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Are Serviced Offices The Best Solution For Your Small Business?


When you’ve just started out with an idea for a new business you need a quiet space where you can get away from it all and concentrate on establishing your business. For many start-ups, the perfect solution to this quandary is a serviced office. In this post we’re going to have a look at why serviced offices might well be the perfect solution for your small business.


One of the key requirements small or start-up businesses should look for from their office space is flexibility. Small businesses are plagued by uncertainty. As a new entrant in any market you will be entering the unknown: Will customers flock to your products or services? Are there barriers to entry you had not anticipated? Is there room for another player in the market? Whilst you are finding your place in the market it is important not to tie yourself into a long term lease for a business premises. You might expand more quickly than you had anticipated, or need to work from home if your costs grow quickly out of hand. Serviced offices provide short term leases with little or no start up costs, allowing you to hit the ground running or leave at a moment’s notice.


When choosing the location for your commercial premises there are plenty of considerations for business owners. If you plan on meeting clients at your offices then good transport links are a must. On the other hand, you may conduct client meetings offsite, in which case offices in close proximity to your home may be worth a look. What about status? Are you operating in an industry where the right address will carry clout with your clients? If so, you might need to pay a bit more for offices in the heart of the city. Regardless of your specific needs at the time, the beauty of a serviced office is your ability to meet the changing demands of your business, quickly and without additional expense.

Easy to expand

With a start-up you never know quite how quickly business will take off, if at all! Many companies will turn from a one man band to a business with 10 or so employees in the first year, and will grow exponential thereafter. Obviously serviced offices are not the most cost effective solution for your business once your company gets much bigger than 10 employees, but in the early days whilst you are growing serviced offices are perfect, as they allow you to move from a small office to a larger office without having to take all the furniture with you or worry about other business infrastructure. A move can be completed in an hour, simply move your computers across and can carry on working with extra space and increased capacity.

Infrastructure is included

Growing a small business demands the owner’s full attention. The last thing you want is to be spending your valuable time organising office furniture or fielding calls you really haven’t got the time for. The majority of serviced offices will provide you with a receptionist service, so any clients you are due to see will be greeted by the in-house receptionist, helping to build a professional first impression and create the illusion that your business is bigger than it really is. The receptionist will also be able to field your calls for you if this is a service you require, which can help to reduce the time wasted on calls when it could be better spent elsewhere.

Charlie Maine is an employee of D&G Office Interiors. They specialise in high quality, ergonomically designed furniture, creating fresh and attractive spaces.      



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Life Lessons from a Personal Assistant

No matter what your position in the company you work for, there is always a lot you can learn from a personal assistant. Their roles put them in the thick of most functions of any company without making them full participants and this allows them a unique perspective on all operations most employees will never see; they are able to observe more than most would. There are courses for a personal assistant to learn the tips and tricks of the trade but most of the more efficient and effective tricks will only be picked up naturally over the course of a career. Let’s look at some nuggets of wisdom that go with the job description of personal assistant but that anyone can use themselves to better their career.

Create a Personal System

The first thing a personal assistant will do for their duties is create a system or routine that they cover every morning in their responsibilities. It usually includes checking e-mails, menial daily chores, any responsibility they might have to undertake daily gets filed into a system of operation for a personal assistant. Regardless of salary or position, each of us undertakes to complete some daily task in our careers and creating a system for ourselves and sticking to it creates routine which in turn makes us more efficient from day to day.

Write it All Down

Having good handwriting is one of the qualifications essential to being a good personal assistant because they find themselves writing virtually everything down. This is a good philosophy for anyone in any position to follow; the information age is so drowned in information that not writing down the important notes threatens to see that information become background noise we cannot grasp. If you get an idea brilliant enough to never forget, ignore your instinct and write it down; same for dates, meetings and telephone numbers.

Finish Tasks Once

One amazing thing personal assistants learn in their careers is the work ethic of only ever having to go over something once. By that, it means a system that has been tried and tested is extensively used by most personal assistants and that is only ever looking at a document once. You see a bill, you observe it, address it and then file it but never half-half it by looking at it, putting it down and coming back to it later; you open yourself up to losing it and never addressing it at all later on. We can apply this to any task in our lives to make it easier; pack those groceries away immediately, do the dishes as soon as they need to be done or hang up your laundry immediately after a wash – these examples make life easier. A personal assistant is someone we can all learn a lot from to make life easier, after all their perspective is one of both observer and participant.

