to tell a number of things. Sun dials were used in a very simple matter. Often they were built on stands, or pedestals. The triangular piece that stood up would act as a hand might on a clock face. As the day wound down, a shadow would pass over the face of the sun dial, created by the darkness of the setting sun. This would in turn shadow certain regions of the sun dial, which would then be used to “tell” the “time.”

Sands of Time: Hourglasses

Another common time piece, before the invention of the clock, was the hourglass; a figure eight shaped glass which would be filled with a measurement of sand. The section where the two halves of the glass met would be exceptionally thin so as to make the sand work its way slowly through the glass. The idea was that you could use the hourglass as a time keeping device. However, the sands that passed through these glass did not necessarily pass through in a predetermined amount of time, and often got stuck, making keeping time with an hourglass very difficult at times, and even very inaccurate to a great degree.

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