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“Follow the New Yorker”, or in other words… God bless Texas

The Giants won, and that is amazing. I would never be able to express how much that means to me and my City. We need to also put into perspective what is happening in Sports and relate it to our own business models.

The Yankees have bought the best team imaginable, yet they didn’t win. The Texas Rangers had the best offense in the league but they didn’t win. Texas is more humble than NY so we like them a whole lot better. It reminds me of a night in Vegas when one of our convention attendees just announced “Just follow the New Yorker…” like the rest of us from all across the world were just schmucks. Arrogance, even when substantiated, is not attractive. After the “New Yorker” was slicing logs dreaming of Steinbrenner’s underwire, my now wife took a couple of our friends to the bar under the waterfall of the Bellagio. We were blessed to attend their wedding in India a little over a year ago. Flash has its limitations. Steinbrenner is dead and Jeeter is as old as my mother. Confidence is good, arrogance is not. In the new “Social” technology it’s all about the no crap offering of an added value and a no-bullshit way of offering it. The New York Yankees are great, but old, both literally and figuratively. People that work that way will be old very soon – if not literally, then certainly figuratively. The Giants are the new “America’s team” from sea to shining sea. My brothers all over the country embrace them. It’s not because they were the best team, although at the end they were certainly gaining traction and probably could have won 8 out of 10 more playoff games. The love affair for these guys is that they pulled together as a team. Barry Zito was a quintessential example. His end of year was disappointing, but if any of his 9 wins were omitted they wouldn’t have been at City Hall yesterday. Left off the playoff roster, he still joined the team and pitched batting practice throughout the series, without grumbling. His Zen wouldn’t let his ego acknowledge that he is still the highest paid pitcher on the staff. Let us all, in business, learn from what a few “misfits “can do working together, with humility, for a common goal.


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You just don’t boo the starting line-up

This is the greatest moment in “America’s game” and one that you haven’t been even involved in since 2002.  The last time you won one was about the year I was born, and I’m considered a fossil by most.  The fact that you lost more games than you won throughout the entire month of August and it took a total melt-down by San Diego for you to get into the playoffs…

The first thing the fans do is Boo the entire starting lineup of Texas, with the exception of Benji Molina – the only one on Texas who has ever “done anything wrong”  to our team (and not intentionally – HE PLAYED HIS HEART OUT FOR US).


Have you not heard Josh Hamilton’s story and cried?  I did when he had to pawn his wife’s wedding ring for coke, and then later came back clean and sober.   There are 24 other stories on that team, probably better than the average schlep in the stands that has the audacity to boo them.

We are lucky to be alive, let alone in a world series.  They are also blessed to be our competitors.  For (whatever you consider to be your comfortable equivalent of God)’s sake.  Thank you lucky stars you can afford tickets and give your opponent some respect.  Just like Philly, he may be “better than you” but we could still win.   I think it might take all the Karma we can produce to effect that.  Wishing you opponent ill is NOT GOOD KARMA!!!

Those ignorant little so and so’s with their 3 martini lunches at ‘MoMo’s” could cost us a very humbling gut shot.  I don’t think we can count on 6 more 18 run games.   I will certainly understand it if Texas wins.  I humbly apologize for our disrespect.


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