Eugene Calvini is a writer who has been involved in a Singapore serviced office among others around the world his entire career; he enjoys sharing tips and tricks he has picked up over the course of his career.


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How to Tell if Your Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

A lot of business owners operate under the conviction that they don’t actually need any help with the normal, day to day maintenance of their business, and in some cases, they are absolutely correct. To people like this, it’s okay to hire out specialized workers because those are tasks that they cannot complete on their own. The problem is figuring out how much you can actually handle by yourself before it all becomes too much, and that is where virtual assistants can come in.Virtual assistants handle various administrative, clerical, or copywriting tasks for a business, and they can actually do even more, depending on their own unique skill set and the needs of the business owner. Virtual assistants are versatile, flexible distance workers who usually have no trouble adapting to their workload.

Why would you want to hire a virtual assistant?

Why would you want to hire a virtual assistant? In the long run there are plenty of reasons why you might want a qualified VA on your staff, but let’s take a look at the short term right now to see what the immediate benefits of hiring a virtual assistant might be. Most business owners like to micromanage, especially in the early stages of the business when anything can, and usually does, go wrong. By having their hands in every little inner working that goes on with the company, they can quickly identify and correct problems with the business, and from there they can figure out viable solutions.

Managing Workload

Depending on the size of your business, this can be a truly daunting task, and it can keep you busy from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. On the other hand, if you have a virtual assistant working with you to manage some of the workload, the tasks won’t seem nearly as difficult, and you may even be able to pay more attention to individual tasks that you would otherwise rush over in your haste to get everything completed for the day.When you are thinking about whether or not you need a virtual assistant for your business, consider several important factors before coming to a conclusive decision.

Scheduling Tasks

First of all, and in the same vein as the previous paragraph, could you use an extra set of hands around during the day? Most people could use this, although some business owners might not want to readily admit it. There are always going to be tasks that you don’t have to personally see to, and in these instances there is nothing wrong with delegating them off to someone else who is qualified to handle them.

Introducing Ideas

Second of all, do you think your business would ultimately improve if you had someone around to bounce ideas off of? You may not want to admit it, but not all of your ideas are going to be sure fire winners, and sometimes it’s invaluable to have somebody around who can tell you to get back on track. All of these are reasons why you might want a virtual assistant.

Patty Thompson is a well known blogger on virtual assistant topics.She has an experience of more than 7years in this field.If you are interested in Patty’s virtual assistant services or if you want to know more about virtual assistants please visit her website.


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How to Create a Great Office Space

Setting up your office isn’t just about getting a place, throwing in the workstations and setting up the telephone lines. Yes, the wiring and electrical fittings are important but utilizing the entire space properly is as important, if not more. The way an office is setup helps create the atmosphere within. From a casual work atmosphere to something that’s completely professional and business-like, the atmosphere can be controlled by what you put in that office and where.

So if you are planning to setup your office in Brisbane, then here are some ways to make it look inviting.


When picking your location, for an office, in Brisbane, you need to consider the way the location will affect your staff’s performance. A long commute, to and from, will ensure that they are already tired before they reach the workplace. Making sure that the office is centrally located, giving everyone easy accessibility, is of prime importance.

When choosing the location, price also becomes a major factor. If you are planning to buy office space, then you might find it a massive one-time cost that has to be borne by your company. Instead, taking up space on lease is the best and quickest way to start off. Whether you buy or lease your space, you need to build it up and, that means, your budget must be able to handle both aspects.

The Air

Your organization’s values and principles are reflected by the way the interiors feel. There should be enough space for moving about and a lot of ventilation. Space gives everyone freedom to walk about, whether to other people’s desks or just to the other parts of the office. It also removes that sense of a constricted working environment that most offices suffer from.

An open space with a lot of light ensures that everyone’s minds stay fresh and a constructive mentality flows through the room. The location of the office is also important and if you haven’t picked one yet, then look for something that has, preferably, a nice view or big windows. The illusion of space that large windows create cannot be achieved in a closed office, even with wide-open spaces within.


In general, cubicles are about 8 x 8 feet in size. If you feel that there is a lot of space wastage, a minor modification to, say, 6 x 8 feet can create more space and still give employees enough room to work in. Every department needs to have its own space and individuality, which helps differentiate it from the rest. By partitioning the office space into smaller cubicles, you allow for more cubicles to be added in, as well as create more room in the aisles to separate sections of the office.


When you get an office space, you are likely to get an air conditioning system that also purifies the air. However, adding in plants always gives you that added air-cleaning device, one that also makes the office look good. Most offices have dull carpets or walls, with cubicles and pillars also built along the same parameters. Find some great locations to keep potted plants, big and small, and break up the monotony of the colours and give your office some freshness.

Setting up an office is something that most companies tend to look superficially at. To get the best out of any employee, creating an atmosphere conducive to work is of utmost importance. Whether you are a design firm, an investment bank or even an aged care home in Brisbane, you need to ensure that the environment encourages your employees to come in and give their best every single day.


Preston is an interior designer who specializes in space management for offices and homes around Brisbane. Having studied about the effects of energy and space efficiency and how the average office can do much more with they have, Preston went on a crusade to help organizations use their office space better. From creating space to improving their heating/cooling bills, Preston has helped many banks, small businesses and homes for aged care, in Brisbane, in their bid to attain maximum efficiency from their floor plans.


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Chic Cubicle Decor for the Adventurous Minded Employee

Your office cubicle doesn’t need to be boring or dull. With a little bit of imagination and some decorating savvy you can transform your office compartment into a cosy retreat.  Cubicle decor comes in different sizes, forms and means and there is not specific way of going about it

One thing to keep in mind before you go ahead with decorating the wall of your cubicle is that you don’t won’t it to look like a teenager’s bedroom or a public bathroom. Covering every inch of your workplace with scraps and scrawls will only make your space seem smaller and won’t result in an attractive finish.

The dos and don’ts of office decor


  • Do include a colourful plant in your cubicle. A poinsettia, with its bright red leaves, will definitely bring that much needed touch of colour and natural allure to your cubicle.
  • Do pick out interesting wallpaper for your compartment wall. Unlike an office with proper cement walls, you can’t paint a cubicle. Wallpaper is your solution to overarching colours and designs to your workplace.
  • Do ask your employer to invest in a modular cubicle design. It’ll modernise the entire office space and move away from classic Taylorism; a design best left in the past.
  • Do look into interesting collage arrangements as a focal point for your space. Photos are the personal touch of choice for many businesspeople.
  • Do look into interesting jars for utilities that cause potential clutter on your desk. Be it glass or pastel plastic, a jar can lend a rustic feel to your corporate space.
  • Do pick a mousepad that suits your personality. They come in different colours, shapes and are inexpensive. They are a perfect way to start off your cubicle office decor.


  • Don’t include cubicle decor that could potentially become clutter. Your design plans should alleviate disorder not instigate it.
  • Don’t in any way, shape or form use glow in the dark glue or glitter. They’re difficult to remove and are a source of glitzy schmaltz.
  • Don’t put poster up. Posters are for love-struck teenagers that aren’t aware that they’re staining their walls.

Don’t put up a pinboard. In a small space, a pinboard is a potential danger and a probably irritation. If you accidentally bump it you could poke yourself and if you brush it you could knock some of your pins off.

Can it really be done?

Cool cubicle decor ideas can transform your workplace into a trending space. When your boss starts eyeing your compartment you’ll realise that inspiring design can make any dull desk or wall an avant-garde marvel.

Don’t be put off by your the present look and feel of your cubicle decor. Dull and boring can be swept under the rug with just a few tweaks and additions.

Bella Gray is a burgeoning professional who has moved up the ranks and loves to give office decor tips that she’s tried and tested in her own cubicle and present exectuive suites. She is an innovative employee who is passionate about the marketing industry and her serviced office China.


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Going Fully Mobile As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have the luxury of having plenty of options when it comes to their careers. A virtual assistant can work from anywhere in the world provided they have the right set up, and that’s something that not a lot of professions can boast. At the same time, it’s possible to work completely from home, which can be a huge benefit for stay at home moms and anybody who just wants to get away from the corporate rat race.This range of options that comes with being a virtual assistant is both freeing and slightly overwhelming at times. With so many choices you might be at a loss for which direction you want to take with your business. It may also be a little frightening, that feeling of having the whole world spread out in front of you for the taking. The best way to get past that feeling is to take a deep breath and think about all the benefits that really come from being a full time virtual assistant. You can literally work anywhere in the world. It’s not surprising that many virtual assistants take advantage of this and make the decision to take their business fully mobile.

Being a mobile virtual assistant means working without strings. Each client that you work for is on a contract basis, which means you are not tied down or obligated to stick with any employer if it doesn’t meet your schedule. You have the freedom to pick and choose whoever you want to work with, and if you’ve ever been an employee in a normal company with co-workers that you can’t stand, you know how important that really is.

Going mobile is a huge step, so don’t make that your first plan of action if you are first starting out, espeically if you have never been self employed before. The best way to handle it is to set yourself up in your regular home first and get a feel for the ropes. Traveling by itself can be hectic and stressful, and the last thing you want is the burdens of a full business hanging over your head when you don’t even understand the business yet in the first place.

Most virtual assistants like to wait a year or two before taking steps to go fully mobile and travel around the world, and that can be a very smart move. Doing this allows you to get a firm grasp on what kind of deadlines and work pressures are going to be given to you, and it allows you to build a relatively stable income before leaping off head first into the unknown.

The worst thing you can do is start your virtual assistant business and then buy a plane ticket to some new country the very same day. Take everything in its proper order and you’ll have a lot more success as a virtual freelancer. Once you have a firm grip on the business, then you should start looking for more variety.

Elisa Brent is an eminent blogger and she runs a virtual assistant business. she provides support to various virtual assistant companies. If you would like to know about Elisa’s assistants or assistant, please log on to her website


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The Challenges of Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

As any business owner will readily attest, starting up your own business is no piece of cake. It takes plenty of hard work, sweat, blood, and more than a few tears to get your dream on the right tracks and take it from a struggling start-up into a successful enterprise. Even when you reach the “successful” stage, you’ll soon realize that your work is far from over.

Unlike an employment job where you’re guaranteed a regular paycheck, even if you don’t do a lot of work, running a virtual assistant business really is a full time job. Full time doesn’t mean just 40 hours a week either – it means working from morning until night, into the early hours of the next day’s morning, working over the weekends, skipping vacations because something important comes up, and so much more. In the end, you’re going to be putting a lot more of your time into your work than you ever did before, but the payoff at the end is what makes it all worth it.

If you’re thinking about starting up your own virtual assistant business, there are some things that you need to ask yourself before you quit your day job to focus 100 percent on your dream:

Are you motivated?

Motivation is going to play an ever increasing role in your success as a virtual assistant business owner. It won’t be difficult to stay motivated at first, that much is true. But once you start to sink into the daily grind you’re going to start to question whether it’s all worth it. Questioning like that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the motivation, but giving up or slacking off is going to completely ruin all of the progress that you’ve made so far. It might be hard to get up in the morning and look at the 14 hour work day in front of you, but with the right level of motivation you’ll see it through, and as the days pass you’ll find that you end up working less and less for more and more money. It’s the first year that really kills a lot of people.

Do you have the right knowledge?

If you’ve worked as an assistant in a company before, you probably have a very firm grasp of all the skills that you’ll need to be a star virtual assistant. The problem with running your own business though is that you need a whole new set of business skills on top of those virtual assistant skills that you already have. You have to deal with marketing, getting new clients, setting up a website, managing your taxes, detailing your billable hours for clients, and a lot more tasks that go above and beyond what a simple office assistant would normally be required to do. Luckily, there are guides that can help make the process easier, and if you need a transition step you can always work for a virtual assistant company while taking business classes on the side.

Susaene Thomas is a qualified virtual assistant enterpreneur  and a well know blog writer on these topics.From her college days onwards she has been in to Virtual assistant field due to which she got more exposure on this subject.If you would like to get Susaene’s Virtual assistant help or blogs related to assistant works please go to her website:


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